I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 84 - Tonight I Might Not Be Able To Sleep

Hearing Shishio ’s question, Togo let out a long sigh and said, ”Wind farm. ”

”…What? ” Shishio asked.​​

Looking at Shishio ’s surprised expression, Togo gritted her teeth and said, ”It ’s a wind farm! The deal that is fought on the ”Kengan Match ” a few days later is a wind farm! ”

’Wind farm… ’

Shishio ’s blood was boiling and he was very excited when he heard it, but he quickly calmed himself.

One thing that surprised Shishio after he reincarnated in Shishio Oga, was the price of electricity in Japan.

Shishio knew very well how expensive electricity was in this country, and how limited it was, and because of that, there were just a few power plants around this country.

There were a lot of sources of energy that were used for the power plant in this country whether it was oil, gas, coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, or renewable energy such as solar and wind.

Shishio knew that even though the energy industry might not be big, it was very stable and it could be inherited from his children without trouble, after all, someone didn ’t need to be smart to manage the power plant, or rather, they could leave the management to the professionals.

Shishio also understood why Togo was so eager to get this deal, even though he was also tempted, he didn ’t show an eagerness and asked calmly, ”I know that I ’ll have to fight Kanoh Agito, but which company that he affiliates with? ”

Togo was quite surprised and thought that Shishio would ask a part on the wind farm deal immediately, but it seemed that there was still room for negotiation, but when she thought about it calmly, she felt that it was quite normal, after all, a wind farm wasn ’t cheap and it needed a lot of money to build.

Even though Shishio had a lot of industries under his hands, most of the money would go to the development of the company, and even though he could take some of the money, he might not be able to take it in a short time.

”It ’s Dainippon Bank. ” Togo looked at Shishio and said, ”I ’ll face the chairman of the ”Kengan Association ” and the director of Dainippon Bank, Katahara Metsudo. ”

’Katahara Metsudo… ’

Shishio closed his eyes and remembered that the previous Shishio Oga might have also met this Katahara Metsudo too. He was silent, and Togo also didn ’t bother him since she thought that he was thinking about what kind of things that he wanted in return for his service.

”How big is this wind farm? ” Shishio asked.

”It ’s 100 MW (MegaWatt). ” Togo smiled and asked, ”What? Do you want to take part in my wind farm? You should know that one MW wind turbine needs at least 1 million USD to build, if you take half, then you need to bring 50 million USD. If you change it to a yen, then you need approximately 5 billion yen. ” Even though she didn ’t know how much Shishio ’s assets were, she knew that it would be very hard for him to take out 5 billion yen so soon.

However, if Shishio dared to borrow money from the bank by using his other industry, which was Wagnaria, it might be possible since it had 200 restaurants around the country, but rather than using it for wind farms, it was better to use that money to buy land and add another restaurant whether it was in the country or the overseas, right?

”Is that 100 MW wind farm only for your company? ” Shishio asked. He thought that there might be some other companies that were going to join this deal, but if all 100 MW was being taken all by Togo, then he had to admit that this deal was very delicious, and he also understood why Dainippon Bank was also interested in this deal.

”Yes. ” Togo nodded.

”Good, then I ’ll take half of it, when can we sign the contract? ” Shishio said directly without waiting for Togo to regret the deal, after all, Togo had said that she would give half of the deal to him so why needed to hesitate?

”….. ”

”WHAT?! ”

Togo was startled, but then she quickly calmed herself since there was no way that she could let him enter this deal so easily. ”Can you prepare the money? You need to give me the money in two weeks. ” She thought that Shishio might be hesitant since she wanted the money in two weeks, but…

Shishio nodded without hesitation and said, ”Yes, so it is a deal, right? I will call my subordinates tomorrow to deal with the contract. You can go back on your words, alright? ”

The wind farm was too tempting for Shishio, so he didn ’t hesitate and directly accepted Togo ’s requirement since he was afraid that she might regret her decision.

”…. ”

Togo felt regret at that moment and might have underestimated him too much since she knew that it seemed his net worth was more than she had thought since he could agree with the deal without hesitation.

”…Then talk to your subordinate tomorrow. ” Togo felt that her teeth were itchy and her expression seemed to be in constipation, but then, she reminded him again. ”Two weeks! Two weeks, alright? ”

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”In two weeks, the money will be in your account, but I want to ask about my other conditions to fight in the ”Kengan Match ”. ”

”You have dared to ask for half of the investment! What are you going to ask me again?! I won ’t agree! ” Togo was furious.

