I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 98 - Shishios Flaw

lower-left corner, with messy clothes, was obviously already a little drink and still trying to walk straight, showing a sense of decadence on the surface of the paper. There was also a child on the upper-left, excited and lively. There was also a young man doing exercises in the middle of the paper. It was just a piece of drawing, but Chihiro seemed to be able to see drops of sweat falling from the young man ’s neck, and even her nose seemed to be able to smell it, the smell of salty sweat from the young man on the paper.

”This… how can this be? ” Chihiro felt that she might have hallucinations and wondered whether Shishio had put a hallucinogenic mushroom instead of shiitake mushroom on his chop suey before. It was just a painting, but why she felt she was in it, she then looked to Misaki, who was next to her, but she found out that Misaki was also looking at herself, with complicated expressions in her eyes.

”Chihiro-nee, do you think that Shishio-kun has put a hallucinogenic mushroom on the chop suey since I seem to be able to smell the alcohol on this person. ” Misaki pointed at the drunk man in the lower-left corner and said those words with some confusion in her eyes.

”Maybe, it isn ’t an illusion, Misaki. I think I can smell it too, maybe this painting… ” Chihiro didn ’t know how to evaluate this painting, after all, she was just an art teacher, and the painting in front of her wasn ’t something that she could evaluate.

Chihiro had heard that a true master class painter could make someone so immersed in their painting and make their painting truly alive, but she thought that it was just an exaggerated compliment, but she didn ’t expect to meet a wild master class painter here today. From the sketch that Shishio casually drew, she knew that her nephew had reached a level that someone was unable to achieve. She looked at Shishio and wondered whether Shishio was really her big sister ’s child, if he wasn ’t then their relationship wouldn ’t be taboo, right?

”Shishio-kun, your painting… ” Misaki looked at the painting in confusion, her brain was in confusion, and she didn ’t know what to say anymore.

In fact, after talking about her anime that night, Misaki already knew that Shishio had solid knowledge about painting, although she didn ’t have an opportunity to see how good he was, she thought that he was only good at the theory, but it was normal since she also had seen a lot of theories, so she didn ’t care much, but when she saw this painting today, she finally found out that Shishio ’s painting was really amazing.

Misaki knew that many people often said that she was genius, and Mitaka also said that she was genius, however, compared to Shishio, the things that she drew lacked some important things besides her painting skill. She had heard that some people might be able to draw their characters on anime to be truly alive on the screen and she couldn ’t do that, but Shishio ’s painting was…

”It feels like it ’s truly alive! ’ Misaki thought.

The sketch that was drawn by Shishio in a few minutes, and if Shishio was serious, then the finished product would be even more beyond imagination!

Misaki looked at Shishio and wondered who he was and how he could do all of this?

Misaki handed the painting back to Shishio again and stopped talking. Even if she had always been strange and loud, the shock that she received at that moment made her completely silent. She suddenly thought of what Mitaka had said to her before about the pressure that he felt every time he was with her, but she couldn ’t understand it.

’It turns out that this is the pressure that Jin feels like? But I have always been… I must apologize to Jin! ’ Misaki shook her head and thought on her mind, she knew that she needed a good talk with Jin.

However, compared to the problem between her and Mitaka, Misaki found that the gap between her and Shishio was so far that she couldn ’t see his back at all. Fortunately, she didn ’t have an inferiority complex, or else, she would be like both Mitaka and Sorata.

’I may be just a genius, but Shishio… ’ Misaki looked at Shishio and wasn ’t sure how to describe her feeling at that moment.

Shishio looked at everyone ’s expression and knew that they were a bit overwhelmed by his ability so he knew that he needed to show a flaw at this moment, or else, he would be treated as an alien.

Shishio knew that sometimes when someone saw something that they couldn ’t comprehend with their minds, they would be at a loss, especially someone who was very close toward you, and frankly, he hoped that they wouldn ’t change their attitude toward him so he hoped for someone to give him a chance to show his flaw since by showing his flaw would give him an image that he wasn ’t perfect and he would seem more approachable. He then looked at several people in the room and observed their reactions.

Ritsu looked at Shishio ’s sketch and among these people, she was the only one who didn ’t know much about painting knowledge, although she could see the effect of the painting, she didn ’t know what it meant.

However, Chihiro and Misaki were different, after all, since one of them was an art teacher, and the other one was a genius from the art department, both of them knew the value of this painting better, but there was one person who gave him an unexpected reaction.

”Oga-kun… who are you? ” Shiro-san ’s expression felt strange when he saw Shishio ’s painting, not only Shishio was a prodigy at cooking, but also at painting, which made him wonder who he was. He was, after all, a famous author so he had some knowledge about art and he knew that Shisho ’s skill was something that the majority of people wouldn ’t be able to achieve in their lives.

Shishio was grateful for Shiro-san ’s reaction so he used this chance to show his flaws.

After Shiro-san ’s question fell, everyone was in silence and they were looking at Shishio.

”I ’m the man who will be the god of this new world! ” Those words came out naturally from his mouth and his eyes were so clear at this moment, staring at everyone with a belief that he was the god of this world.

”Shishio Oga. ”

”….. ”

Everyone felt their hearts were thumping and when they heard his words.

Then it was as if the world answered Shishio ’s words, that the light from the sunset shone upon Shishio as if a messiah descended upon this world.

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