I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 82 - Sorry Im Not That Easy

As the protagonist today, Tokita and Rihito ignored the people around them, staring at each other with an eager face, impatiently, wanting to beat each other up, showing everyone in this place who was the strongest.

As a martial art, it was normal to believe that they were the strongest and it was what Tokita and Rihito believed at this moment, they believed that they were the strongest and they would beat the shit of their opponent in this match!​​


The referee looked at Rihito and Tokita then shouted, ”FACE-OFF!! TAKE YOUR STANCE!! ”

Hearing the referee ’s words, Rihito and Tokia started their stance.

Rihito lowered his body with both of his hands spread as if a beast was ready to hunt on its prey.

On the other hand, Tokita jumped lightly, warming his body up slightly, then he stopped and put his left fist forward, right fist near his face as if a warrior that was about to face off his opponent.

”BEGIN!!! ”

The referee shouted loudly!

Shishio watched the match from the side with Togo, Fusae, and Togo ’s subordinates, and couldn ’t help but wonder whether the result of the match would change. He could see that both Tokita and Rihito stood in the arena without moving, but unlike normal people, who couldn ’t see anything, he could see that Tokita and Rihito were waiting for a chance to attack as if a battle between samurais where one single slash of the katana was able to determine a victory or defeat.

Shishio looked for a while and saw that at the 32 seconds, both of them started to move and knew that the result of the battle didn ’t change at all, which made him only shake his head.

”What do you think of this match, Shishio? ” Togo asked.

”That big guy, I can defeat him easily, ” Shishio said directly, clearly looking down on Rihito since this guy was all brawn, no brain.

Rihito ’s Razor Edge might be powerful and all, and as long as his fingers tore the opponent ’s neck, without doubt, he would become the winner of the match, but it wouldn ’t be that easy do that, after all, even though a Razor Edge might be powerful, but it also had a big weakness.

When Rihito started to use his Razor Edge and tore Tokita ’s skin, Shishio said, ”Rihito ’s Razor Edge has a big weakness and that weakness is that he needs to use a large range of motion to use this technique. If someone dares enough to fight in-fighting (close-range combat), then that Razor Edge is useless. ”

After all, even though Rihito ’s pinch grip was very powerful and it could even tear a coin, it needed a large range of motion and without it, it was simply useless.

Shishio was a master of Bajiquan, and he believed that it only took him a second to defeat Rihito.

Rihito ’s body might be good, but that was all since this guy didn ’t have a brain.

Hearing Shishio ’s explanation, everyone nodded in understanding, and their eyes on him started to change. They didn ’t know that Shishio had defeated Hong, which was why Togo ’s subordinates were wondering why Togo decided to use Shishio as her fighter on few days, but it seemed that their boss might be right to choose Shishio as the fighter representative since, with just a glance, he could tell the weakness of Rihito ’s Razor Edge.

”What about the other one? ” Togo asked.

”I can defeat him, but I need time since his martial arts are a bit unique. ” Shishio had to admit that Tokita ’s martial art was quite unique.

If Bajiquan was a hard-type martial art, then Tokita ’s martial art was a combination of hard-type and soft-type martial art.

’If I ’m not wrong, his martial is Niko-style, right? ’

Shishio thought while observing Tokita ’s movements and nodded, felt that he could also defeat Tokita.

Shishio might have mastered Bajiquan, but even if he mastered this martial art, it didn ’t mean that he was invincible in this world, after all, there was no perfect martial art, and even Bajiquan also had its own nemesis.

In this world, there was something which was known as compatibility, for example, if ”A ” was able to defeat ”B ” a lot of times, ”A ” couldn ’t defeat ”C ”, who had been defeated by ”B ” several times. It didn ’t mean that ”A ”, ”B ”, and ”C ” were weak, but rather it was a matter of compatibility.

In a simple term, it was like a rock-paper-scissors, rock won against scissors, scissors won against the paper, and a paper won against a rock.

