Shishio wasn ’t sure why, but he had a good dream, and somehow when he wanted to wake up, he could feel something soft on his chest and the familiar smell that was so close beside him. He thought that he was still dreaming, but he knew that he wasn ’t so he abruptly opened his eyes and startled when he saw Togo was sleeping beside him while hugging him tightly.

Shishio looked at Togo ’s face from a close distance and he could feel her warm breath on his face, which somehow made his conscious hazy and somehow he wanted to take her lips, but he quickly moved his head away and wanted to move away from Togo, but when he saw a huge tent on the blanket, and something hard below him. He was speechless and realized once again that a hormone during puberty was very hard to control, or rather, his sex drive was too high, right?​​

If Shishio was alone, then he didn ’t care much since having a morning wood was a pretty normal thing. Unfortunately, he wasn ’t alone and Togo was right beside her, however, he had to admit that Togo was quite cute when she was sleeping.

Togo closed her mouth and showed a very comfortable expression.

Watching her expression, Shishio couldn ’t bear himself to wake her up, so he slowly walked out of the bed without waking her up. He got out of bed and let out a sigh of relief.

”Ugh… ”

However, Togo seemed to be very uncomfortable and seemed to be trying to reach something.

Shishio then looked around then took a pillow and gave it to Togo.

Togo reached the pillow and hugged it tightly, her frown was loosened and she seemed quite comfortable now.

Looking at Togo, Shishio was wondering whether his charm was so high that he was able to get the heart of this lunatic businessman. He touched his face and felt strange, but he didn ’t think that love could bloom so easily with just one or two meetings, or rather he didn ’t believe in love at first sight since, in his mind, it was something that was born from either lust or attraction because the target was either very beautiful or very handsome.

In his belief, love was something that was born after two people had known each other for quite a while.

Shishio looked at Togo for a while and had to admit that this woman was very cute when she was sleeping. He looked at her for a while before he decided to go to the shower since if he stayed any longer, then he might have an urge to kiss those soft lips secretly.

When Shishio went to the shower, Togo opened her eyes slightly, yawned, before continuing to sleep, but she had to admit her sleep quality became better once she slept with him.

After washing up and wearing his uniform, Shishio came out and didn ’t expect to see Fusae was there and seemed to be very calm, ordering a breakfast, sorting out a document, and doing other things when Togo was sleeping.

When Shishio opened the door of the room, Fusae noticed Shishio and said with a smile, ”Good morning, Oga-kun. ”

”Good morning, Fusae-san, ” Shishio said with a smile. He looked at Fusae and asked, ”You have woken up so early, Fusae-san. ”

”It ’s normal for me, ” Fusae said with a helpless expression, wondering when was the last time she returned home before. She then took a stack of documents and some discs from the table.

”Oga-kun, there is information about Kanoh Agito and his fighting video, you can bring it back later and watch it at home. By the way, please tell your subordinates to come as soon as possible to talk about the contract last night, ” Fusae said politely since she knew that even though Shishio was young, he was very shrewd and at the same time, she also supported his relationship with her boss, after all, she knew that her boss lacked a human feeling and thought that if Togo and Togo could become a lover, then her boss personality might become better.

If Shishio knew what Fusae was thinking then he could only stare at Fusae speechlessly.

Shishio only nodded, hearing Fusae ’s words, then took the information about Kanoh Agito. He could see details about Kanoh Agito ’s information from name, height, weight, and fighting record, fighting style, etc on the document. He then looked at Fusae and somehow, he also wanted to have a secretary too since he had a feeling that his life would be quite busier soon and suddenly a picture of one girl suddenly appeared on his mind.

’Kawasaki Saki. ’

Shishio remembered the beautiful girl that he had saved before and she had asked for his contact information, but he forgot to bring his phone so he gave her his name card, though she hadn ’t contacted him, nor did he intend to contact her either.

Shishio then looked at Fusae and knew that she was also a woman that was able to trigger his system, but he really didn ’t intend to do anything to her.

”Right, this is your breakfast and if you have finished with your breakfast, the driver is also ready in the parking park, ” Fusae said.

”………. ”

Looking at Fusae, Shishio realized how good it was to be taken care of by someone, and somehow, it reminded him of his previous life, but he quickly shook his head since he knew that he couldn ’t return anymore.

’I need to write. ’

Shishio hadn ’t forgotten his intention to write a book since he wanted to say goodbye to his previous life.

Shishio then ate breakfast and after he finished, he walked out of Togo ’s office and entered the car where the driver had been waiting for him. He said goodbye to Fusae who saw him off, then he started to set off to the school. He wasn ’t sure why, but he had a hunch that a lot of things might happen to the school.

Along the way, Shishio spoke with Claudia Hodgins about the deal that he had made with Togo, which made Hodgins speechless, but Hodgins told him that he would send someone to Togo ’s office to talk about the contract.

