I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 83 - Tonight I Might Not Be Able To Go Back

”… ”

Everyone was in silence and they could feel an awkward atmosphere, but all of them were shattered by this shout.​​


Togo grabbed Shishio ’s collars and she seemed very furious at this moment. She shook his collar so fast that it made an after image.

Facing Togo, who was furious, Shishio was calm and said, ”I have never promised you anything. I have only come to follow you, right? You don ’t need to get so angry. ” He really didn ’t make any promises to become Togo ’s fighter, nor had he signed any contract that he would become her fighter, and when he thought calmly, even though he was tempted to fight on the ”Kengan Match ”, especially when he saw how there were a lot of strong people there, he felt that it was too dangerous.

Shishio really didn ’t have a hobby to fight after all, and he wasn ’t sure what to do if he was hurt. Even though he had a private hospital, he could see that the fight was dangerous, if the fighter was like Rihito then he believed that he could win the fight easily, but his opponent would be the strongest fighter of the ”Kengan Match ”.

Even though he had ”Bajiquan Mastery ”, he didn ’t think that he could win the match unscathed, or rather, he believed that the fight might be quite difficult since he knew very well how strong Kanoh Agito was, and at the same time, Bajiquan also had three weaknesses that could be easily exploited by Kanoh Agito.

Shishio might believe that he could win, but he might need to sacrifice one or two bones and some injuries on his body which were very troublesome. He didn ’t really think too much if Chihiro made a report to his parents that he was hurt, but if he needed to fight for just a few million yen, and just because Togo was his acquaintance, he wouldn ’t do that, or rather, he didn ’t want to.

Togo wasn ’t his loved one after all, and even though Togo seemed to have a good impression and might feel attracted toward him, Shishio was reluctant to become her fighter just like that, giving a nod, as long as she requested him.

Shishio wasn ’t a man that could be easily used and manipulated.

Togo loosened her hands and stared at him. ”What do you want? ”

Shishio looked at Togo and said, ”Should we talk here? ” After all, they were still around the venue, and Togo ’s scream caused everyone that walked out from the venue to look at them curiously, wondering whether they had a lover spat, even though he didn ’t care much if he was being misunderstood, he wasn ’t sure whether the talk that they would have after this was suitable to be talked about in this place.

Togo felt her teeth were quite itchy and said, ”Let ’s go to my office. ”

Shishio nodded and knew that they were about to talk about the deal between the two.

As someone who often worked, Togo didn ’t even bother to bring Shishio to her house, or rather the location of her house was very far since she loved a quiet place, which was why she brought him to her office which was located at Minato ward.

Iwami Heavy Industries was a huge company and it was normal to have a headquarters in a place where the price of the land was very expensive.

Shishio ’s investment company was located at Chiyoda ward, and it was also one of the three wards with the most expensive land price.

After they arrived at headquarters, Togo didn ’t waste her time and brought Shishio to her office, where there was also a room there since she mostly stayed at work.

Fusae prepared tea and snacks on the table for Togo and Shishio, then left after saying that she was going to prepare a small dinner for both of them.

Looking at Fusae and Togo, Shishio thought that it might be quite normal for someone to work overtime since before he arrived at Togo ’s office, he saw that there were still a lot of people who hadn ’t gone back after all.

Shishio had heard that the overtime tradition in this country was quite bad, but it seemed that it was quite right, however, no one complained about it, after all, it was already very difficult that they could keep their jobs, especially after the economic crisis in this country that had caused a lot of damage to this country.

Even though Togo seemed to be impatient, in truth, she was very patient, staring at Shishio, and thought that this boy had really grown up.

Shishio thought about going home before, but he knew that he couldn ’t go back now, especially when he saw Togo ’s expression at this moment. He knew that they needed to talk about important matters, but that important matter was only for her company, it didn ’t have anything to do with him, which was why in this situation, he had the advantage, not the other way around.

”Can you really win against Kanoh Agito? ” Togo asked.

Shishio looked at Togo, raised his eyebrow, and asked back, ”If you don ’t have the confidence for me to win, then why you seek me? Can you not just send another fighter? I am sure with the power of your company, there is more than one representative fighter for the ”Kengan Match ”. ” He sat relaxedly on the sofa, acting like everything had nothing to do with him.

”… ”

Togo felt that her teeth were itchy once again.

If Togo had a fighter that was capable of fighting Kanoh Agito, then she wouldn ’t ask Shishio, who was the grandson of her big client. Even though she didn ’t want to admit it, she wanted to cheat him, accepting her request to become her fighter, without paying much, but it was normal since she was a businessman and numbers were all on her head, however, she knew that she couldn ’t get him to fight without a big price.

”What do you want? I need you to become my fighter, ” Togo said without hesitation.

Shishio looked at Togo and asked with a weird expression, ”Do you really have such confidence in me? You should know that I ’m only 15 years old, and a high school student, even if I have defeated that uncle before, you should know that your decision is irrational. ” He kept staring at Togo and said, ”You should also remember the three people that I ’ve mentioned before, if you can either of them to fight for you, then your chance to win won ’t be small. ”

After all, Shishio also knew how powerful Wakatsuki Takeshi, Sekibayashi Jun, and Erioh Kure were, especially the Kure clan, as long as there was money, everything could be solved, but Togo decided to put her faith in him.

If it was a normal person, they wouldn ’t do that, or rather they would think Togo was crazy since she thought that Shishio might be able to win against Kanoh Agito!

Unfortunately, Togo wasn ’t a normal person and she was known as a lunatic, so she believed that Shishio could win against Kanoh Agito!

As for the reason?

It was her hunch, and she believed in her hunch!

”Yes! ”

Togo nodded and said, ”I know that my decision is irrational, but I don ’t care! I want you! As long as it is within my power, tell me, what do you want so you can become my representative fighter for the ”Kengan Match ” in a few days. ”

”….. ”

Somehow Togo ’s words were a bit misleading, but Shishio decided to ignore that point for now.

In truth, Shishio wanted to refuse, even though he loved money, he loved his life more, but he also knew, to get more money, he needed to bet his life sometimes, he had done that in his previous life, and he had gained a lot of things, but unfortunately, his luck seemed to end, and he died, but then reincarnated to Shishio Oga, but one fact had never changed, as long as you wanted a lot of money, you needed to dance on the top of the tip of the knife!

Shishio ’s expression was calm, sipped the tea on the table calmly, and after a moment, he asked, ”What kind of the deal that you make in this ”Kengan Match ”? ” He was curious what kind of deal made Togo so eager to make him a fighter.

”….. ”

Hearing Shishio ’s question, Togo had a hunch that she would need to pay a really, really big price to make him her representative fighter on the ”Kengan Match ” that would be held in few days.

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