I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 77 - A Night Without Shishio

Shishio didn ’t think too much about the indirect kiss, but Togo raised her eyebrow slightly, somehow, wondering whether he was trying to seduce her. She snorted inwardly, but she didn ’t hate it, or rather there was something that was more important than a mere indirect kiss.

If Shishio knew what Togo was thinking, he could only say that this woman was a slut since she didn ’t care much about an indirect kiss. Jokes aside, he was wondering whether he was also such a vulgar man since he could share an indirect kiss with girls.​​

”That ’s right, the reason why I have invited you here is because of Kengan Match, ” Togo said.

After Togo said those words, she observed Shishio ’s expression, but he didn ’t show a change in his expression and continued to eat his strawberry parfait and french fries.

Shishio was, in truth, quite interested in the ”Kengan Match ” and he also had an idea what it was, but what made him interested was because there would be a lot of heroines there so he was quite eager when he thought that he would meet those heroines and receive various rewards, but at the same time, he knew that ”Kengan Match ” was dangerous. He also had an idea why Togo came and invited him to talk, and because of that, he didn ’t want to take an initiative to talk since the one who was in need was Togo, not him.

Togo didn ’t care about Shishio ’s reaction and she knew very well that he listened to all of her words so she directly explained what ”Kengan Match ” was.

Togo kept talking and didn ’t care whether someone was listening to their conversations since the people who sat on the side, back, and front were all the bodyguards that had changed their clothes in the car and ate at this family restaurant together silently protecting her, though, she didn ’t even notice the face of her bodyguards seemed to be stunned when they saw their boss was being fed by Shishio.

Togo knew that Wagnaria was Shishio ’s restaurant and she came, asking him for help, so she didn ’t want to bother him by causing a commotion in the restaurant with her bodyguards and told them to change their clothes before they entered.

It might sound quite exaggerated to bring her bodyguards inside the restaurant, but Togo was, after all, a weapons dealer, and even though Japan was a safe country, and a firearm was extremely restricted here, she needed to be careful, right?

Togo explained about ”Kengan Match ” and Shishio listened to Togo while eating silently.

”Kengan Match ” is a system implemented over 300 years that enables large corporations, organizations, and businesses to settle conflicts and business deals by sending fighters to determine the victor in organized fights.

In Shotoku Year 5 (1715), in the darker recesses of the nation of Japan, there were bloody conflicts between the merchants as they all desired the status of Shogunate Purveyor (the highest rank among all merchants purveyors). With the merchants willing to go to any lengths to achieve the status, the increasingly violent conflicts spiraled out of the merchants ’ control until the intervention of the 7th Shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate, Tokugawa Ietsugu. Summoning the merchants at the heart of the quarrel, Ietsugu told them to settle their conflicts by ”battling it out fair and square ”.

Upon the Shogun ’s command, the merchants formed a guild and, whenever a dispute arose, they would establish a venue of competition through the guild with the results of the competition being indisputable. Conflicts were settled in a simple 1-on-1 fistfight between combatants hired by opposing merchants. As such, merchants entrusted their desires to the fists of fighters.

”That ’s how the ”Kengan Match ” begins, ” Togo said and sipped her lukewarm coffee. She then raised her hand, calling out the waitress.

”Yes. ”

Popura trotted toward Togo and asked, ”Is there something that I can help? ”

”Can I order a chocolate parfait? ” Togo asked. After she ate Shishio ’s strawberry parfait, she had an urge to eat a parfait too and her mouth was quite bitter after she drank a black coffee so a chocolate parfait should be perfect to wash her mouth.

”Yes. ” Popura nodded and wrote down the order then asked once again, ”Is there something else that you want to order? ”

”Then I will take a steak, hamburger steak, and water, ” Shishio said.

Popura wrote down the order and said, ”Can you eat all of that? Um… guess? ” She looked at Shishio ’s body and even though he was tall, she was worried that he couldn ’t eat all of the food.

”It ’s alright, I eat a lot, ” Shishio said since after his body became stronger, his food intake became bigger, he also trained a lot, and more importantly, he couldn ’t get fat because of the system. ”I might also come here quite often, so you can call me Shishio rather than guess. Um… ” He looked at Popura ’s tag name and said, ”Taneshima-san? ”

Popura smiled and nodded. ”Yes, Oga-kun. ” She then confirmed their order and after confirming that it was correct, she proceeded with their order.