”Let ’s talk more later. ”

”Yes, boss. ”

Shishio ended the call and only talked about his deal with Togo. He didn ’t talk about his intention to buy ”Android ” since he was afraid the driver in front of him knew his intention so he didn ’t talk. He was also too lazy to talk with the driver and the driver also knew that Shishio was an important guess so the driver was very respectful so his journey to the school was fairly quiet.

Then before long, Shishio arrived at the entrance of his school, telling the driver that he could open the door by himself, then came out from the car. He could see that a lot of people were looking at him, after all, it was uncommon for a student to be sent by car unless the family of that student was rich.

In this country, most students would either walk, ride on a tram, or ride on a bicycle so when someone was sent by a car, most students would be attracted, especially when the car was a luxurious car.

Shishio didn ’t mind, or rather, it was good since it was his chance to search for a girl that was capable of triggering his quest. Unfortunately, he was unlucky today and didn ’t find anyone, so he quickly greeted his classmate.

”Usa! ”

Usa, who was also looking at Shishio who came out from the luxurious car, felt a bit hesitant to greet Shishio since when he saw Shishio come out from the car, he felt that Shishio ’s aura was different. He might not able to describe it very well, but if he had to say, it was like when a child was looking at an adult which made him quite hesitant to call him, but he didn ’t expect Shishio to greet him first, which made him feel quite happy.

”Good morning Oga, ” Usa said with a smile.

Shishio walked toward Usa and patted his shoulder. ”Let ’s go to the class together. ”

Usa nodded and walked together with Shishio.

Both of them walked together, but then Usa realized something. ”Oga, you ’re too popular, right? ” He could feel the gaze of the girls that had been on them, which somehow made him realize how it felt to become a ”riajuu ” (popular guy).

”You want to become popular too, Usa? ” Shishio asked.

”Well… ” Usa thought for a while, folding his hands, tilting his head, showing a difficult expression, and said, ”Not really, but I want a girlfriend. ” In truth, he wanted to be popular and the woman would be crazy of him, but he also knew that he needed to be realistic, and what he wanted was to get a girlfriend, that ’s all.

”That ’s true. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”Since you ’re in high school, it ’s normal for you to want to have a girlfriend. ”

”Don ’t you have one Oga? ” Usa said subconsciously.

”What do you mean? ” Shishio asked while raising his eyebrow.

”I mean… isn ’t it Sunohara-san your girlfriend? ” Usa asked, showing an unsure expression.

Shishio smiled and said, ”We have only known each other for two days, do you think that a couple can be made in those two days? ”

”Well, that ’s true. ” Usa nodded, but still, he let out a long sigh and said, ”But still, unlike you, I ’ll have trouble getting a girlfriend. ”

Shishio only patted Usa ’s shoulder and didn ’t say much since he also wasn ’t sure whether Usa could get a girlfriend or not, after all, Usa a nice guy, it wasn ’t that a nice guy was bad, but for a girl, it was the least choice, or rather, they would choose them once they had decided to marry.

In other words, Usa would need to wait at least a few years later to get a girlfriend.

When Usa and Shishio were about to walk into their shoe locker and changed their shoes into a uwabaki (Japanese slippers are worn indoors at school), Usa seemed a bit nervous and giddy, staring at his shoe locker.

”What ’s wrong, Usa? ” Shishio felt that Usa ’s state was a bit strange.

It might not be related, but before a student entered the school, they needed to change the shoes that they wore to uwabaki.

”No – Nothing! ” Usa blushed and seemed to be quite embarrassed.

Shishio smiled and said, ”Well, well, are you excited to think that there might be a love letter at your shoe locker? ”

”O – Oga!! ” Usa ’s face was red, feeling very embarrassed since Shishio could read his mind.

”Well, open it, I want to see whether there ’s a love letter on your shoes or not, ” Shishio said, looking at Usa ’s shoe locker.

”You make me nervous, ” Usa said helplessly, but then he gulped and opened his shoe locker, hoping that there was a single letter there, but…

”……………. ”

Usa felt a pat on his shoulder again and heard Shishio ’s voice.

”Don ’t mind, ” Shishio said with a smile since he thought that Usa was too funny.

Usa twitched his lips and said, ”It ’s your turn now! Open your shoe locker! ” He felt a bit disappointed since he didn ’t see a love letter on his shoe locker, but then he quickly recovered and also wanted to see Shishio ’s shoe locker since he thought that Shishio should be in a similar state.

Shishio could only shake his head, then opened his shoe locker, but…

”……… ”

Usa could only open his mouth wide since he saw that there were a lot of love letters inside Shishio ’s shoe locker.

Shishio caught some of the love letters before they dropped to the ground and could only shake his head since he realized the girls in this country were too bold, right?

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