I Screwed the Novel’s Plot

Ch. 5: Mana Core [2]

ld–what is happening here?!

Is someone dropped a bomb or something?

”A-are we under attack?! ”

”No. We aren , Your Highness. ”

I glanced to the voice and found a man, which I guessed to be a Guard Captain.

Somehow his voice way too calmer than the chaotic situation here.

”Explains. ”

”The one who caused the explosion is none other than Your Highness himself. ”


What joke is that?



I was flabbergasted.

Now I don know which made me stupefied, my mother who hugged me once again and crying even louder like attending my funeral or what the Guard Captain just said.

I sighed in defeat.

To be hugged in front of so many people–damn.

Guess, I must calm my mother down first.

I patted her back.

”Mom, its okay. Im fine. ”

Instead of loosing her hug, I was hugged even tighter.

I could feel my cheeks burning hot for some reason.

Lets just–ignored her!

”Continue. ”

”Ah, yes. The explosion happened due to Mana Blast. ”

”Mana Blast? ”

”That right. Mana Blast is usually happens upon unlocking Mana Pool. ”

Damn. Did I just blow up my own library?

Now I understand what it means that must be done in an open space.



Yesterday accident spread at a rapid speed.

Many praises pour in since I became the only one who ever unlock Mana Pool at age 3.

Now, people called me genius, once again, which I don give a shit about it.

Differ from the other who nonstop praising me, my mother nagged me nonstop.

Somehow it always amazed me how she never runs out of words for nagging.

Her words flow naturally like a waterfall.

Only after I said that I was hungry with my pitiful expression and she finally stopped.

Which I can believe she fell so easily with my poor acting ability.

But still, I apologized to her.

My apologizes was genuine, Im being honest here.

Truthfully, that was the first time I ever saw she looked like that.

To think that she reduced to that state…

I feel awful to made her worried.

Uh, have I introduced my mother?

Well, my mother is the woman with blonde haired and cyan eyed, yes, that ethereal beauty.

Shes the Empress of this Empire.

”Are you nervous? ”

”A bit. ”

By the way, since Ive unlocked my Mana Pool two days ago, now my mother summoned an Elementals Appraisal to check whether I have an Elementals or not.

I heard my mother was a Single Elementals Bearer while the Emperor–that I never meet before, is a Triple Elementals Bearer.

At the very least, shouldn I have an elemental at the minimum, right?

But I wouldn dare to hope anywhere higher than that since I don want my wish turned into a disappointment.

”You may place your hand on top of the crystal ball, Your Highness. ”

I do as he told.

Not long after the ball shines brightly and white pearls inside the crystal ball changed colors and floating in unison.

”Th-This… ”

I was dumbfounded.

Not only me, but everyone in the room was shocked as I am.

The room engulfed in silence.

”Hi-His Highness the Second Prince has 5 Elementals!! ”

To think that I was the Super Ultra Mega Lucky Quint Elementals Bearer… damn.

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