I Screwed the Novel’s Plot

Ch. 8: Useless Magic [1]

The Duke stand in fools stance, and it really makes me want to scoff at it.

Fools stance may look as foolish and full of opening but actually, its completely the opposite.

To think that he stands in fools stance it only means one thing; the Duke provocates me.

When someone stands in that stance never ever foolishly charge at them, you could die.

Let me make an example.

Here, I made a simple cut and–**.

I quickly evade as he thrust his sword aimed at my throat.

Damn. His speed is not a joke.

”Smart moves. ”

I don know whether he really prose me or just mocking me.

I gripped my sword even tighter as I stand in my long point guard.

”Make sure to cover your sword with mana. ”

Im hurriedly channeling my mana to the sword at the Dukes warning.

He rose his sword and so I did.

As our swords edges clashed; our swords binds.

I can feel heavy pressure in the sword as hes trying to take control of the binds.

No matter how much I poured my mana to the sword, I can win the binds.

The long the bind took, I felt my hands become numb and number.

This explained just how much our power gaps are.

I tilted my wrist to changed my swords surface from the edge to the flat and parried his sword away.

I quickly distanced myself.

I glanced down and saw my hands shook due to the impact.

”Where do you think you
e looking! ”

And with that, I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder and I kissed the ground.

My sword was thrown away as I fell.

It was just a split second, and now Im lying on the ground.

”If you
e in the battlefield, youll surely die. ”

I sat and looked up to the Duke.

He stared me with his mad eyes, spoke as I made a very very very grave mistake.

Well, I must admit that I made a mistake there.

”Stand. Picks up your sword. ”

I stand and channeled my mana to my Earth Elemental.

A magic circle was formed on the ground under my sword.

The earth under my fallen sword soared up, sent the sword flew toward my direction.

I catch the sword skillfully.

Seeing the scene, the Duke mumbled.

”Cheeky bastard. ”

”Pardon? ”

The Duke didn answer and turned his back, walks away from me.

So, why didn I use my Elemental?

The answer is obvious, I was on Weapon Arts training, so using Elemental is not allowed.

”En garde! ”

I poured mana to my sword.

He stood a few meters facing me.

We both in long point guard stances.

He stepped forward for a thrust and I responded by parried it.

As his sword bounced, he quickly recovered it and made a cut towards me.

I hasten my move and parried his attack.


Every time my sword parried his attack, his sword will come back at me at a rapid speed.

Not only fast, but more powerful.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

His attack power increased every time our sword clashed, and I keep being pushed while parrying his sword.

Well, this is because I wanted his sword to stay away from my face, so I took stepped back.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Somehow its really annoying.

My hands became numbs again.

Just how to distance myself from this mad man?

Come on! Think!


I guess theres a way, its pretty risky, but I think its worth to try.

I saw his sword coming and just like the usual, I parried the sword.

His sword comes back to cut at me but, instead of readily to parry his sword, I thrust my sword aimed at his wrist that holding the sword and the resulted was…

I kissed the ground again.

I deeply sighed as I sat myself.

I can vividly feel the sting pain both on my shoulders.

Thats why I called the move a bit risky.

”Stand up. Picks up your sword. ”



I was thrown away to the ground, again and again.

I already lost count of it.

My breath became rough as I run out of stamina and mana.

Now I was wondering, is he really wanted to see my improvement, or he only wants to beat me black and blue?

I forced myself to raise–

”Lets call it a day. ”

Im straightening my back and meet his cyan eyes.

He looks at me like I was an interesting creature again, which is annoying.

”Also, I will return to my Estate. Theres something needed to be done and will be back, probably a month. ”

”I understand. Thank you for todays lesson. ”

Ah, damn. I said it wrong.

I should have said, Thank you for beating me black and blue.

The Duke nodded.

”Your homework for a month is Bow, try to increase your Bows accuracy. ”

”I will. ”

”Goodbye. ”

”Goodbye. ”

With that, the Duke left the training ground.

After make sure that he no longer to be seen, I plopped my body to the ground.

Damn. My body hurts a lot!

”Your Highness! Please stand up! ”

”Your Highness, you should not lie on the ground! ”

”Your Highness please be mindful of you
e action! ”

Jeez. Just why are they so noisy?


The cup scattered as it landed on the floor.

A woman with black-haired stood angrily.

”Why is that little shit always made a ruckus in the Imperial Palace?! ”

Her chest move up and down, she is in her uncontrollably anger.

Her golden eyes shone bright with pure rage.

”So what if he is a genius or a prodigy?! My son is the firstborn! ”

”But still, the Emperor hasn announced who will be the Crown Prince. ”

Upon hearing it, the woman got more furious and throw the multi layer refreshments plate to the ground.

”Just when will he stop humiliating me like this?! ”

The man in front of her stay silent.

She closed her eyes and exhale a deep breath before sitting herself on the couch.

After collecting herself, she looked at the man again.

”Just keep watch over him. I will throw the bait, and when theres a chance… ”

The woman leans her back to the couch.

”Completely dispose of him. ”

”I understand. ”

Unknown to them, a boy who has similar appearance with the woman stood in the front of the closed door outside the room.

He has listened everything.

He stared the door with his cold and indifferent eyes before moved his feet, walking away.

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