House of Aeneas has many contributions to the Imperial Family in military field.

The Aeneas Family is also famous for brings out many talented individuals into the knighthood.

Because of this background, I was put in a special training–trained by the Duke himself; ever since my Elementals were known.

So why is he here and not managing his estate?

The Empress has an older brother which I believe hes my uncles now.

And so, he let the Young Duke manages the fiefdom.

But he will return to his territory when monsters breeding season comes to assist in monster subjugation and will eventually back to the Empire to train me.

The reason why the House of Aeneas is known as the Protector of the Western Border is not because they protect the border from rebellion or bandit or etc., but from monsters.

The Western Border is directly facing on one of the 5 Forbidden Regions called Forest of Téras.

Forest of Téras has been famous for its dangerousness and mysteriousness.

Dangerous because its full of monsters.

Mysterious because it still hasn fully investigated.

Hundreds years ago, the Emperor gave an order to conquer the Kingdom of Yovanny, which located in Western Egon Region; Western side of the Chrono Empire.

He deployed Imperial Army, but unfortunately the Army took a big blow upon crossing this forest.

Can take of losing many Knights and Elementalist even before the war started, soon, the mission was cancelled and the Imperial Army withdraw from the forest.

To avoid the embarrassment, the Emperor changed the order, it was not to conquer the Kingdom of Yovanny, but to fully investigated the forest.

Which I found very funny.

Later, the information of the forest was revealed.

The forest divided into 2 sections, inner and outer zone.

The outer zone said to be less dangerous where normal to strong monster spawns.

However, the inner zone was on another whole level, it was said to be a total dangerous.

Powerful monsters and many unknown creatures lived there.

Since the innermost zone hasn fully investigated as the Imperial Army withdrawing, theres not much information about the forest.

But theres an interesting rumor circulating that a dragon is living there.

And after that tragedy, the forest was classified as one of the forbidden regions.

The Emperor decided to build large stone wall along the forest of Téras and 4 fortress.

Since many Knights and Elementalist were stationed there to prevent the monsters, now the Egon Region has known as Military Center of Chrono Empire.

I stopped running and stand in front of Gideon.

”Finished? ”

”I am. ”

He looked at me with interested eyes as if I was an interesting creature.

”Lets see how much you improved. Ill be your opponent. ”

The Duke rose his hand and a knight brought us two long wooden swords.

I received the long wooden sword and the Duke stepped back a few meters away.

I breathe in and out a few times to replenish some of my manas, oh please, I just finished my running.

”Do you still need some more time? ”

”No, Im alright. ”

”Since you
e on your way to 3rd Circle. Ill lower my ranks up to 3rd Circle. En garde! ”

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