I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 87 - Between Two Who Will You Choose?

In truth, Shishio was a bit speechless since he remembered the last time he received a love letter was probably at an elementary school since at his time most students at high school would communicate with each other through a phone or a smartphone, and if they wanted to confess, they would make an appointment through a chat or something, which was why he was a bit at a loss when he saw that there was a love letter at his shoe locker.

Shishio knew that it was part of a tradition in this country and if he received one, he didn ’t feel that surprised and would meet the girl, then rejected the girl calmly and kindly, but he didn ’t expect that he would receive eight love letters at the same time which made him speechless.​​

’Was it alright? ’

Shishio was wondering what was on the head of those girls who had sent out the love letters to him, even stacked them together on his shoe locker, which made him speechless, but one thing for sure, their feelings were shallow and he was sure that even if he ignored the love letter, they wouldn ’t think too much and it was also impossible for him to answer all eight love letters at the same time since it was very troublesome.

’Still eight love letters, huh? ’

Even though Shishio might sound narcissistic, he was handsome after all, well, very handsome.

The previous Shishio Oga was also handsome, but he was a ”chuunibyou ”, so most of the female students in his school were put off by him, and when Shishio was reincarnated into Shishio Oga, the way previous Shishio Oga did his hair was so messy and his bangs covered most of his face.

If Shishio had to say that the hairstyle of the previous Shishio Oga was like the famous ”Sadako ” from ”The Ring ”.

Unfortunately, there was no ”The Ring ” movie in this world so most people would think of him as a gloomy kid, but in truth, the previous Shishio Oga had a background setting where he hid his real identity among the masses, which was why the previous Shishio Oga was dressed like a gloomy kid when in truth, he was a hero that protected the world from the danger of Dark Reunion that had summoned Wyverns, causing a lot of chaos, wars, various conflict in this world.

This was why when Shishio was reincarnated into the body of Shishio Oga, changed his original hairstyle to be tidier, and became normal again, his parents in this world were very happy and even went to the shrine, hoping that their son wouldn ’t return to how he was to be which made him feel very speechless somehow.

When Shishio was thinking about the past of the previous Shishio Oga, Usa was in shock, staring at Shishio as if a monster, but he also felt bitter.

Usa looked at Shishio ’s face and let out a sigh, knowing that only a handsome guy could get this kind of treatment.

”Wha–?! ”

This voice woke Shishio up, and he turned his head, then saw a young man with dead fish-like eyes, staring at the love letters on Shishio ’s hands in shock. He raised his eyebrow since he didn ’t expect to meet another protagonist in this school, and at the same time, he was wondering how many protagonists in this school were.

Usa also looked at the young man with dead fish-like eyes, but he didn ’t think too much and asked Shishio, ”What are you going to do with those love letters? ” If possible, he wanted one of the girls that had confessed to Shishio to confess to him, but he knew that it was impossible.

The young man with dead fish-like eyes didn ’t move from his spot and wanted to hear Shishio ’s answer since it was his first time to see someone received so many love letters at the same time, but then, he quickly opened his shoe locker, and could only show a bitter expression, knowing that it was impossible for him to receive the same treatment as Shishio and at the same time, he had already matured from how he used to be and he also thought a youth as an evil, but after all, he was also a man, and it was normal for him to curious about the opposite gender, right?

’The world is too unfair, right? ’

The young man with dead fish-like eyes cast a glance at Shishio and he had to admit that he was a bit nervous when Shishio was looking at him, even though Shishio was his junior.

Shishio also wasn ’t going to say anything to the young man with dead fish-like eyes since he was practically a stranger, and said to Usa, ”I ’m going to ignore it. ”

”What?! ”

Not only was Usa in shock, but the young man with dead fish-like eyes was also in shock. Here, they were waiting for a love letter to be sent to their shoe locker, but this bastard was ungrateful and decided to ignore the love letter of those girls, which made them burn in anger and jealousy!

If it was possible, then they also hoped that they would be able to have the same happy trouble as Shishio. Unfortunately, they couldn ’t!

”Oga, how can you do that?! ” Usa frowned and said, ”Those girls have sent love letters with a lot of care and feeling, how can you just ignore them! ”

The young man with dead fish-like eyes nodded in agreement.

