Ye Family Villa.

Early in the morning, Ye Fei had dinner with his loving parents.

Ye ’s father ’s name is Ye He, and Ye ’s mother ’s name is Lin Xue. They are a loving couple.

Ye ’s father has been in charge of the Ye Group for many years, and he is quite prestigious.

Ye Fei, on the other hand, was appointed vice president of the Ye Group and supervises various firms, the most prominent of which are the entertainment film and television. 

Ye Fei has a very harmonious relationship with his parents; after all, he is the only son in the family, therefore his parents shower him with love and affection.

So, the family ate breakfast happily as Lin Mu suddenly asked : ”Xiao Fei, I heard that you are not going to pursue that girl from the Su family? ”

Lin ’s mother is well informed.

Ye Fei ’s previous obsessive pursuit of Su Qingzhu has circulated throughout Yanjing ’s top circles; everyone is aware of it, and many people still believe that Young Master Ye is a seed of infatuation.

But now, Ye Fei didn ’t plan to pursue Su Qingzhu?

Even Lin Mu was surprised and sighed a little.

Ye ’s mother is very satisfied with Su Qingzhu. After all, Su Qingzhu is not only beautiful, but also a family friend, and is indeed a good match for her son.

However, its a pity that her son stopped his constant pursuit of Su Qingzhu.

Ye Fei nodded, ”Yeah, I hope you understand that since Su Qingzhu didnt like me, why should I be persistent? How can a big husband suffer from being wifeless?.” (T/L: Basically, hes a perfect man and theres many women who would want to be with him)

Father Ye joyfully clapped his hands and said: ”What a wonderful man! That is an excellent point! This is how the Ye family man should act. ” 

Seeing that Ye Fei did not have any decadence, but was very indifferent to this matter, Ye father and Ye mother were very relieved.

After eating with his parents, Ye Fei sorted out his current asset situation.

Although Ye ’s Group is an entire conglomerate giant, Ye Fei actually owned several subsidiaries of Ye ’s Group.

For example,  entertainment industries.

He owned the leading entertainment companyBrilliant Entertainment in Yanjing State.

This entertainment company has signed more than a dozen top-tier actors and directors, and it is also Ye Fei ’s most profitable enterprise. 

According to Ye Fei ’s system data, most of the multi-billion assets in the column of ”Personal Wealth ” comes from Brilliant Entertainment.

In addition, there are several small game studios and animation studios that arent worth mentioning.

These are all Ye Fei ’s personal assets.

If you count all the assets of the Ye Group, then his worth would be a terrifying figure.

After all, as the only child in the family, everything that the Ye Group holds will belong to Ye Fei in the future.

Ye Fei, being a top affluent second-generation guy, has a plethora of real estate holdings, not to mention a multitude of luxury vehicles. He owns as many cars as he does clothing in his wardrobe.

Adding on, he has a private jet and two yachts under his name.

After learning about his personal assets, Ye Fei knew how rich he was.

At least in terms of wealth, Ye Fei surpasse

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