I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 80 - The Protagonist Meets The Protagonist

ple around him to look like a dwarf. He thought for a while and nodded since it seemed the previous Shishio Oga also knew about Sekibayashi Jun.

”The muscular man that is standing with that fat man is Wakatsuki Takeshi, who is also known as The Wild Tiger. He ’s an affiliated fighter of Furumi Pharmaceuticals, and by the way, the fat man who is standing beside Wakatsuki is the CEO of Furumi Pharmaceuticals, ” Fusae explained.

”Hmm… it might be a rough observation, but his body… isn ’t normal, right? ” Shishio asked directly.

Fusae nodded and with the power of Iwami Heavy Industries, it was very easy to gather most of the information of the fighters on the ”Kengan Association ”.

”Yes, that person has an abnormally high muscle density, 52 times higher than average, ” Fusae said with serious expression since no matter how long it was, she felt that it was quite hard to believe that someone had 52 more muscle densities than an average person.

’52 times muscle density… ’

Shishio was wondering whether it meant Wakatsuki was 52 stronger than normal people, but whether Wakatsuki was really 52 times stronger than a normal person or not, the fact that Wakatsuki was strong didn ’t change.

”Then what about that elderly man? ” Shishio asked, and at the same time, he couldn ’t help but lament, thinking that it was hard to see the difference between a killer and a normal person. He knew very well the identity of the elderly man was the patriarch of the famous assassination family, and besides his strange eyes, this elderly man didn ’t have any difference from the people that he saw on the street.

Fusae ’s expression changed and said, ”If possible, you shouldn ’t cause trouble to that elderly man, Oga-kun. ”

”What do you mean? ” Shishio asked.

Fusae ’s expression became solemn and said, ” He ’s the patriarch of the Kure Clan. The famous assassination clan in this country, his name is Kure Erioh. ”

”Kure clan? ” Shishio raised his eyebrow but didn ’t say much.

”It ’s an assassination clan, their home should be near your house in Kyoto, ” Togo said.

”… ”

Shishio wasn ’t sure whether he should be happy to hear that news or not.

They then stood in some place at the venue where they could see the match that would be held in the middle.

”Fusae-san, do you know where the fighters of the two companies are? ” Shishio asked. He had seen the main character and his opponent before, but he decided to ask again since it would be weird if he knew everything, right?

Fusae then pointed her finger at a wild man with a bulky, powerful build, a hairless face, messy blonde hair, and small blonde eyebrows.

”That person is Rihito. He ’s the representative fighter of Yoshitake Real Estate. He ’s fairly famous on ”Kengan Match ” and he ’s also known as ”The Superman, ” Fusae said.

”Superman? ” Shishio raised his eyebrow.

Fusae nodded and said, ”Rihito is famous for his technique that is known as Razor Edge. ” She then pointed at her fingers and said, ”Rihito ’s fingers are capable of tearing through flesh, bone, and even armor just like a razor. ”

”Oh? ” Shishio raised his eyebrow and said, ”Is it because of a pinch grip? ”

Fusae was surprised by Shishio ’s ability to deduct someone ’s ability. She quickly nodded and said, ”Yes, it is because of his pinch grip that he can tear anything. ”

Shishio nodded and asked, ”What about the other one? ”

Fusae then pointed her finger at a man of above-average height who had an extremely athletic build, and his most notable feature was his mop of messy, dark brown hair like seaweed. His face was handsome and because of his body and temperament, he also attracted a lot of attention from the females in this venue.

”He ’s a new fighter of Nogi Group. His name is Tokita Ohma. I don ’t know anything else about him, ” Fusae said calmly. Her tone was very calm from the beginning to the end, showing her professionalism as a secretary of Togo Tomari.

”….Your secretary is amazing, Tomari-san, ” Shishio said since he had to admit that he quite admired Fusae ’s professionalism since this woman remembered a lot of things.

”Who are you going to put the bet on? ” Togo ignored Shishio ’s praise of her secretary and asked directly.

Shishio looked at both Rihito and Tokita Ohma. He saw the oddness of the bet and could see that the odds on Tokita were relatively high, but it was normal since it was a risky bet, considering it was Tokita ’s first match. On the other hand, Rihito ’s odds were quite low, but it was normal since his reputation was quite loud.

Shishio raised his hand and the staff of the ”Kengan Association ” came toward him respectfully.

”Is there something that I can help you with, sir? ”

”I put my bet on Tokita Ohma. 15 million yen, is a card, alright? ” Shishio asked.

The staff was a bit surprised since 15 million yen wasn ’t a small amount of money, but he quickly nodded and said, ”Yes, please wait a moment, I will bring the machine here. ” He then left and prepared to bring the card machine.

”…. ”

Togo, Fusae, and Togo ’s subordinates were startled when they heard Shishio ’s bet.

”Oga-kun, is that alright? You ’re betting 15 million yen on a nobody, ” Fusae said with worry, after all, even though 15 million yen wasn ’t a big amount of money, it was also relatively big, especially when it was put on a nobody fighter such as Tokita Ohma, besides the slightly handsome face, she didn ’t see any advantage of Tokita Ohma on this battle, and if it was the matter of handsomeness, she felt that Shishio was several times better than Tokita Ohma too.

”It ’s alright, I believe that guy is going to win, and the odds are three times. ” Shishio whistled and said, ”If I win, I will get 45 million yen. ”

Fusae wanted to talk again, but she was stopped by Togo.

”Let him, if he loses, it doesn ’t really matter anyway, it is only a small amount of money, ” Togo said simply.

Fusae let out a sigh and didn ’t say anything afterward.

Then the staff returned with a card machine in his hand and proceeded with Shishio ’s bet while explaining the rules of the bet when if Shishio won or lost, then when it ended, the staff bowed his head and left them alone since the staff was a bit afraid of Togo, who was known as lunatic in the business world.

Then after Shishio had placed his bet, he stood calmly, watching both Rihito and Tokita Ohma that walked toward the middle of the arena and when it happened, everyone in this place knew very well that the match was about to begin!

Shishio looked at Rihito then Tokita Ohma, then looked around, wondering whether there was a heroine that could trigger his system or not.

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