I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 78 - Please Treasure Your Life

At night, most of the tenants on the Sakurasou had returned, or rather, everyone had returned quite early today, except for Shishio since everyone wanted to taste Shishio ’s food once again. Unfortunately, Shishio hadn ’t returned from the school and somehow everyone was in silence, feeling that something bad might happen since they could see that Chihiro was in a very irritable state.

Chihiro ’s mood wasn ’t good, especially when her appointment with the rich dad and the rich widower that she had made before was canceled so she quickly returned and decided to eat Shishio ’s food to make her mood better, but she didn ’t expect that he hadn ’t returned.​​

Chihiro didn ’t think too much before, but when she thought that it had been few days since Shishio had been in Tokyo, she didn ’t expect that he had stayed out quite late which somehow made her slightly annoyed, wondering whether he was together with the girls that she saw earlier at the school.

However, Chihiro was quite patient and she didn ’t intend to call him, waiting for his call, but she had smoked several cigarettes in the yard, showing that she wasn ’t as calm as she seemed to be.

Not only Chihiro, but Misaki, Shiina, and Ritsu also wondered why Shishio hadn ’t returned since each of them wanted to meet Shishio as soon as possible.


Chihiro quickly grabbed her phone and saw that it was a call from Shishio. She let out a sigh and before he said anything, she asked, ”Where are you? Why haven ’t you come back yet? ” If Shishio decided to take a part-time job, then she didn ’t think too much, but if Shishio decided to fool around as soon as he came to Tokyo then it would be different.

Chihiro could hear that Shishio was at a quiet place since there was no sound besides the sound of a vehicle or a car? She wasn ’t sure and waited for his answer, where he was right now.

”Chihiro-nee, sorry, I might not return tonight. ”

”What?! ”

Chihiro was furious and didn ’t expect that this guy was really going to fool around, but she quickly calmed herself while wondering why she felt annoyed at this moment. ”No! Return now! Your mother has entrusted you to me, you can ’t play around too late! ” She was his aunt after all and his mother had entrusted him to her, so she wanted him to fool around like Mitaka.

Somehow Chihiro was wondering whether it was because of Mitaka that Shishio had decided to fool around.

Mitaka, who was being glared at by Chihiro, was speechless and helpless since he hadn ’t done anything.

”Calm down, Chihiro-nee. You misunderstand, I ’m not playing around. I met grandpa ’s friend by chance and she has decided to introduce me to Tokyo so I decided to follow her, ” Shishio said calmly.

”Your grandfather ’s friend? Who? ” Chihiro raised her eyebrows and wondered who this Shishio ’s grandfather ’s friend was, but she knew that this person should be someone with a lot of either power or authority. ”Wait a moment! She? ” She was wondering whether the one who met Shishio at that moment was a grandma, if so, then she didn ’t need to worry that much.

Shishio, who was sitting inside the car beside Togo, let out a sigh and asked, ”Chihiro-nee, do you want to talk with her? ”

In truth, Shishio felt a bit helpless, but there was nothing that he could do since he was still a kid in the eyes of Chihiro and his parents, and since his parents weren ’t in Tokyo, he needed Chihiro ’s permission to stay out since he had been entrusted to Chihiro, but he had to admit that it was a bit annoying.

However, even though Shishio was quite annoyed when Chihiro asked him this way, he knew that it was because Chihiro cared about him so he was quite patient when he talked with Chihiro and somehow Chihiro reminded him of his previous girlfriend in his previous life.

Well, if someone didn ’t care about you at all, they wouldn ’t even bother to call you or got angry at you at all and Shishio understood that which was why he didn ’t get angry or showed an annoyance toward Chihiro who asked him a lot of questions and reprimanded him since he felt that what Chihiro did was quite normal, but he wanted to end the conversation right away. ”Tomari-san, can you talk with my aunt? ”

”Un. ”

Togo nodded and took the phone from Shishio ’s hand. She then quickly talked politely to Chihiro which made Shishio dumbfounded since he didn ’t expect this crazy woman could act this way, but when he thought about her ability at business, he knew that it was quite normal since a businessman had always been profit-seeking and they also needed to be able to act, depending on every situation, and because of that, their acting skill wasn ’t worse than an actor or actress.

