I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 91 - Prove It To Me Alright?

Koharu had entered a weird state, her face flushed, and somehow she couldn ’t concentrate, but she was a teacher after all, and an adult, so she quickly recovered and told someone to solve a question on the board randomly so she could recover faster, and the target happened to be Sorata, which made him speechless.

Sorata, who was chosen, was speechless, but he was also helpless since he didn ’t know the answer and because of that he was being reprimanded by Koharu. He was helpless, but he could only grit his teeth, and at the same time, he felt that it was unfair, he was being reprimanded, yet Shishio, who was reading a novel in class, was alright, and Koharu-sensei didn ’t even say anything toward Shishio, only cast a glance toward Shishio, which made him want to scold his teacher, saying that Koharu was unfair, however, everything was only on his head since there was no way for him to say all of that to Koharu.​​


Sorata glanced at Shishio before looking away and lowered his head silently.

As expected of a genius, no matter where he appeared, the people around him would naturally give him special treatment.

Compared to him, he was just a bolt among the production workshop, he was just one among the bolts on the workshop, he was only an ordinary person among society.

’No, maybe I can ’t even compare myself to an ordinary person… ’

Sorata laughed at himself thinking about the reason why he decided to move to Sakurasou.

”Kanda-kun… ”

Nanami looked at Sorata ’s back from the back of the classroom and felt worried. She could see that since Sorata moved to Sakurasou, Sorata had become more and more different, in her mind, even though, Sorata was quite immature and a bit reckless in most of the cases, but overall, he was very cheerful and had a sunny disposition.

However, looking at the current Sorata, even though Nanami had talked to him every day, every time she wanted to ask him about his recent situation, she would shrink back because he was very gloomy and there was an aura of depression that emitted from him from time to time, which made her even more worried.

Nanami had always felt that Sorata had become a little different from before, although, she didn ’t know the reason, she could tell the main reason was that Sorata ’s change was definitely in Sakurasou.

’Or is it related to Oga-kun? ’ Nanami looked at Shishio with some uncertainty.

Nanami ’s heart was quite complicated. She once met Sorata not long after she came to Tokyo, and at that time, she faced a lot of pressure whether it was from school studies, doing several part-time jobs at the same time, she also encountered a lot of walls to reach her dream as a ”Seiyuu ”, and because of that she was very tired and there were even several times she thought to give up her dream, so she wouldn ’t be this tired.

However, whenever Nanami thought to give up, Sorata, who was always sunny and cheerful, became her light, gave her motivation, and made her persevere herself to stay in this city alone.

’But now I have even lost my remaining light? ’

Nanami looked at the sky outside the window, clear, and without clouds, but her heart was filled with confusion and wondered whether she could continue to persevere herself to continue to chase after her dream.

When someone was focused on something, the time would move very fast, and it was the thing that Shishio felt at that moment. He was reading the book all the time, but he didn ’t expect that the class would end soon.

”Oga, you must teach me to study so I can play a game in class! ” Tagami cried and wanted to hug Shishio, but Shishio quickly grabbed his head and stopped him.

”Don ’t hug me, I don ’t have a hobby of being hugged by a guy. ” Shishio let go of his hand and said, ”Well, it might be impossible to teach you so you can play a game in the class, but it should be possible to teach you so you can get 100 for all the lessons. ”

”What? Really?! ”

Tagami was dumbfounded and didn ’t care much that Shishio grabbed his head to stop him before. He might not be dumbest among the class, but his score was quite below average, however, Shishio told him that Shishio could make him receive a 100 scores for all lessons, which made him surprised and wanted to know whether it was real or not since if possible, he also wanted to receive a perfect score.

There was a little time for a break before the next lesson started and most students would use this chance to talk to each other.

”Still, what are you going to do with the love letters, Oga? ” Usa came and asked.

”What? What love letters? ” Tagami was confused since he didn ’t know that Shishio had received a love letter.

”…Do you have to ask something like that now? ” Shishio was speechless, looking at Usa, but he somehow understood Usa ’s feeling and was quite curious what he would do with the love letters that he had received before.

”Hey, don ’t leave me out, what are you two talking about? ” Tagami asked once again since he was also curious.

Usa wanted to say something, but…

”Um… Oga-kun, do you have time? Can you come out for a while? ”

”… ”

Shishio, Usa, and Tagami were stunned when the three of them saw Nanami was in front of them and she was asking Shishio to go out.

”Um… Aoyama-san? ” Shishio looked at Nanami in front of him, feeling a little strange, since both of them had never talked to each other, and he also knew that he didn ’t receive a love letter from her, but he thought for a while and understood the reason.

’Is it because of Kanda? ’

Shishio looked at Nanami then nodded, ”Okay, no problem, let ’s go. ” He got up directly and left the classroom with Nanami.

”Say, Usa, is Aoyama-san sent a love letter to Oga? ” Tagami asked with curiosity.

”I ’m not sure he receives a lot of love letters after all, ” Usa said bitterly.

Tagami also felt bitter, but he also understood why Shishio was popular so he didn ’t think too much or rather the more popular Shishio was, he believed he could also receive some popularity too, right?

