I Screwed the Novel’s Plot

Ch. 10: Afternoon Tea [1]

I feel like a bird trapped in the golden cage.

Even if I live a luxurious life, bath with richness, I still imprisoned.

Just ask any bird, of course this is just a sarcasm.

Im not really ask you to question a bird.

They will prefer the fast sky rather than the golden cage.

And so I am. I also prefer freedom rather than this kind of confinement.

I want to escape their eyes and to be alone or roam freely on the plaza.

Now that I mention plaza, I wonder how Agatha, the capital city of Chrono would look like since Ive never set my feet outside my palace before.

Not only the plaza, I also wanted to go to Ardeen, the Elven Kingdom and the Dwarf Kingdom, Hephaestus!

Are they really beautiful?

Do they really have pointy ears?

Do they really have unusually small stature?

Do they really have bulky muscles?

Ah, I can wait to leave this castle and travel around the world.

”Todays schedule is attending Count Andreas training in the training ground. ”

I nodded whilst drinking my milk.

Chislon Andreas is the Count of Andreas House in Malthe Region.

The previous Count passed away due to a carriage accident.

As the only son, he inherited the Count tittle three years ago at his late twenty.

There is a law in the Chrono Empire that, you must prove yourself as the successor within 5 years before inherited their fathers tittle.

If there isn any improvement in the estate, the Empire will seize the property.

Even though hes young, he has proved himself his true worth managing the estate.

I heard the economy of his estate increased by 5% last year.

Not only excel as an entrepreneur, he is also a Tier 6 Elementalist.

Hes the youngest head of the Arcanist Tower.

Thats why he became my Economic and Elementalists tutor.

There are 10 Tiers upon mastering Elementals and above Tier 10 they called transcends.

Wiped my mouth with a napkin then I headed to the bathroom.

You know, need almost a year to ensure them that I can take a bath by myself.

Also, at first I also wanted to change my clothes alone but, seeing how many accessories to be putted, I hurriedly change my mind and let the maids do their job.

Theres no way Ill do bothersome things.


Heading to the training ground.

Oh, it seems that my tutor has arrived.

Tall figure stands in the middle of the training ground

His long blonde hair shines under the sun.

Fair and flawless skin with beautiful deep green eyes that will remind you of lush woods.

With only one glance you can tell that hes the flower of the society.

The man smiles and lightly bow his head.

I must say that he is the most handsome man that Ive ever met.

”Greetings, Your Highness. ”

”Greetings, Count Andreas. ”

As both of us straightening our back, our eyes met.

”Are you ready for todays training, Your Highness? ”

”I am. ”

He smiles kindly and make a thinking pose.

Even though he has an angelic appearance, please don be fooled.

The fact that he was able to secure a seat in the Arcanist Tower, Elementalist Division, is proved that he is not someone you can mess up with.

But since he was personally chosen by my mother, I guess I can trust him.

Also, not to mention that his position will rise and become one of the 4 Elders in Arcanist Tower in the near future.

”Hmm… As you have fully understand on controlling Mana, how about… Elementals Fusing? ”

”Elementals Fusing? ”

My forehead frowns.

Isn it a little bit too early who is a six years old me to learn it?

Even though I show many improvements on controlling mana each day in the past three years, Ive never thought that I would be learning it at this young age.

Wouldn it put a toll on my Mana Core?

I read that Elementals Fusing requires lots of Mana and focus because you must cast two Elementals or more at the same time.

However, the Count chuckled.

”Theres no need to worry, Young Highness. What we
e going to learn is just simple an Elementals Fusing. It won exhaust your Mana Core. ”

I stared him for a few seconds.

Don tell me, he has the ability to read minds?

His smile widened.

”I can read mind, Your Highness. ”

No. No. No.

I was so sure that you can.

”There are so many things we can make from fusing our Elementals. For example– ”

A magic circle was formed on the ground near the Count.

A handful water soared up out of the magic circle and dancing on top of his palm.

He extracted the water out from the earth.

The dancing water on top his palm dissipates and turned into a thick vapor.

There are two methods upon using Elementals, they are Conjuring and Manipulation.

Conjuring is casting Elementals magic, for example you cast out a Fire Balls out of thin air.

Manipulation is manipulating existing elementals (medium). For example, just like what Count Andreas does, he summoned the water from the earth.

However, Conjuring cost lots of mana than Manipulation, since ones must cast Elementals out of thin air without a medium.

”So, tell me, what do you think of this magic? ”

”Its useless. ”

Whats the point on learning making a vapor?

I thought we
e going to create something cool.

Chislon chuckled at my blunt answer.

”Yeah, maybe this magic is useless. But, do you know that, even a useless magic like this can become a lifesaver magic in a life and death situation? ”

Well, now thats interesting.

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