Shishio would have never expected that Togo would bring him to Tokyo Bay since this place was very famous!

Shishio might not be Japanese, but he had seen some news about this bay since there were a lot of corpses that were floating on the bay whether it was from suicide or a yakuza, no one really knew, or rather, he didn ’t really want to know!​​

Shishio might have said that he was going to throw Sorata to the Tokyo Bay before, but he was joking after all, so when he really came to the Tokyo Bay, he was slightly nervous. Even though he believed in his martial arts and believed that Togo wouldn ’t do anything to him, his opponent was a weapon dealer, she had the most sophisticated weapon in the world, and lastly, she asked him for a request.

If Shishio rejected Togo ’s request, then he wasn ’t sure what she was going to do, after all, he was also a businessman, and he also knew how dirty the world of business was, it was the world of strong eating the weak, survival of the fittest, and a lot of businessmen would do anything to take down their competitor.

It might not be related, but in his previous life, he had been attacked by black magic, something that only came out from a horror movie, but he knew that it existed in reality, even though the number of black magic users was quite small.

In the past when he prayed to God for the success of his business and the health of his family, a large snake suddenly appeared out of nothing and almost bit him, luckily, he wasn ’t alone at that time so he was saved, but the appearance of a large snake was black magic that was sent by his competitor since it appeared out of empty air.

But enough about the black magic talk since in conclusion, as long as there was profit, a businessman could even kill people.

Shishio tried to calm himself and felt how stupid he was to follow Togo innocently, after all, even though they were acquaintances, Togo was a businessman. If his maid was here, then he wouldn ’t be in this situation since he knew that his maid was a combat maid, and he also thought that it was necessary to create his own group of bodyguards since no one knew what would happen to him, after all, unlike before, he was known as one of the richest people in this country.

Togo could get his information so, in conclusion, other people could also get his information too, after all, no secret could be hidden in today ’s society.

Shishio then thought that if both of them would really fight each other, he could only run, and unfortunately, they were on the bridge now, and he also couldn ’t swim since the previous Shishio Oga had never learned how to swim.

It might not be related, but because the size of his dick was bigger than normal, the previous Shishio Oga was often being made fun of, and it was also the reason why he was embarrassed to swim so the previous Shishio Oga had never learned how to swim which made him helpless.

However, as long as Shishio could run away, then his revenge would be several times bigger since he was sure that Togo would lose her biggest client and would be targeted by JSDF as a terrorist too so after he confirmed his situation, he was calm and didn ’t feel fear, after all, it wasn ’t his first time to encounter this kind of situation.

”You don ’t need to worry, I didn ’t bring you to Tokyo Bay to throw you here, ” Togo said with a smile.

”…Hopefully. ” Shishio could only shake his head.

”It ’s your first time in Tokyo Bay, right? You should look over the window since you might see a loser who decided to take their own lives, ” Togo said.

”I don ’t think that I can meet them since there is a volunteer group around that is ready to stop someone who wants to commit suicide, ” Shishio said, however, he also agreed that someone who decided to take their own lives was a loser. He wasn ’t sure what kind of state of mind nor what kind of things that someone had encountered that they had decided to commit suicide, nor did he want to know, but one thing for sure, life was a very precious thing, and there was a lot of people who was more miserable in this world, but they still gritted their teeth and continued to live, no matter how hard the world was, even there was no hope, but they still stayed alive, they didn ’t give up nor they decided to commit suicide.

Shishio let out a sigh and somehow he hated to stay in this kind of place since it reminded him of a lot of bad things.

Fortunately, the previous Shishio Oga didn ’t commit suicide and died from an accident because he decided to help a child who was almost crushed by a car, but that car had never crashed into them and stopped in time so both previous Shishio Oga and the child were alright, but the previous Shishio Oga died from shock and because of that, his soul entered.

Shishio wasn ’t sure how that could happen and thought that the heart of the previous Shishio Oga was quite weak, and he also didn ’t really know why he could be given a second chance too, but since it had happened, then it happened.

Hopefully, the previous Shishio Oga would be reincarnated into another world, had a harem there, and had an overpowering ability, after all, Shishio was the one who was inside this body now, and even though it might sound cruel, Shishio didn ’t want to die yet and still loved the second chance that was given to him.

It was also the reason why Shishio treasured his life very well and disdained someone who decided to commit suicide.

”Well, that ’s true. ” Togo nodded.

”By the way, Tomari-san, can I ask you a question? ” Shishio asked.

”What ’s wrong? ” Togo asked, looking at him curiously.

In truth, Shishio wanted to ask some philosophical question, asking whether Togo really didn ’t care about a human ’s life at all, but in the end, he stopped since he felt that this conversation was meaningless since for a businessman, they were talking about a number, there had never been a talk about what was wrong or right, and what Togo ’s clients did with her weapons wasn ’t Togo ’t Togo ’s responsibility.

It was like a blacksmith who sold a knife, if the knife was in the hand of a chef, it could be used to create a lot of delicious dishes, but if it was in the hand of a killer, then it might be used to take someone ’s life.

It was the same as Togo, in the hands of the right people, her weapons were used to protect whether it was people, community, city, or even a country, but in the hands of the wrong people, it would be used to kill a lot of people.

So in the end, he asked…

”Where are you going to bring me? ” Shishio asked.

Togo raised her eyebrow and knew that Shishio wanted to ask something, but he hesitated and changed his question, however, she didn ’t bother to ask him, and said, ”We ’re going to arrive soon, do you need something? ”

Shishio thought for a while and shook his head. ”No, it ’s alright, but can you get me a cap or something that can hide my face? ” Even though he didn ’t mind showing his face, it was better to stay low for a while and hide his face, waiting until he learned the details of the Kengan Match since he hadn ’t made his decision whether he should agree with Togo ’s request or not.

”Good. ”

Togo nodded.

Then the two talked to each other about a random thing that didn ’t have a relationship with a Kenga Match and before long they arrived at the venue where the Kengan Match was being held.

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