”Ah, still, I can understand why Oga is popular, but there ’s one guy who is very miserable at this moment. ” Tagami then looked at someone in the class.

Usa let out a sigh and nodded. ”That ’s true. ” He also followed Tagami ’s gaze and looked at the person who was very close with Nanami in the class.

Nana looked at Shishio and Nanami who had gone out and thought to talk to him after the break later.

Sorata also looked at Shishio, who was leaving with Nanami and felt a little confused, and at the same time, he felt betrayed. Why did Nanami, who had always stood beside him, also walk with Shishio?

Sorata ’s expression was quite ugly, and he felt his heart was hollowed out at that moment.

Shishio followed Nanami all the way to the deserted rooftop, looking at the city with a panoramic view in the distance. The clear sky was cloudless, which made people feel relaxed and happy. If possible, he wanted to sleep on the rooftop directly, feeling the sunlight on his body, which made him quite sleepy.

The rooftop had always been one of the most important places in the anime, or rather it was one of the sacred places since, in this place, a plus point would be added if someone confessed to their loved one.

Shishio wasn ’t sure how many times that a couple was formed in this place, but it didn ’t really matter now since he was confused, looking at Nanami in front of him since he didn ’t know the reason why she brought him here. Was she going to confess to him? If so, although he felt a little sorry for Sorata, should he agree? Or should he agree after some consideration?

Well, enough of a joke since Shishio didn ’t think that Nanami had called him out because she wanted to confess to him.

”Um… Oga-kun… ” Nanami hesitated since she didn ’t know what to say.

”Aoyama-san, do you have something that troubles your mind? ”

Watching Nanami showing complex expressions, Shishio was wondering whether the reason why she was like this was because of Sorata, and according to the story he remembered, he knew that she shouldn ’t have entered a ”Seiyuu ” audition, so besides Sorata, he couldn ’t understand the reason why she showed such an expression toward him.

”It ’s not a trouble, I ’m just… I just feel there is something strange about Kanda-kun ’s recent situation. ”

When Shishio asked her a question, Nanami thought for a while before she told him about her worry about Sorata, after all, she and Sorata had known each other for a long time, and when she looked at Sorata, she felt that there was something strange about him, which made her full of worry.

At the same time, Nanami also felt quite unwilling, although she had never expressed it, in her heart, she had always had a feeling toward Sorata, but the current Sorata was different from the one that she had a feeling for which was why…

When Nanami looked at the current Sorata, she felt like she was looking at a stranger.

”Kanda-kun? ”

Shishio raised his eyebrow since he didn ’t expect that he was right, and thought the reason why Nanami showed such an expression was because of Sorata, but he was even more surprised at why Nanami asked about Sorata ’s condition to him?

After all, his relationship with Sorata was quite normal, although both of them were living in Sakurasou, they weren ’t that close.

Moreover, based on the relationship between Sorata and Nanami, she should ask Sorata directly rather than asking him this question since it might cause a misunderstanding between them.

It wasn ’t that Shishio hated Nanami, but he was troubled by both Miu and Nana already, adding one more, his situation would become even more chaotic.

”Well, recently… I always feel that… Kanda-kun has become a little different, so I want to ask Oga-kun, if you know something… ” Nanami asked this question nervously, holding her fingers hard until her joints began to turn white.

”I have only known Kanda-kun for two days and I don ’t have much contact with him, maybe he feels pressured or something? ” Shishio could only reply to Nanami ambiguously, after all, there was no way he could tell Nanami, the reason why Sorata was at that state was that he had taken away Shiina from Sorata and it might be because he had shown a lot of his abilities in the past two days, it caused Sorata ’s fragile heart to also receive a critical hit.

The other reason was that there was only a genius on Sakurasou such as Misaki, Mitaka (in the eyes of normal people), and this difference made Sorata filled with jealousy and inferiority, and it was also the reason for Sorata ’s current state!

However, how could Shishio say that?

Although that was the truth, Shishio knew that he couldn ’t say that, let alone in front of Nanami, who had always liked that bastard, but he also had to admit that Nanami was beautiful.

Although Nanami couldn ’t be compared to Shiina in terms of temperament since Nanami didn ’t have an ethereal and natural beauty feeling like Shiina, it couldn ’t be denied that Nanami was more beautiful than most of the girls in the school, it could be said she was comparable to both Nana and Miu, and not only that, Nanami ’s boobs were also quite large, and based on his deduction, she should be D cup.

Shishio didn ’t understand Sorata, there was such a beautiful girl in front of him and it was ready to be eaten anytime, yet, Sorata was only interested in Shiina, who could only magnify his inferiority and caused him to complain from time to time about the difference between ordinary and genius.

If Shishio had to say Nanami was the perfect waifu, unfortunately, Sorata couldn ’t understand that.

”Well, you should know that Sakurasou ’s image on most students isn ’t good, so maybe Kanda-kun feels a little uncomfortable just after moving in. You don ’t need to worry about him since I believe he will become better soon. ”

Although Shishio felt sorry, he could only lie at this moment since there was no way for him to tell the reason to Nanami, right?

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