I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 96 - Hes A Pervert But He Isnt A Bad Guy

When Shishio, Shiina, and Ritsu walked together, there were always some people who were looking at them, after all, both Shiina and Ritsu were beautiful girls, and Shishio was a handsome guy, when the three of them combined, they would attract a lot of people ’s attention, but they had never been a type of people who cared about people ’s attention so they ignored those mob characters in their lives.

Unlike Shiina who was just happy that she could go home together with Shishio, Ritsu was quite nervous, not because they were walking together, but because of what he had told her before.​​

’What was the thing that he wanted to ask me? ’

If it was in a normal situation, Ritsu would read a book while walking, ignoring the fact that she was on the street, but last night, she had just read a romance novel, so she became quite nervous and there was some expectation in her heart.

Ritsu didn ’t know what kind of feeling it was, but she had to admit that it felt strange. This feeling was very troublesome and she was very troubled by it since because of this feeling, she couldn ’t concentrate reading her book, but she had to admit that she didn ’t hate this feeling.

’Sunohara-san… ’

Suddenly that name emerged on her mind, especially when Sorata mentioned that Shishio was going somewhere with Sunohara-san.

Ritsu might not know who Sunohara-san was before, or rather, she had been a loner, after all, and she didn ’t have a friend at school, except for Shiina, of course since both of them often stayed together.

Ritsu had to admit that even though Shiina might give her some troubles first, her existence gave her a vibrant on her monotone high school life, and even though she was shy, she was glad to accept to help Shishio to help Shiina before, though, she hoped that Shiina would have more common sense so Shiina wouldn ’t trouble her that much.

”Right, Senpai, Mashiro, have you joined a club? ” Shishio suddenly asked.

”Club? ” 2x

Shiina and Ritsu looked at Shishio at the same time.

Shiina showed a confused expression, clearly showing that she didn ’t understand what the club was, but Ritsu had this frown on her forehead, and no one really knew what was on her head at that moment.

”…. ”

Looking at the two girls ’ reactions, Shishio was speechless. He felt that it was normal for Shiina to show a confused expression since she didn ’t have common sense and she had only arrived in this country for few days, but Ritsu ’s reaction…

Shishio was sure that Ritsu, often caused a lot of misunderstanding and he was sure that it was also because of this expression that she might not have anyone to talk to at school. He didn ’t immediately explain what the club was to Shiina, but looked at Ritsu and asked, ”Senpai, are you not good with a club? ”

Ritsu shook her head and said, ”No, no one has ever invited me to one and I have never considered joining one. ”

”….. ” Shishio wasn ’t sure what to say for now, but he was sure that he had opened the pandora box. Fortunately, they weren ’t alone, and Shiina tucked Shishio ’s sleeve and asked, ”What ’s club? ” She showed a curious expression, looking at Shishio, hoping that he would be able to answer her curiosity.

Shishio looked at Shiina and felt grateful that she was here with them, after all, even though his EQ was very good, if the one that he talked with didn ’t have any intention to talk with him, then it was useless.

Shishio wanted to pat Shiina ’s head since she had done a good job of fixing the awkward atmosphere between them, but he held himself, then explained what the club was to Shiina.

”Clubs are places where the students can show their interest better for example: if they like to paint, then they will join an art club; If they like a sport, then they will join a sports club; if they like a martial arts, they will join a martial club, etc. ”

”Have you joined a club, Shishio? ” Shiina asked.

Shishio nodded and said, ”I have joined the literature club so I have thought to invite you two? What do you think? ” He wasn ’t the type to shy away and liked to beat around the bush, so he directly invited them, after all, he also knew that Shiina and Ritsu were the types of people who loved to say what was on their minds too.

”Literature club? ” Ritsu showed an expression as if she only knew that there was such an existence such a club in the school.

”I ’ll join, ” Shiina said without hesitation.

”… ” Both reactions made Shishio speechless and had to admit that the two girls before him really had individual personalities. He then looked at Ritsu and said, ”There ’s such a club at the school, but the number is small, including me, there are only three members, and in that club, you might be able to read a book that you ’ve never read in the school before Senpai. ”

”Books! ” Ritsu showed excitement, her eyes shone, and it was as if a lot of flowers bloomed on the top of her head.

When Shishio saw Ritsu ’s reaction, he knew that it was only a time that this girl was hooked so he then looked at Shiina and asked, ”Are you sure, Shiina? ”

”Um. ” Shiina nodded.

”Well, if you join a literature club, then it might be good for your manga, ” Shishio said.

”It might be good for my manga? ” Shiina tilted her head, showing confusion.

”A manga is a combination of drawing and story-telling, your drawing might be good, but an ability to write a story is also necessary so joining a literature club might be good, ” Shishio said.

There was a surprise in Shiina ’s eyes and asked, ”Have you written a story, Shishio? ”

Shishio looked at Shiina and it seemed that her eyes tried to tell him a lot of things, but even though his EQ was high, he wasn ’t an esper and he couldn ’t read a mind, so…

”I plan to write a story, but not now. ”

”When? ” Shiina asked.

