I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 90 - Theres A Perfect Waifu In Front Of You But You Ignore Her

Shishio was about to open his rewards, but then, he recalled what Sorata had told him before.

’Why was Kawai-senpai looking for me? ’​​

’Could it be Shiina was in trouble? ’

Shishio didn ’t think so, but when he thought about Shiina, who lacked common sense, then it might be possible for Shiina to eat bread or something on the convenience store without paying, but he had already given 10,000 yen to Ritsu yesterday, and for a student, 10,000 yen was a lot of money for them, so he believed that it shouldn ’t be used up already.

*Ding! Dong!*

”Okay, the class starts, everyone should go back to their seats. ”

Koharu, the homeroom teacher of Shishio ’s class, came into the podium and shouted at all the students who were still talking and chatting with each other.

”Let ’s continue our lesson yesterday. ”

Shishio ignored the teacher and took Shiro-san ’s novel that he borrowed from Togo ’s office.

In Togo ’s office, there were a lot of books, and before he went to school, he borrowed some of them so he wouldn ’t be bored at school.

Shishio opened the book, reading quietly while checking the rewards that he had received from the system.

< "Big Echo Karaoke ", "Household Chores Mastery ", "Chemist Mastery ", and "500 million yen ">

Shishio looked at his rewards and he had to admit that it was a bit too small, compared to what he had gotten previously, but he had to admit that it was still amazing rewards. He then directly accepted both and <500 million yen> since both of them were assets.

It wasn ’t that Shishio didn ’t want to accept the skill, but the sudden information that entered his head had always made him startled and uncomfortable, which was why he always accepted the assets type of rewards first.

After Shishio received his reward, he didn ’t need to explain much about the <500 million yen> reward since it was pretty much like that, but he was a bit surprised about the since it was the biggest karaoke chain in the country.

Shishio felt a bit surprised, but he had received something better, so he was quite calm and read the details about his karaoke chain.

It could be said ”Big Echo ” was a huge company since it had around 150++ karaoke shops around the country, but more importantly, all the building and land of the shops were owned by him, which was great.

Shishio knew that one of the biggest expenditures on the business in the service industry was rent, but for both ”Wagnaria ” and ”Big Echo ”, two businesses that he owned, he didn ’t need to worry about that since all lands and buildings on those two businesses were owned, not even a single one was renting which was pretty much amazing.

After that, Shishio was looking at the rest of his rewards which were ”Chemist Mastery ” and ”Household Chores Mastery ”.

Shishio decided to accept ”Chemist Master ”, and as expected, the sudden information that entered his head caused him to frown. He waited for a while and until five minutes later, he felt quite better, but at the same time, inside his head, there was a lot of information regarding chemistry, and somehow his feeling was pretty much complex since this reward was amazing.

Shishio knew that there were a lot of things that could be done with chemistry, and if he wanted, he could even make a ”Laughter Gas ” of Joker or even a ”Fear Gas ” of Scarecrow, but he was a pacifist, and he didn ’t like to fight, which was why he didn ’t have an intention to create such dangerous things.

However, Shishio had to admit that this ”Chemist Mastery ” was amazing since, besides those dangerous things, he could also create things such as the hardest steel, diamond, gold, precious metal, etc, as long as he was willing, but still, even though it was possible, he didn ’t have equipment. to create all of that, nor did he intend to do so, since the world was dangerous, and his power was limited.

If someone knew that Shishio could do all of that, then he might be assassinated by someone, but still, he thought of the possibility of creating a battery, especially a lithium battery since he knew in the future, this thing would be very popular, especially for a smartphone, electric car, etc, but enough of that since there was one more reward that he hadn ’t opened.

’Yes. ’

Shishio accepted directly then the knowledge about ”Household Chores ” entered his head from setting up his bed, ironing his clothes, taking care of a pet, etc.

In conclusion, Shishio had become a super butler that could do anything.

Unfortunately, no one was able to give him enough money to work him as their butler, but enough of that, he had accepted all his rewards and continued to read since Shiro-san ’s story was more interesting than he had thought.

On the other hand, Shishio ’s classmates were speechless when they saw him, reading a novel quietly, ignoring Koharu, who was teaching everyone, but the girls had to admit, his figure that was reading a book quietly was very handsome.

It seemed like they were looking at a scholar that was reading a book leisurely on the side of the beautiful pond, which made them mesmerized.

Nana chuckled and thought that this guy was really bad, but then, she realized that everyone was looking at him in a different light which made her quite helpless and thought that she needed to do something very fast or else…

”So everyone, you can see here the function of this formula at this point. Using this principle, you can correctly draw this… ”

Koharu explained calmly, then let out a sigh, when she was looking at Shishio, who was reading a book calmly without saying anything. Somehow she was helpless, but there was nothing that she could do at this moment since she knew that for a genius like Shishio, her teaching was useless and there was nothing that she could teach him, which was why she was in silence and didn ’t do anything, after all, last time, he could solve the most difficult question that she couldn ’t answer for a long time.

However, even though Koharu hated to admit it, Shishio was too handsome, right?

But Koharu ’s mind was still sane, and there was no way for her to indulge herself in the forbidden romance between a teacher and a student, but if he forced himself then she…

In Koharu ’s mind, the class suddenly became empty, and there were no other people besides both her and Shishio.

The orange light from the afterglow of the sun entered through the window, but none of that mattered to Koharu since she was staring at her student nervously. She didn ’t know what to do and moved back when Shishio moved forward. When she was about to move back again, her back hit the board and knew that there was no way for her to run anymore and she knew that she needed to face her feelings, especially when she saw his eyes that were looking straight at her eyes. She blushed and lowered her head shyly, but then her chin was lifted, and she could see his eyes which were full of desire, love, and longing toward her.

”No, Shishio-kun, we ’re a student and a teacher! There ’s no way that we ’ll be forgiven by society! ”

Koharu tried to struggle, but even though her mouth said those words, her body said otherwise since she knew herself that she…

”Sensei, I know that I know that we ’re a student and a teacher and I know that I have troubled you by my feelings, but Sensei, I love you and I can ’t hide my feelings toward you anymore, ” Shishio said those words without looking away from Koharu, looking at her with eyes full of love.

”Shishio-kun… ”

Both of them stared at each other, and Shishio moved his lips closer.

Koharu was nervous, but she closed her eyes and didn ’t move, waiting for his lips to come since she knew herself that she was…

’No, Koharu! You can ’t do that! He ’s your student! ’

Koharu suddenly stopped her lecture and shook her head frantically, holding both of her cheeks, trying to hide the blush on her face, and threw all the perverted thoughts on her mind.

”…… ”

Everyone was looking at their teacher with a strange expression, but on the other hand, Shishio was reading quietly, flipping page after page, thinking that the school was really peaceful.

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