I Screwed the Novel’s Plot

Ch. 2: My New Life [1]


A loud sound was heard midst the crowd.

An instant silence was created as they witnessed the scene before it broke by a deafening scream of a woman.

”Someone was hit by a car! ”

”Oh no! Somebody please call 911! ”


I saw lots of people started to crowd with my blurry sight.

My ears don seem to work properly as my hearing started to fading away.

I was hit by a car when I walked home from my part-time job.

Ah, it seems that Im dying.

The corners of my mouth tugged up.

Somehow, its funny.

The things that I remember when Im dying are… them.

Yea, those who have mean to me.

At first, I don notice it, but as the time goes by and Im growing up.

I did notice it and it was very clear like pristine waters.

The things that they have done to me.

They always treat me coldly.

No matter what I do for them to receive my existence, they will always turn their backs on me.

They don give ** about my existence.

Let alone treats me nicely, I wasn even allowed to sit on the couch or ate on the same table as them.

They will separate a meal for me and let me eat alone in my bedroom.

Sometimes, I would cry whilst eat my meal.

What did I do wrong for them to treats me like this?

Isn this too much?

Their cold treatment continues.

When my age hit six, they told me that my parents had a car accident that took their lives.

It happened when I was still a baby.

As orphanage has extinct, the relatives has to take care of me.

And then they took me in, my uncle and aunt.

Also, they told me to leave the house when I reach 16.

Because that is the legal age to start a job.

As I fully know about my situation, I got no choice and must do what they have told me to.

Plus, they asked me to not talks to them unless it school related.

Even though they treat me cold, they still send me to school, gave me meal trice a day and allowance even if its below average, Im still grateful.

And what Im truly grateful is that they don abuse or torturing me like a scene from a soap opera.

Its just they shut me up.

After they told me those, I made many plans for my future.

I study hard and harder in hope I can get scholarship later on.

A few years later, my hard study bear the fruit.

I always include in many academic competitions.

At first, I only aimed for the scholarship and never expected to win money prize from the competition.

I saved the money prize every time I won and when I reach 16, I got out the house and brought a cheap apartment.

A year have passed since I got out of that house.

Im 17 years old today.

Although I have full scholarship in college, it doesn mean that they will cover my life expenses.

Also, the competition isn a daily event where I can get money from it every day.

I still have to work as a part-timer.

My work place just 200 m from my apartment so I walk every day.

And looks like today is the last day Im walking on this road.

My eyes feel heavy and Im having a hard time just to breath.

Is my time closing by?

Maybe, deep down in my heart I don truly hate them.

If I have ever born again, I want to be a son of a filthy rich family, so I don have to work.

So I don have to study days and nights until my nose bleed to solidify my scholarship.

I want to travel around the world without worries about lacks of money.

I want to know what it feels like to have a loving parents.

Furthermore, I want to be happy and… I missed them.

With that, everything blacked out and I fell unconscious.


There are so much noise, somehow it awakes me.

The fact that my conscious still remains it looks like I haven dead just yet.

I tried to open my eyes but as I opened them I barely can see anything.

Everything is blurred in my eyes.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

My heart started to beat fast.

I tried to move my body but… I can . My body feels so heavy.

Uncomfortable feeling started to wash my mind.

Come to think of it… I also can hear very clearly, the noises I heard just like buzzing bees.

And no matter how hard I tried to calm my messed up mind, I just… can …

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Am I… Am I crippled?

What… What will happen to me if Im crippled?

What about my study? My college?


What the–

Someone just slapped my butt!

The slap was so damn hard even I can feel sharp pain on my butt.

Im pretty sure that my butt has turned into a tomato.


My butts skin felt as being burns. It stings a lot.

Damn it! Stop it! Its hurt! Please!!

I shouted out loud but what I heard next is a baby moans.

Is there a baby in my hospital room?



Its **ing hurt!! Damn it! I just… can bare the pain anymore!

I know its disgusting, but, damn it!! I cried!!

Again, I heard a baby crying along with my cry.

Only then I just realized, wheres my voice?

Why theres only a babys cry?


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