I Screwed the Novel’s Plot

Ch. 3: My New Life [2]

dead silence.

The night is at its peak.

A black robed figured appeared out of thin air behind the curtains in a pitch-black room.

His eyes scanned the room thoroughly.

Regardless how dark the room was, his visions doesn seem having any trouble seeing in the dark.

He clicked his tongue as he saw many maids taking a nap whilst sitting on the chairs.

After makes sure that no one is awake, he stepped out.

Somehow his step was light, so light that no footstep was heard.

He stopped at the side of the baby crib in the middle of the room.

Theres a baby sleeping inside it.

His eyes shone brightly in the dark.

He stared the baby with his cold, indifferent eyes.

”Well, we meet again, little Damian. ”

His hand stretch forward and landed on the babys neck.

”Ah… I still vividly remember how you died back then. ”

He bends his body and put his lips next to the babys left ear.

”You fool. ”

Then he giggled as if watching a very funny scene before completely vanished.

*** SOL 545, 6th March

Life is like an onion. You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep.

But for me, instead of weep, I get headaches!

God! Just… when the hell are of all of these nonsensical will ever stop?!

Starting from being transported into an infants body, and now–

Every time my eyes improved, I see new truth being revealed, just like peeling an onion.

Now that I can see a bit far away and only then I noticed many strange things.

Like… Why is the beautiful woman wearing fancy gown and there are women beside her who wearing maid costume.

Oh, there are also people wearing armor who guarding the door.

Well, they were indeed reminded me to those cosplayers.

Frown appears on my forehead.

But… Why are they cosplaying all day long?

My eyes sweep the room and my heart beats fast.

Goosebumps wash over my body.

Whats up with the architecture of this room?

Its not like the design of this room is ugly, actually, its the opposite.

The room design gives a strong royalty castles vibes.

Its really fancy and grandeur!

Wait–this isn the time for amazed by the architecture of the room.

Just where is this?!

Where am I?!

I should have realized when I saw that ethereal beauty woman that time, that out worldly appearance is not something that originally came from my previous world.

Urg, my head!

Not only that my soul was transported into an infant, but I was also thrown into the past!

Whats with these nonsensical phenomenons!

Even the existence of aliens hasn been confirmed yet, let alone travels to the past!

How did this happened?


I closed my eyes tightly.

Lets just sleep.

Lets not think about this.

These phenomenons aren something that my logic can digest.

I don give a ** about this nonsensical phenomenon anymore.

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