I Screwed the Novel’s Plot

Ch. 9: Useless Magic [2]

A rosy color dyed the sky as the sun rays peeks through the horizon.

Gideon and his aide walks in a long corridor.

Big, tall pillars made from white marbles lining up both of the corridors side.

They were on their way to the Supreme Blink Spheres room, however, both of them halted their steps.

A white haired man wearing fancy clothes walked along with his knight and aide towards them.

”I greet the Emperor of the Chrono Empire. ”

The white haired nodded his head.

”I heard you will return to your estate. ”

”I am. ”

”Mind to have a little chat before your departure? ”

The Emperor pointed the garden on the side with his head.

”Of course not. ”

With that, they walked down the stairs lead to the garden.

Many kinds of flowers blooms beautifully, proven the gardeners efforts.

They stopped at the front of a giant water fountain.

The Emperors magenta eyes stared their reflections in the water below.

”Is there any movement of Yovannys soldiers near the border? ”

”As of now, there isn any movement in the land. But, I heard their ships keeps wandering at the Northwest of Chronos sea. ”

”I know its nearly impossible to cross the Forest of Téras, but, it never hurts to be extra vigilant. Especially, in a situation that might escalate to a war. ”

”I agree. ”

It started when Yovanny Kingdom sent a letter of complaint to stop the illegal fishing inside their sea territory.

The Empire sent a replied, explaining that the Northwest Chronos sea was Chronos to begin with, so theres no illegal fishing as it was exactly inside the Empires territory.

Ignored the complaint, the Emperor ordered the fisherman continues to fishing without any worry.

As response to the Empire action, the Yovanny Kingdom sent ships to patrolling near the Northwest of Chronos sea and the Empire took the same action.

The Emperor exhaled a deep sighed.

”I know our relationship with Yovanny Kingdom has never been good as we
e in Cold War for hundreds of years but to think they bluntly showed hostility towards us now… ”

The Emperor paused, he glanced to the side and met the Duke cyan eyes.

He smiles gleefully.

”Guess, its time to clean up my ancestors mess. ”

The Duke laughed heart fully upon hearing his son-in-law.

”It is. Hahaha! ”

Many people said that Yovanny Kingdom has the same land size as Chrono Empire but in fact, Chrono Empire is bigger than Yovanny.

Because of this, the Yovanny envy Chrono for having the tittle Empire even though they have the same land size.

With this, the two had war with each other for hundreds years.

Yovanny wants to take the Empire tittle, while Chrono wants to size their kingdom.

Maybe Yovanny can create his own Empire but, how about de facto and de jure?

Especially, when Yovanny and Chrono are in the same continent and Chrono has spread their influences within the continent for the past hundreds years.

”By the way… how is he? ”

The Duke stopped laughing and glanced to the Emperor.

”He? Ah, you mean that puny bunny. ”

”Pardon? ”

The Emperor was flabbergasted.

”Hes doing good. Hes showing many improvements. Yesterday I had a sparing with him and surprisingly, he was able to land a few scratches on me. ”

The Duke proudly showed the scratches under his gloves to the Emperor.

The white haired man sweat-dropping as he saw the scratches.

It looks as they were made by a cat.

”However, hes very different from children around his age. He lacks of emotion and words. You should meet him once. ”

The Duke said whilst putting back his gloves.

The Emperor stared back to the water below.

”I really wanted to meet him but, as for now, I will refrain any action to meet my son or the first wifes son. Because, it could lead to misunderstanding that I adored one of them and caused rifts in the Imperial Court. ”

”Guess thats the best for now. ”

Gideon eventually nodded, he fully understands how hard to harmonize the Imperial Court.


”Your Highness, its time for you to wake up. ”

I blinked to adjust the lights that entered my eyes before sitting up on the bed.

I stretch my body, somehow I feel so refreshed today.

Thanks to the Super Potion, now my wounds has been healed.

My bruises have nowhere to be found as if they never exist in the first place.

There are 3 kinds of medicines: Potion, Super Potion and Elixir.

Potion treats light wounds such as cuts, scrapes, scratches and punctured skin.

Actually, with only using potion, it can heal my bruises.

But, since I have a privileged life as a Prince they gave me a Super Potion instead, and I like it.

Super Potion treats light internal injuries and wounds.

Made by Alchemists and Herbalists.

It said the Super Potions are quite pricey.

One bottle Super Potions price equal to 5 bottle of Potions.

Are you heavily injured and your limb being cut? No need to worry!

Elixir exists for treats heavy internal injuries and wounds, for example losing a limb.

I didn say the elixir can grow back your limbs like axolotl.

But it can re-attached your cut limbs back, as long your cut limbs doesn destroy, and it isn a head.

Amazing, isn it?

If Super Potion called pricey, one bottle Elixir cost fortune.

Just like Super Potions, Elixirs were also made from mixed Herb and Alchemy.

What make it expensive is, the herbs were imported from the Elven Kingdom.

Not only that, Elixirs are also hand made products

They can be mass-produced like Potion and Super Potion because of the high rate failure.

Only high ranking Alchemist and Herbalists who were allowed to made Elixirs.

Unlike Potions and Super Potions which can be bought anywhere, Elixir does not sell freely; they only sold in official Arcanist Tower, be it the main or the branch Tower.

However, upon using these medicines, please be note that, you won instantly heal, it still takes time.

Get down on my feet, I headed to the basin sitting on top the table.

Washed my face there then a maid handed me a towel.

I received it and my eyes caught a table full of dishes.

Ah, born with diamond spoon is really something.

I don need to work my ass out for the sake of food.

I only need to follow the schedule and I can enjoy the luxury life of a Prince.

I walked to the table where my breakfast has been assembled.

Just look at it, the dishes on top the table are enough to feed 10 people.

Sitting my butt down, the butler picked up every dish and ate them.

He always does that to make sure that the food doesn contain poison.

”You can eat them now, Your Highness. ”

I picked up my cutlery and start eating my meal solemnly.

Fedel–my butlers name, hes man in his late sixty.

Im pretty sure that hes one of the Empress people.

I glanced to my surroundings.

Not only him, I believe everyone here is.

Well, it does secure my security but somehow being watched wasn nice at all.

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