It didn ’t take a long time before Togo received permission from Chihiro to take Shishio out tonight. She ended the call, then gave his phone back, while asking, ”Do you have incest with your aunt? Why is she acting like your girlfriend? ”

”… ”

Shishio was speechless and said, ”She is my aunt after all so it ’s normal for her to worry about me, after all, it has only been few days since I ’ve stayed in Tokyo. She ’s worried that a bad woman might kidnap me. ” He said those words while looking at Togo with a smile.

Togo only raised her chin and looked at him while asking, ”What? Do you still want my pussy? ”

”…. ”

Shishio was speechless and wondered how a woman could be so vulgar while wondering how the conversation between them could lead to such a conversation.

Chihiro ended the call while looking at her phone with a complicated expression since she didn ’t expect that she had agreed to give Shishio permission to go out with that woman, but when she heard the woman ’s name.

’Togo Tomari… ’

Chihiro was wondering whether Shishio was being fooled by Togo, but she also had to admit that Togo was very skillful at talking so she quickly gave Togo permission to bring Shishio out, even though she started to regret her decision.

”Chihiro-sense, where ’s Shishio? ”

Misaki cried out and her expression was very miserable at that moment. ”I am so hungry! Look! You can see that my stomach and back stick together because I haven ’t eaten anything! Chihiro-nee, I might die! I don ’t want to die, so please call Shishio! ” She felt a bit regretful that she didn ’t ask for Shishio ’s contact info, if she had his contact info, she wouldn ’t be troubled to contact him now.

”Chihiro… ”

Shiina also looked at Chihiro, wondering when Shishio would go back, and felt a bit regret that she didn ’t follow him earlier. If she had followed him earlier, then she wouldn ’t need to wait for him like this, without knowing what was happening, which made her confused, wondering why she felt uncomfortable.

Shiina kept staring at Chihiro, ignoring or rather oblivious toward Sorata ’s gaze that had always been ever since she was in this room.

Chihiro massaged her temple and let out a sigh. ”Shishio won ’t go back. ”

”What?! ”

”Why? Why didn ’t he return? ” Misaki quickly asked since she might not be able to get her dinner tonight!

Mayumi looked at this scene with an interest, and on her mind, she was wondering whether Shishio had gotten his first girlfriend here since, with his appearance, she was sure that there would be a lot of girls who wanted to eat him, well, including her, but she still had some brain and wouldn ’t do that kind of thing, especially on Sakurasou.

However, Sorata was happy and thought that it was his chance to talk with Shiina.

”Well, he ’s going out with his grandpa ’s friend. You don ’t need to worry too much, ” Chihiro said and didn ’t want to cause too much trouble.

”How boring… ” Mayumi shook her head and thought that it was boring since she thought that Shishio was going out with some girls now.

”Ugh.. what should I eat? ” Misaki touched her stomach and let out a long sigh since she couldn ’t eat dinner tonight, so she also decided to return, eating a snack or something, while continuing to create her anime.

”Mashiro, what do you want to do? ” Ritsu asked and at the same time, she sighed in relief when she heard that Shishio was going out with his grandfather ’s friend. She then looked at Shiina, wondering what Shiina would do since she knew that Shiina was looking for Shishio.

”Let ’s go back, ” Shiina said since she knew that she wouldn ’t be able to meet Shishio tonight.

Ritsu nodded and didn ’t think too much, bringing her back to the girl ’s area.

Seeing Ritsu and Shiina walking out from the recreation room together, Sorata wanted to say something, raising his hand wanted to stop them, but it was too late since they had walked away. With his hand in the air, he wasn ’t sure what to do before he lowered his hand, then clenched his hand, showing unwillingness.

’Why is it always Shishio?! ’

Sorata thought at that moment.

Mitaka looked at everyone ’s reaction, then looked at Sorata. He shook his head and didn ’t think too much and also returned to his room since he also knew that he couldn ’t eat Shishio ’s food so he also thought to eat an instant noodle or something.

Fortunately, no one thought too much about Sorata and they went on their own since they knew that they couldn ’t eat Shishio ’s food.

When everyone on the Sakurasou was wondering what they should eat for dinner, Shishio was dumbfounded when he found out that Togo brought him to Tokyo Bay which made him, thinking whether he should run away now.

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