Togo was in silence, looking at Shishio, who was talking with Popura, wondering whether Popura might be eaten by him. Even though she knew that Popura wasn ’t an elementary school, she felt that it was a bit wrong to date such a small girl, even if her chest was huge.

Shishio then looked at Togo and asked, ”I don ’t understand why you have told me all of this. ” He showed a confused expression, wondering what Togo wanted to say.

Togo was annoyed and really wanted to flip the table at that moment, but she quickly calmed her breath and asked, ”You don ’t understand? ” Her eyes were very fierce, staring at Shishio.

Shishio nodded and said, ”After all, I am just a freshman in high school, and what you have told me is like something that is coming from a manga, do you want me to believe just like that? ” He shrugged and expressed disbelief.

”Shishio, stop pretending! I know everything about you! ”

Togo then threw a stack of documents on the table to show it to Shishio.

Shishio raised his eyebrow then took the stack of documents and felt a bit uncomfortable when he saw that it was a collection of his information, but he didn ’t think that it was weird for someone to be able to get this since he didn ’t really make his identity secret, but for a normal people, they wouldn ’t get his information unless he showed it, but Togo was different, after all, she was the CEO one of the famous companies in this country.

Shishio read the document calmly and saw that some of his assets were written there, but not all of them since it seemed that Togo was unable to find it. He felt uncomfortable and thought that he should strengthen his security first. He put down the document then looked at Togo calmly and said, ”I don ’t understand what you want to do here, Tomari-san? But what you do now is very creepy, and please don ’t stalk me. ”

Shishio ’s charm might be good, but he didn ’t believe that he could make this shrewd businessman, who was known as a ”Merchant of Death ” to fell for him, not even the previous Shishio Oga would think so too since even though they had met each other, it only happened a few years ago and they had only met four times.

Shishio knew what Togo wanted him to do, but he still needed to pretend that he didn ’t know, right?

When Togo wanted to say something…

”Sorry to make you wait. ”

Popura came and placed all of their orders on the table with a cheerful smile, thanking them then continued her work.

Togo ’s momentum was broken, and she saw him start to eat his steak, but she didn ’t care and said directly, ”Be my fighter. ”

”…. ”

Shishio stopped his movement and showed a surprise. ”What? ”

”Be my fighter and fight on the ”Kengan Match ” that will be held late Saturday this week as my representative fighter, ” Togo said without looking away from Shishio.

”…Are you serious? ” Shishio raised his eyebrow, but he could tell that from this conversation Togo was very desperate at this moment and he was wondering what kind of business deal made her so eager to win this ”Kengan Match ”.

’Can I take part in it too? ’


Shishio would make sure that he would take part in this business deal since Togo needed him and he had a feeling that Togo might not be able to win this ”Kengan Match ” without him, but he wasn ’t in hurry and didn ’t show a change in his expression, after all, Togo ’s business deal wasn ’t something that could shake him, however, he might not realize that all of his thought previously was just him who tried to make an excuse for himself since in truth, he just wanted to have a fight and proved that he was the strongest!

”Yes. ”

Togo nodded and said, ”If you want, let ’s visit the ”Kengan Match ” tonight, there should be a match tonight. ”

”…. ”

Shishio thought for a while and would be lying if he didn ’t have an interest in it. He also knew that there would be a chance for him to get his reward there so…

”I ’ll call my aunt now, so can you ask her permission? ”

”….. ”

Togo wasn ’t sure what to say for a moment, but one thing for sure, she was happy that stage one of the negotiations had been completed, but at the same time, she hadn ’t lowered her guard since she had a feeling that Shishio might open his lion mouth, asking him outrageous conditions to become her representative fighter, but…

”You can call your aunt later, eat first, it won ’t be good, if your food is cold, ” Togo said.

Shishio nodded and started to eat.

Togo took her chocolate parfait while watching Shishio, eating his food, and she had to admit that he had grown up to be a fine young man. She scooped a chocolate parfait and ate it.

’Sweet… ’

Togo thought at that moment.

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