”Shiro-san, what are you doing? ” Ritsu didn ’t really call the police, but she was looking at the person in front of her with a wary expression. Her mood was very good before, but everything was destroyed by the pervert in front of her!

If Ritsu had to describe her feeling, it was as if she tasted the most delicious ramen, but suddenly found out that there was a cockroach on the soup, which made her be in goosebumps, felt disgusted, and wanted to puke.​​

Shishio didn ’t close Shiina ’s eyes again so she could clearly see what the pervert in front of her was doing, but she couldn ’t understand since she had never seen a pervert in her whole life, and if possible both Shishio and Ritsu also didn ’t want to show her a pervert, but it was too late.

”Ah, I just looked at the fence, by the way, Oga-kun, do you like grade school students? ” Shiro-san suddenly asked since he was wondering what Shishio ’s fetish was.

”….. ” Shishio wasn ’t sure how to describe his moment, but if possible, he wanted to give a german suplex to Shiro-san at this moment. He was trying to calm down, but his sleeve was tucked again. He looked down and saw Shiina was looking at him.

”Shishio, do you like grade school students? ” Shiina asked.

”… ” Shishio wanted to pull Shiina ’s cheeks somehow, and only realized that this girl had a mischievous side too, but before he answered that question.

”Excuse me, we had a report of a strange man lurking around, peeping into the grade school. ”

Shishio, Shiina, Ritsu, and Shiro-san looked at the policeman who suddenly appeared before them, and the three of them quickly looked at Ritsu, wondering whether this girl really called the police.

Ritsu quickly shook her head, showing that she wasn ’t the one who called the police!

Ritsu might have had the urge to call the police before, but Shiro-san was, after all, her acquaintance, even though she didn ’t want to admit it, however, she wasn ’t cruel enough to put him in jail!

When everyone wasn ’t sure what to do, Shishio, without hesitation, pointed his finger at Shiro-san. ”He ’s the pervert! ”

”…. ” Shiina, Shiro-san, and Ritsu.

Shiro-san was excited, but he knew that it wasn ’t a time to be excited so he calmly, explained to the police. ”Police officer, I might be a pervert, but I wasn ’t peeping. ”

Ritsu was speechless, but she also said, ”But you were poking your head through the hole of the fence. ” She felt tired somehow and wanted to go back as soon as possible.

Shiro-san also wasn ’t going to give up and he quickly explained to the police. ”But when you see a hole like this, you have to poke your head in it. ” He presented the huge hole on the fence to the police, telling him that he had his own reason to poke his head inside the hole.

The policeman nodded in agreement and said, ”Indeed, this is an enticing situation for both boys and men… ”

”…Do you realize what you are saying, police officer? ” Shishio was looking at the policeman speechlessly.

The policeman and Shiro-san shook their heads, showing disappointment at Shishio since he was unable to understand the men ’s romance.

”It ’s similar to wanting to coast on a shopping cart or spin around in a chair with your hands in the air. All of us resist many temptations such as these, every day of our lives… you know? ” The policemen said while shaking his head as if saying that Shishio was too young to understand men ’s romance.

Shiro-san nodded in agreement, but Shishio didn ’t understand, nor did he want to understand, but somehow he had an urge to beat up the policeman in front of him, but he held himself since he knew that his punishment would be heavier if he did that.

”But the safety of our children is a sensitive topic in our society. You ’d better not be… ” The policeman wanted to reprimand Shiro-san, but Shiro-san seemed to realize that the policeman had misunderstood him so he quickly explained.

”My head is full of erotic thoughts, but as an adult, I ’m more into a high school student rather than an elementary school student! That ’s similar to everyone else, isn ’t it? I ’m just an ordinary pervert! ” Shiro-san said with full conviction.

”…… ”

As expected, Ritsu looked at Shiro-san with more disgust and unpleasantness, but Shishio quickly covered Shiina ’s ears so this girl wouldn ’t be tainted.

Shiro-san ignored everyone ’s gaze and quickly explained why he was innocent. ”If I wanted to peek, I would ’ve gone to the stairs in front of the station. You can ’t be seen at all there! ” His breath then became heavy and he was full of excitement. ”When I peek at them and they notice me, I want them to tell me, ”what are you looking at, you perv?! ” as they glare at me with displeasure eyes! ”

As expected when Shiro-san ended his speech, no one gave him a clap and looked in admiration, only a policeman came and grabbed Shiro-san ’s hands and said, ”You are a creepy person. Please come with me to the police station for a little chat. ”

Shiro-san was startled and didn ’t give up, still trying to show that he was innocent. ”I know that I ’m thinking of some rather inappropriate thoughts, however – ”

”Quickly come with me! ” The policeman quickly pulled Shiro-san and wanted to take him to the police station.

”Ah, Oga-kun! Help me! ” Shiro-san quickly called out for help.

”… ” Shishio let out a long sigh and said, ”Police officer, please wait for a moment! ”

”Hmm? What ’s wrong? ” The policeman stopped and looked at Shishio.

”I know that Shiro-san is a pervert and his existence alone might trouble the neighborhood… ”

”Ah, Oga-kun! ” Shiro-san was happy that Shishio ridiculed him, but he wanted him to show some consideration and do this kind of thing at Sakurasou rather than in front of the policeman.

”But I can reassure you that he ’s harmless and in truth, he ’s a very nice guy so there ’s no way that he will commit any crimes, ” Shishio said sincerely since he didn ’t really want Shiro-san to enter the jail, after all, if someone could ignore the fact that Shiro-san was a pervert, this guy was a genuinely good guy.

”Oga-kun…. ” Shiro was moved.

”Yes, Shiro-san is very harmless, ” Ritsu also added.

”Ricchan… ” Shiro-san was moved.

”But he ’s a little disgusting… ” Ritsu also added.

”Ricchan… ” Shiro-san even more moved.

The policeman let out a sigh and let go of Shiro-san. ”I ’ll let go of you this time, but you need to make sure that you won ’t cause any trouble again, alright? ”

”Yes! ” 3x

Shishio, Shiro-san, and Ritsu nodded at the same time.

Shiina also nodded, even though she didn ’t understand what was happening.

The police left them and they also bowed their heads slightly, telling him that the policeman they were thankful for his service.

Shishio looked at the back of the policeman and thought that the job of a policeman was really tiring since they also needed to take care of the pervert.

”Thank you, Oga-kun, Ricchan, Shiina-san, ” Shiro-san said with a smile.

”It ’s alright, you don ’t need to think too much, Shiro-san. ” Shishio felt tired somehow and said, ”Let ’s go back. ”

”Un. ”

Everyone agreed and they went back together.

When the four of them walked together, Shiro-san asked, ”But still, Oga-kun, are you not interested in grade school? ”

”…. ” Shishio stared at Shiro-san and felt that it was better to leave him in jail for one or two days.

”You ’re a young boy! You must have one or two fetishes! You don ’t need to be shy and tell that fetish to me! If our fetish is the same then it is also quite good since if both of us then I can teach you a lot of things! ” Shiro-san said with a spirit.

”…. ” Shishio and Ritsu could stare at this pervert, but someone pulled Shishio ’s sleeve again.

Shishio then turned his head and looked at Shiina who pulled his sleeve again.

”Shishio, are you a pervert? ” Shiina asked innocently.

”…… ”

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