I Screwed the Novel’s Plot

Ch. 5: Mana Core [2]

*** SOL 547 — 10th May

My eyes moved fast as it sweeps every single line that written in the book.

My hand automatically turned the next page every time my eyes met the end of the line.

Only then my eyes stop moving as the next page was a blank sheet.

I closed and put the book away.

I let out a deep sighed as I message my temples for a few seconds before moving to the next book.

By the way, I learned how to write and read the language of this world.

I was so curious about this world and I got no choice but to learn the language at a fast rate.

It took me 3 months to mastery the language at the age of 3, with only those short time, the tutor labelled me as a genius.

Honestly, Im not genius. I only have a good memory.

Well, whatever, thats not important.

The most important thing is I got what I wanted: the ability to read.

I read many books in my library to find the answer.

And here are what I found.

Gaia, is the name of the continent Ive born.

The place Ive been living is called the Empire of Chrono.

Also, theres no God here.

In fact, Im not thrown to the past but, transmigrated into the novel that I read years ago.

And was fated to be killed by my half-brother, the main character of this novel at the age of 12.

Damn, I was thought that the God was pitied me and gave me the second chance to life a happy life, guess that wasn the case.

Good news, the fact that the novel hasn started, I can take advantage of it to get stronger.

Since I knew a few events that will occur in this world, hopefully, I can avoid my death flag.

And I will not let my life be dictated by a mere novel.

Bad news, I haven finished reading the novel because I was so busy preparing for my exam.

Until I died, I forgot to continued reading the novel.

Even though I survived my death flag, I don know what future hold for me.

Okay, move on.

Just like the typical of a fantasy world, in this world you could also use magic; which piqued my interest.

So in order to cast a magic, one must formed a Mana Core to gain access to Mana Pool inside their bodies.

To make it simple, Mana Core is like a battery while Mana Pool is a generator.

Mana is a pure energy that present all over the world.

There are various methods to use or manipulate mana, but the most known are two methods.

The first method is called ENHANCEMENT, it is to run or circulate the Mana to your entire body to enhanced physical ability; this methods give you superpower strength.

The second method is called CONJURING, it is to use the Mana to manifests the Elementals power.

Elementals are nature power that resides within Mana Pool.

There are 5 elementals: air, water, earth, wind, fire and lightning.

These elementals are usually based on genes.

For example, the father has an earth elemental while the mother has a water elemental.

When the baby was born between them, the baby has a chance of having an earth elemental or water elemental or even both.

Sometimes there are rare cases where the baby inherited the elementals genes from their ancestors.

Ones born with Elementals called Elementals Bearer.

But there are also, where ones don have any Elemental in their Mana Pool at all.

Simplicity, they weren born as Elementalist.

Even if ones don born with Elementals within them, they still can use mana with enchantment method.

Meant, they are born to be warriors.

Can a person possibly born with 5 elementals?

The answer is yes. They can. But, it was like 0.000001% chances to be born with 5 elementals.

Even born with 3 Elementals considered as amazingly lucky then how do you call ones with 5 Elementals?

Super Ultra Mega Lucky Quint Elementals Bearer?

The time to forms Mana Core is from early adolescence to late teenager ages.

And so, according to this book, in order to unlock your Mana Pool is to formed Mana Core through meditating.

Its easy to feel Mana but forming a Mana Core is another story, ones takes many days up to three months.

”Hmm… Should I give a try? ”

Somehow it excites me!

What will I become?

An Elementalist or a Swordsman?

Personally I wanted to become an Elementalist, the thought of shots fire with bare hands looks so cool.

But if I happened not having Elementals then its fine, become a Swordsman sounds fun too.

The book recommends that I should meditating in a quiet and need an open space like training ground or something.

I look at my surroundings.

”Well, this library quite large and quiet. Looks fit to the requirements, right? ”

I put the book away and changed my position into meditating pose.

I closed my eyes and took many deep breaths until I reach into a deep relaxation state.

Clearing my mind, I try to concentrate.

Not long after… my body feels light and my conscious start to fading away.

When I opened my eyes, what I found was complete darkness.

So dark that I can see anything and can hear any sound, this place is a total silent.

I see, so this is how it feels to conscious in the subconscious mind.

How terrifying.

It feels like being thrown into the abyss of eternal darkness.

I rolled my feet and my step echoes across the darkness.

I was wondering, is this space has an end?

I walked, walked, walked, walked, and I halted my step.

Yo, it feels like Ive been walking for half an hour yet, I reach nowhere.

Only then the corner of my eyes caught a light orb.

Its Mana.

At first it was an orb, two orbs, another appears and now I feel like stand in the milky way, theres so much orbs.

It seems that I successfully feel the Mana.

Now the next step is forming a Mana Core.

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