”Calm down. ”

Shishio smiled and said, ”You should know that it isn ’t a bad thing to make me your partner, you know? You should know that your image isn ’t good in public and even if you might have won the deal, the people who live nearby the wind farm location might protest you, delaying the construction of the wind farm, but with me as your partner, I have a media under my asset and I can guide the public so the construction of the wind farm is going smoothly, and with me as half of the investor in this wind farm, the financial situation on your company won ’t be stretched out, and if someone attacks you on the media to lower the price of your company stock, I can also help to fight back. ”

”Hmph! ”

Togo snorted and said, ”You don ’t need to worry about that. My company isn ’t weak, but since you ’ve promised, you also need to include that point on our contract later! ” She didn ’t expect Shishio to have media under his hand, so when she heard it, she felt much better, after all, with media, there were a lot of things that could be done.

Shishio nodded and said, ”Then I ’ll tell you about my other conditions. Don ’t worry, it isn ’t much, I ’m sure that it ’ll be easy for you to prepare it for me ”

Togo didn ’t say anything and stared at Shishio silently, wondering whether he was going to open his lion mouth again.

”First, can you prepare me for all the information about Kanoh Agito so I can get to know my opponent better? ” Shishio asked. Even though he knew most of Kanoh Agito ’s ability from his previous life, he wanted to learn more details since this place was a reality and if possible, he wanted to end the battle as soon as possible so he wouldn ’t hurt too much during the battle.

Togo nodded and said, ”It ’s easy. I ’ll give Kanoh Agito ’s information and fighting video to you even if you don ’t ask. ” If it was only this matter then she would agree to his condition without hesitation, but then again, she knew that it wasn ’t over.

Shishio nodded and asked, ”It ’s good then this is my last condition, I know that you ’re an arms dealer, so can I ask you to give me a katana as a bonus? ” He knew that Togo was an arms dealer so she should have a katana, right?

”Katana? ”

Togo raised her eyebrow, and asked, ”You can do a kendo? ” She looked at Shishio with a surprised expression. She knew that Shishio was a Bajiquan master from Hong ’s mouth, and because of that, she felt that it was weird.

Human time and energy were limited, it was also the reason why there were a lot of employees in the company since there was no way for the boss to manage the entire company by themselves.

Togo was the same, she thought that it was too troublesome and a waste of time to go back to her house which was why she decided to sleep in her office directly, after all, everything was prepared and it was also very comfortable and she didn ’t have a family (I mean husband, and a child, not parents or other relatives) so there was no reason for her to stay in her home.

However, with his limited time, Shishio not only learned Bajiquan, but he also learned kendo, which made her dumbfounded.

”Can you? ” Shishio didn ’t answer Togo ’s question and asked directly.

Waving her hand, Togo said, ”Don ’t worry, it is easy for me to prepare a katana for you. ” She didn ’t force him to explain and it was better to end the conversation, after all, she wasn ’t sure whether Shishio was going to raise another condition.

”Thank you. ” Shishio smiled.

”I ’ll give you the katana, but you need to win the ”Kengan Match ” or else, our talk tonight will turn nothing, ” Togo said with a serious expression. This deal was very important for her, and she didn ’t want to lose it.

”Don ’t worry, leave it to me, ” Shishio said, then extended his hand toward Togo.

Togo smirked then took Shishio ’s hand.

Both of them smiled at each other, and Shishio said, ”I believe that you won ’t regret this. ”

”I hope so, ” Togo said while pouting her mouth.

Shishio thought that Togo was slightly cute at this moment, but he quickly threw that thought away since this woman was a bit too troublesome for him. He then looked at the time and saw that it was almost midnight which made him helpless since he knew that Sakurasou was locked at this time.

It was one of the disadvantages of staying in the dorm since there was a curfew time, and if the tenant didn ’t go back before the curfew time, they couldn ’t enter the dorm, which was why Shishio was helpless.

Shishio was able to go to sleep at the apartment that he got from the system, but there was no one there, and his maid was at his shooting range so he thought that it was better to stay at his hotel since it was more convenient, but…

Togo also seemed to realize Shishio ’s worry, and said, ”Stay here tonight. If you worry about your clothes, you don ’t need to worry since you can ask my people to wash them and they ’ll be ready when you wake up tomorrow. ”

”….. ”

Shishio looked at Togo with a strange expression.

Togo smiled and asked, ”What did you regret that you didn ’t ask my pussy? ”

”….. ”

Shishio was once again wondering why this woman was so vulgar.

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