Shishio looked at Usa and was about to say something, but…

”What love letter? ”

”Huh? ”

Shishio then noticed a familiar fragrance from his side, he quickly turned his head and saw both Nana and Miu were behind him.

”Nana, Miu-senpai, how come both of you are here? ”

Shishio then stared at Usa and made him shut his mouth instantly since Usa knew that he had said something wrong, but Usa had to admit, he was wondering how Shishio was going to solve this problem.

The young man with the dead fish-like eyes also didn ’t move from his spot and waited there since he knew that something fun was about to begin.

”Well, I have met Nana on the way before, but… ” Miu then looked at a lot of love letters on Shishio ’s hands and became stunned. Somehow, her chest became tight and she felt very uncomfortable at that moment, but she forced herself to smile and said, ”I… I see… Shishio-kun is handsome after all, and I guess, it is normal for you to receive a love letter, then… then… I hope that you ’ll be happy with your girlfriends later. ” She wasn ’t sure why, but she didn ’t want him to see her at that moment, so she quickly turned and wanted to get away, but her wrist was grabbed by Shishio.

”Wait, Senpai. I think you misunderstood something, ” Shishio quickly said, after he grasped Miu ’s wrist.

”Huh? ” Miu turned her head and looked at Shishio, who had grasped her wrist. Her face turned red instantly, but more than that, she wanted to hear what he was about to say.

”I might have received those love letters, but I don ’t intend to make one of them my girlfriends, ” Shishio said calmly with a light smile on his face, thinking that this girl was too cute.

Shishio only received a love letter, but he really didn ’t have an intention to date them, after all, he didn ’t know them, and he had already passed the age where he thought to play around, but he didn ’t expect Miu ’s reaction was quite big, and as if a puppy that had been abandoned by its owner, which was why he directly grasped her wrist directly since he didn ’t want misunderstanding happened between them.

”Why? ” Miu asked curiously.

”I don ’t know them after all, and for a girlfriend, it is better to confess to the girl that I know very well, right? ” Shishio said with a smile, looking at Miu.

”I… I see… ” Miu blushed, lowering her head shyly, and didn ’t dare to look at his face at this moment.

”…….. ”

Usa and the young man with dead fish-like eyes felt their bodies were itchy at this moment since this scene was too sweet, right?

However, there was one person that was unhappy about both Miu and Shishio.

”Ah, we ’re going to be late! Let ’s go to the class first, Senpai, Shishio! ”

Nana quickly pulled them apart as soon as possible and didn ’t know why she felt very uncomfortable when she saw both Miu and Shishio were so close to each other, but she quickly showed her usual smile.

”Ah, that ’s true! ” Miu didn ’t think too much when her hand was separated by Nana since she realized that school might start soon.

”Let ’s go, Shishio, ” Nana said while pulling Shishio ’s hand.

”Still, you can ’t just ignore those love letters, Shishio-kun, ” Miu said with a reprimanding tone.

”Senpai, you don ’t need to think too much about the love letters, after all, those girls ’ feelings are shallow, and even if they ’re rejected, or their love letters are ignored, they won ’t say anything, ” Nana said.

”Is that so? ” Miu was surprised when she heard Nana ’s words since it was her first time hearing such a thing.

”Let me handle these love letters, you two, don ’t need to think too much about it, ” Shishio said calmly.

Nana and Miu looked at Shishio at the same time and nodded since they believed in him, and both of them also didn ’t think that he was going to be tempted by those shallow girls.

Shishio, Nana, and Miu walked together next to each other, talking to each other with a smile, ignoring both Usa and the young man with dead fish-like eyes that had been standing beside them from the beginning to the end.

Usa and the young man with dead fish-like eyes looked at the backs of the three of them then looked at each other, somehow, they felt like they could understand each other, and at this moment, their feelings seemed to be synchronized and there was one sentence that they wanted to scream loudly.

’God, please give him a hammer of justice!!! ’



If Shishio was willing to teach them to flirt and get a girl, then they might be willing to bow their heads and worship him as a teacher at this moment.

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