I Screwed the Novel’s Plot

Ch. 3: My New Life [2]

*** SOL 544 — 26th November

I thought that this was just a dream.

I believe that everything will be back to normal when I wake up.

But… It stays the same.

My vision was still blurred.

What entered my ears were just buzzing sounds.

If I had teeth, I wanted to grind them.

No matter how hard I tried to calm my head, its just… no use!

My rationale refuses to accept what is happening to me!

My soul screams! Demanding to get an answer!

I shouted on top of my lungs, desperately, asking, What is happening to me! one after another.

The fact that was no one answer my questions, it makes me even more frustrated.

No human can answer my question!

Not even a God!

God dammit!

I was SO frustrated!

Yet, what comes out of my mouth just a baby crying out loud.

”Is something wrong? ”

”We-we don know. The Prince just keeps crying. ”

”Give him to me. ”

I felt like my body being lifted and handed over to someone else.

A warm sensation wash over my body as I being held.

Heart beats enter my ears.

Strangely, my anger started to dissipate upon listening to those heart beats.

I no longer shout like crazy and somehow feels cathartic.

Something like a round shape being place in my lips and liquid started to flew into my mouth.

I gulp it down, and now I can stop sucking into it.

I don know what is it, but, my hunger deceased when I drink it.

Likewise, I keep sucking it until my eyes feel heavy and drowsiness wash over my body.

And my memory ended there.

*** SOL 544 — 27th November

Buzzing sounds woke me up.

I blinked my eyes a few times and like usual, what greets me just blurry things.

Why am I still in an infant body?

Once again, my head feels like being boiled.

God dammit.

Just! How?!

How can I switch body with someone else?

Aren those things just fictional?

If those things are fictional, then, can someone **ing tell me what the ** is going on?!

How the hell did I turn into an infant?!

Someone! Please! Answer me!

”Ooh! Oh! ”

”Oh, His Highness looks so happy today, Your Majesty. ”

Now I just realized, it seems that my hearing is limited off.

In fact, I can hear clearly if they were near me, like heart beats and my own voice.

And, if I heard buzzing sounds, it means that they were a bit far away from me.

Be it try to talk to me or talk to other people.

”Yes. He looks so happy. ”

Urg, those buzzing sounds again!

Are you talking to me? No. Don talk to me!

I can even hear you, let alone understand you.

A warm sensation passes as stick-like shapes caressed my cheeks–is it fingers?

No. Don touch me!

I tried to shake it off, but I ended up wriggling like a maggot.


But, come to think of it.

If my soul was transported into this infant, what happened to my real body?

Did I really die?

Thanks to this nonsense that is happening to me, now my head is throbbing in pain.

Ah, whatever. I give up.

I can live with this migraine forever thinking this nonsense.

Im sorry but, I, by no means a masochist.

Maybe I just have to try to accept my new life as an infant?

Also, I will grow up, won I?

I won live as infant forever, will I?

Lets just… be patient for the time being and Ill definitely the answer someday.

*** SOL 544 — 2nd December

Do you know?

I recently know that, if I get hungry I only have to cry, and they will feed me milk.

Now that Ive drained most of my energy because of thinking on useless thoughts, Im starting to get hungry.

Lets just cry. I need food to keep my sane.

”Waaahh! Waah! ”

”Is something wrong, Your Majesty? ”

”I don know. Hes suddenly crying. ”

A stick-like thing being puts around my lips, I tried to suck it out but… nothing is coming out.

…what? Wheres my food? That isn the usual things that gave me food.

I tried to suck it out, but it was the same, nothing is coming out.

What the hell. Give me my food.

Lets crying again, louder.

”Waah! Waah! ”

”It seems that hes hungry. Ill feed him. ”

A round-like being puts again around my lips.

This time when I sucked it out, milk flew in my mouth.

Not long after, drowsiness starts to eat me away little by little before my vision blacked out.

*** SOL 545 — 10th February

I finally accepted my new life as an infant.

Well, its not as bad as I thought.

I just have to cry when I get hungry or asked them to change my pants when it got wet with my pee or you-know-what.

Since I got nothing to do I spent most of my time sleeping all day.

As times passed, I can move my head to the left or right while lying on my back.

I can also flex both of my hands and feet.

Even though it were just simple moves, somehow Im quite happy.

The fact that theres improvement means I won stay as infant forever.

Everything seems fine so far, but… now…





Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I don know how many days has passed but my vision, somehow, improved.

Its not that I don like it, nor Im ungrateful for it, its just… too… much…

I was speechless.

I was flabbergasted.

I was stupefied by the thing that was putted at the entrance of my mouth.

Holy sh–

It was breast!

A freaking nipple!

I knew infant is need to be breastfeeding but, isn that just for like a month or two?

I mean, most women in modern times, chooses to feed their babies with milk-formula rather than breast-milk.

To think they fed me only breastfeeding, it only means one thing…

Damn! Did I born into a poor family?

Not again!

I hurriedly turned my head away from it!

There is no way Ill suck it!

What? You think Im overreacting?

Bro, you will act the same way as I am if you are reborn as an infant with your previous memories life intact!

I should be grateful? What? Are you a pervert?

For Gods sake! This is even the first time Im seeing
eal breast with my own two eyes!

”Whats wrong my dear? ”

The woman pushes her nipple into my mouth again.

I try to dodge it by shaking my heads and wriggling.

No! No! NO!

Get that away from me!

It makes me scared!

”Aren you hungry? You were cried before. ”

Please! Stop pushing your nipple to me!

I did cry but, I no longer hungry, so please move your nipples away!

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