”It should be next week, ” Shishio said since he had something to do this week.

Shiina nodded and said, ”When you have written it, can you show it to me? ”

Shishio smiled and said, ”It might not be a good story, though. ”

”It ’s alright, ” Shiina said.

”Well, I ’ll let you read. ” Shishio nodded, but then he realized that he had been ignoring Ritsu who walked beside them. ”Senpai, what do you think of the literature club? If possible, please join the club too! ” He knew that unless Ritsu was pushed this girl would always be very passive and he also needed to show eagerness since he could see that Ritsu was slightly unhappy.

Ritsu, who felt unhappy before, felt slightly overwhelmed by Shishio ’s eagerness, but she could only say… ”I… I will think about it. ”

Shishio wasn ’t going to give up and said, ”Senpai, tomorrow, there is a club activity, it is alright if you don ’t join at first, but can you come? You can borrow some books from there too if you want. ”

Ritsu wanted to say something, but her sleeve was tucked by Shiina.

”Ritsu… ” Shiina said simply and stared at Ritsu ’s eyes.

”… ” Ritsu let out a long sigh and said, ”Then I ’ll visit the club tomorrow. ”

Shishio smiled happily, looking at Ritsu, feeling satisfaction since he could defeat this troublesome girl but he didn ’t realize when he showed his smile, both of them were mesmerized at him and they were also affected by his smile.

Then the three of them didn ’t continue, after all, they weren ’t the type that loved to talk, but this silence wasn ’t bad and quite comfortable, but that silence was broken by Shishio.

”Can we stop by the shopping district first? I want to buy some ingredients, ” Shishio said.

”Un. ” 2x

Shiina and Ritsu nodded and didn ’t think too much since the shopping district was just along their way.

Shishio quickly stopped at the meat shop and vegetable shop, buying various ingredients.

When Shishio was choosing an ingredient, Shiina asked, ”What are you going to cook, Shishio? ” She still remembered how delicious the foods that were cooked by Shishio were, so she wanted to ask what kind of food he would cook for dinner.

”It ’s chop suey, ” Shishio said.

”Chop suey? ” Shiina didn ’t know what kind of dish it was, but Ritsu knew, and somehow she also wanted to eat it, after all, she felt all the foods that she ate became tasteless after she ate Shishio ’s food.

If possible Ritsu wanted to ask his responsibility for making her like this, but she was too shy to ask it.

Shishio looked at Shiina and Ritsu and asked, ”Do you want some too? I ’ll cook for your dinner too. ” After all, both of them were beautiful girls, and he had always been quite a softie toward beautiful girls. If the one next to him was a guy then he wouldn ’t even bother to say something like this.

”Yes, ” Shiina said without hesitation.

”Um, is that alright? ” Ritsu asked with a blush, after all, she didn ’t want to trouble him.

”It ’s alright. You don ’t need to think too much, ” Shishio said.

”Then at least, let me pay for the ingredients too! ” Ritsu quickly said since she felt that it was too rude for her to eat something that was cooked by Shishio without paying.

Shishio nodded and didn ’t refuse Ritsu ’s kindness, after all, he knew that she wouldn ’t be comfortable if she was treated all the time by him. As for Shiina, she was his relative, after all, and she lacked common sense so he didn ’t bother to ask her money or anything, after all, he didn ’t lack one.

After Shishio bought all the ingredients, they walked back together.

Shishio looked at the scenery around and had to admit that there was some novelty of living in Tokyo, especially around this neighborhood area. He could see that there were a lot of old buildings, it was so peaceful and quiet, giving him an image as if he had traveled to the past. He then looked to the side and remembered that there was an elementary school nearby, and he wanted to see what was the difference between the elementary school in this country and his previous life was, but…

”…. ”

Shishio was stuck in a place and thought that the elementary school in this country was really unique.

”What ’s wrong? ” Ritsu asked with a confused expression since she saw that Shishio suddenly stopped.

Shiina didn ’t say much and followed Shishio ’s gaze.

Ritsu also did the same and her expression quickly turned ugly.

”…… ”

The three of them watched their acquaintance stuck his head on the fence of elementary school as if trying to peek at the elementary school students inside.

”……. ”

Shiina and Shishio didn ’t say anything and only watched in silence, but it might be because of their stares that the pervert that stuck his head on the fence realized there was someone around.

The pervert pulled his head, then looked at the three of them in surprise and greeted them with a warm smile as if he had done nothing wrong.

”Oga-kun, Shiina-san, Ricchan, have you three just gone back from school? ” Shiro-san asked with a smile.

”Mashiro, you can ’t look at this pervert. ” Shishio quickly covered Shiina ’s eyes since he was afraid that she might be tainted.

Ritsu ’s reaction was also very fast, she took out her phone and called out the police. ”Hello, police? I saw a pervert right in front of the elementary school… ”

However, the one in front of them wasn ’t a normal pervert so…

”Ah, how exciting! ” Shiro-san said with excitement.

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