Shishio knew that Bajiquan might be powerful, but it didn ’t mean that it couldn ’t be beaten, and he knew very well that even if he could defeat normal people in one hit, but if he fought against a master, the result would be different and he didn ’t think that he could defeat that master with one hit.

Shishio also knew that sometimes the protagonist had unreasonable powers such as friendship, love, hidden power, etc, which was why Niko-style, which was he was quite interested and wary at Niko-style, which was known as the most perfect martial art in this world.

Why did Shishio say that it was the most perfect martial art in the world?

Because Tokita Ohma, the protagonist of the ”Kengan Ashura ” was the one who mastered this martial art.

The reason was quite simple, but it was the truth of the world.

Then as expected, Tokita won the match by stomping Rihito ’s face, after he made Rihito fall by manipulating Rihito ’s flow.

Shishio could tell that Tokita was strong, but Tokito wasn ’t that strong, considering that it was still at the beginning, it wasn ’t until at the later stage that Tokita would become even more powerful, but even on the later stage, as long as he had a chance to smash Tokita ’s skull with his fist, he believed that he would be the winner.

”Let ’s go back, ” Togo said simply.

They nodded, but before they returned, Shishio grabbed his money first and his mood was very good at this moment since his 15 million yen had turned into 45 million yen in just a matter of a minute.

”….. ”

Togo ’s subordinates sighed and felt a bit regretful. If they followed Shishio before, then they would get a lot of money.

When they walked, they ignored the people around and went to the car swiftly.

Shishio looked at the time and felt that he could go back to the dorm tonight, after all, even though he didn ’t mind staying outside, if he could go back, then it was better to go back, but before he returned, there was one question on his mind.

”Tomari-san, I don ’t understand. ”

”What do you mean? ” Togo asked.

”If the level of the fighter that you will face on the ”Kengan Match ” a few days later is like the two of them before, I don ’t think that uncle is going to lose, ” Shishio said simply and the meaning of his words was simple. If Togo wanted to defeat an opponent that was like either Rihito or Tokita, then Hong was enough, and there was no need to call him out.

’Uncle? ’

Fusae and Togo ’s subordinates thought for a while and wondered if the uncle in Shishio ’s mouth would be Hong, who was their strongest representative fighter.

”You ’re not wrong, the level of the fighter that is going to fight against you in a few days is on an entirely different level, ” Togo said.

”Oh? ” Shishio raised his eyebrow and asked, ”Who is it? Is the strongest fighter on the ”Kengan Match ”? ” He intended to joke around, but…

”Yes. ”

Togo nodded and said, ”Yes, your opponent is the ”Fang of Metsudo ”, Kanoh Agito. The undefeatable champion of the ”Kengan Match ”. ”

”…. ”

There was only silence when Togo announced the fighter that would be fought by Shishio a few days later.

If Hong ’s opponent was at the level of Rihito or Tokita, then Togo wouldn ’t ask Shishio ’s help, after all, even though Hong ’s shin was cracked, with his technique, he could shut down the pain and he could fight normal, even though he was injured, but even if he was injured, it didn ’t mean that he could be defeated.

However, Kanoh Agito was different, this person was the champion of the ”Kengan Match ”, and no one had ever won against him. It could be said that this person was invincible in the ”Kengan Match ”, which was why when Hong said to Togo that Shishio might have a chance to win against Kanoh Agito, she would be lying if she didn ’t feel excited. She knew that by doing this, she might trouble her big client, but if she could win the ”Kengan Match ” that would happen a few days later, it was all worth it.

Shishio looked at Togo and said, ”Tomari-san, I think that there ’s some misunderstanding between us. ”

”Misunderstanding? ” Togo looked at Shishio with a confused expression.

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”You know… I haven ’t agreed to become your fighter yet. ”

”… ”

At that moment, everyone turned silent and the atmosphere turned awkward.

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