Chapter 27: My Motive Of Opening A Restaurant Isnt To Make Money

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After Lin Fan finished looking at the house and left the house with Xia Ranran.

Xie Tingting stood at the entrance of the district, waiting for Lin Fan.

“Lin Fan, you liar. Hmph, you lied. Didnt you tell me that you dont have a car or a house?” Xie Tingting looked at Lin Fan and said.

“You are… Xie Tingting?” Lin Fan looked at the girl in front of him and asked.

“Yes, Im sorry about today. I shouldnt have been late, and I shouldnt have blocked you on WeChat.”

“But Lin Fan, youre so outstanding and rich. Which girl would dare to woo you in the future?” Xie Tingting said, apologizing sincerely to Lin Fan.

“Haha, Ive been single for so long. Otherwise, why would I go on a blind date?” Lin Fan laughed. He didnt really care that Xie Tingting was late.

After all, he was still flirting on WeChat.

“Youre so good, why would you need a blind date? What do you think of Ranran?” Xie Tingting held her arm and blinked.

“Tingting, why are you…” Xia Ranran blushed.

“Pretty good.” Lin Fan nodded.

“Then why dont you… go get a room now? I wont hold you up,” Xie Tingting said deliberately.

“Ah… Tingting, dont talk nonsense.” Xia Ranran lowered her head. She was already blushing in front of Lin Fan, yet Xie Tingting still said such things.

“I went to my room just now,” Lin Fan said. He didnt understand what Xie Tingting meant at all.

“Tsk, boring.” Xie Tingting snorted.

“Lin Fan, Im sorry for what happened today. Youre so outstanding. In the future, Ill look for you to suck up to. If you dont let me, Ill tell your mom. Youre my neighbor,” said Xie Tingting.

Lin Fan was amused by the girl in front of him but he nodded.

At least Xie Tingting was alright.

“So, do you accept my apology?” Xie Tingting asked as she looked at Lin Fan.

“How would I dare to not accept it? Otherwise, you would go tell my parents.” Lin Fan smiled and joked.

“Lin Fan, youre asking for a beating.” Xie Tingting waved her little fist, her mood much better now.

“Since youve accepted my apology, Ill treat you to another meal. You must come,” Xie Tingting said righteously.

“But when can Ranran and I visit your house? Your house is a villa.” Xie Tingtings eyes widened.

“Contact me when you want to come. Ill arrange for transport for you guys,” Lin Fan said with a smile. Xie Tingting and Xia Ranran were the same as his high school classmates and wanted to visit his house.

“Tsk, I still have to make an appointment.” Xie Tingting grumbled before pulling Xia Ranran away.

Lin Fan drove the Bugatti home.

It was worth mentioning that Lin Fan had rented out his second house in Begonia Garden too.

The annual rent was as high as 1.2 million!

In Lin Fans bank account, other than the 500,000 he gave to his parents, he already had 1.6 million in savings!

The next day, Lin Fan woke up and signed in.

“Ding—Congratulations, Master, on signing in successfully. You have received a Koenigsegg One sports car!”

“The vehicle and the related property rights certificate have been issued to the system inventory. You can retrieve them at any time,” the system said.

He received another sports car.

Lin Fan went online to check. It was fine if he didnt check, but once he did, he got a shock.

Koenigsegg one was also a sports car worth hundreds of millions!

The car was decorated with silver lines, with 19-inch and 20-inch carbon fiber wheel rims at the front and back and four Michelin tires that provide plenty of downward pressure at high speed.

The Koenigsegg One was carrying a 5.0L double turbo-charging compression engine. Its maximum output would be 1,400 horsepower! The peak torque was 1371Nm, and the transmission was equipped with a specially developed 7-speed dual clutch.

Overall, it was very cool and very high-end!

And there were only six such sports cars in the world.

During the day, Lin Fan found a place with no one and no surveillance cameras. He retrieved the sports car and was completely stunned.

Pressing the button to open the doors, the doors on either side of the Koenigsegg one opened like a butterflys wings spreading.

Lin Fan sat in the car and felt a comfortable backrest and a push.

He stepped on the accelerator and drove on the streets of Shanghai, causing another round of exclamations.

“Holy shit… isnt this a Koenigsegg one? Its also a sports car worth hundreds of millions!”

“Oh my god, two sports cars worth hundreds of millions have appeared in Shanghai recently. Oh my god, are sports cars worth hundreds of millions so cheap now?”

“I think that hunk is still very handsome. Could it be that the hunk driving the Bugatti is the same person as the hunk driving the Koenigsegg?”

“Is this the life of a rich second-generation heir? All the sports cars he drives are worth hundreds of millions. We cant compare to him.”

“Hunk, wait for me, lets take a picture together!”


Lin Fan was already used to this kind of life, mainly because he was too handsome.

When they arrived at the entrance of the district, the security guard at the entrance stared blankly at Lin Fans sports car.

Even the security guards were stunned.

They were already very familiar with Lin Fan. However, Lin Fan was driving a brand new sports car. This made the security guards question their lives.

“When did Brother Fan buy a new sports car?”

“Ive checked. This sports car is worth hundreds of millions too. D*mn, a tycoon is indeed a tycoon. They dont even buy sports cars that are worth less than 100 million.”

“Not only is Brother Fan driving a sports car, his character is also very good. Until now, I havent seen any girl who can sit in Brother Fans front passenger seat.”

“Sigh, I wonder which girl would be so lucky to be able to win Brother Fans heart. She wont have to worry about food or clothing in the future.”

Then, Lin Fan drove his sports car home and rode his tricycle out.

The security guards started to doubt their lives even more.


Lin Fan had two sports cars worth hundreds of millions but he was riding a tricycle?

They dared not imagine the life of a rich second-generation heir.

He was riding the tricycle mainly because he had to open a restaurant. He couldnt possibly put fish, prawns, meat, and a bunch of other things in the sports car.

It was better to do this kind of work. It was okay to get a tricycle dirty.

Not to mention that it would not be convenient for the Bugatti and Koenigsegg to do such work.

“Brother Fan, are you going to work at the restaurant again?”

“Heh, if I were you, I would drive the sports car and store these things in the trunk. At that time, who knows how many young ladies would chase after and intercept me. They would even want to eat at your restaurant,” the security guard said.

“Thats right, Brother Fan. If you drive this cool sports car, who knows how many people will turn around to look at you? By then, the restaurants business will be booming,” another security guard said.

After Lin Fan heard what the two security guards said, he smiled.

“Actually, theres nothing wrong with what you said, but…”

“My purpose for opening a restaurant is not to earn money.”

“Its because of her, thats all.”

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