Along Yangtze Street, there is a little flower shop. 

The flower shop ’s front is just around a dozen square meters in size. Outside the flower store, there is a little yard with various flowers such as roses, gypsophila, lilies, and tulips.

These flowers have been properly cared after; some of them still have water drops on their petals that face the sun. 

The sun shines on the door of the flower shop, making it outstandingly beautiful.

Ye Fei observed the flower store from afar and was ready to step in when he heard a loud commotion coming from the flower shop.

”Beauty, you have to pay a protection fee for this store. ”

”Hey, that ’s right, two thousand yuan for a month ’s protection fee, this is our new rule! ”

”No money? If you don ’t have money, do you want to pay it with your body? Hehe. ”

Ye Fei frowned slightly, and saw three gangsters surrounding a girl in the flower shop.

The girl sat in a wheelchair, her physique was somewhat slender, but her face was unrivaled; she didn ’t use cosmetics, and despite having a plain face, she was a breathtaking beauty. 

The only regret is that the girl is sitting in a wheelchair.

The three gangsters in the flower store grinned maliciously, with ugly brows and wretched looks on their faces. 

She bit her lip, her face flushed, but she maintained her resolve.

She was the girl that Ye Fei was looking for, Luo Weiyu.

”I warn you, if you make trouble again, I will call the police! ” Luo Weiyu shouted.

”You are calling the police, us brothers are not afraid of you. ”

”Hey, if you dare to contact the cops, we will come to your flower store every day and smash everything; let ’s see if you still dare to operate your business! ”

Luo Weiyu ’s face turned pale when she heard the threatening words of these gangsters.

Ye Fei frowned. He came to find Luo Weiyu, but he didn ’t expect to encounter this scene.

Ye Fei walked into the flower shop with an emotionless expression, and said lightly, ”What are you doing? ”

The three gangsters turned their heads and saw a man in off-white casual clothes standing at the door. This man looked casual, but he was by no means ordinary.

He is tall and slender, his appearance is even extremely handsome and his face is well-defined.

”Huh, a boy wants to be so nosy? ”

”Boy, go away wisely, don ’t disturb us brothers! ”

Seeing Ye Fei, the gangsters sneered and mocked.

Ye Fei frowned slightly, and he had nothing to say about this kind of ignorant character.

He waved his hand and immediately afterwards, two burly men in suits appeared behind Ye Fei.

”Young Master Ye ” The two burly men were Ye Fei ’s bodyguards, bending over respectfully at Ye Fei.

”Drag them out and toss them into the park ’s lake to feed the fish, ” Ye Fei remarked, looking at the three thugs.

”Yes, Young Master Ye. ” The two bodyguards responded quickly, grabbing the three punks and dragging them out of the flower store. 

These thugs couldn ’t even stand up to them.

Ye Fei ’s bodyguards are comparable to elite special forces.

The shouts and begs for mercy from these thugs outside the flower store could still be heard. 

This transformation came so rapidly and unexpectedly that Luo Weiyu was taken aback for a minute. 

Ye Fei minimized the situation and directed the bodyguard to deal with the thugs, and the flower store fell silent.

Ye Fei smiled brightly at Luo Weiyu: ”Boss, I ’m here to buy flowers, you can still do business, right?.”

Luo Weiyu is the owner of this small flower shop.

In the original book, Luo Weiyu is a girl who has a joyous and cheerful personality

However, her life experience is miserable.

When she was a teenager, she was traveling by car with her parents and there was a car accident.

Her parents were both killed in a car accident. Luo Weiyu was lucky to survive, but her leg was disabled and she could only live by using a wheelchair.

But, Luo Weiyu was an extremely hard-working girl.

She did not complain and did not abandon herself.

Luo Weiyu took a sum of compensation for the car accident and opened a flower shop in Yangtze Street to live a strong life by self-reliance.

Although her experience is miserable, she is always strong and optimistic, full of sunshine.

Even with many misfortunes, her heart is still kind and beautiful.

In the original book, Luo Weiyu met and fell in love with the male protagonist Chen Luo while being treated for a leg injury.

But now, Ye Fei took the lead, and grabbed the lead ahead of Chen Luo.

Hearing Ye Fei ’s words, Luo Weiyu woke up from her stupor and said in a grateful low voice: ”Thank you for helping me. Do you want to buy flowers? I will give you a pot of flowers as gratitude.”

Luo Weiyu was well aware that Ye Fei ’s identity was peculiar, whether he was rich or a celebrity. Ye Fei ’s bodyguard had just done something daring, and those men would never disturb her again.

Ye Fei smiled slightly when he heard her words, replying, ”A pot of flowers? Sure, Ill welcome it.”

”You pick whatever you want. ” Luo Weiyu smiled softly, with a lovely grin.

The temperament of this girl is very comfortable, she is like an indisputable water lily, sitting there quietly.

She didn ’t feel inferior because of her leg disability, nor did she deliberately please because of Ye Fei ’s identity.

Ye Fei smiled. He scanned the flower shop. Although the flower shop was small, it had a wide variety of flowers. The decoration in the shop was simple but clean.

Lilies, tulips, gypsophila, roses, etc.

Ye Fei turned a blind eye to these colorful flowers. He walked to the window sill and saw a pot of ordinary orchids.

”Just this pot. ” Ye Fei smiled: ”I like orchids. Can I take this pot of orchids away? ”

Luo Weiyu was slightly startled, because the orchid selected by Ye Fei was her favorite flower in this flower shop!

”You also like orchids? ” Luo Weiyu ’s eyes flashed with a faint surprise.

Ye Fei said warmly: ”Yes, although orchids look ordinary, they are composed of plants and trees. They do not compete with the fragrant beauty. They are clear and not turbid. Once, you have a pot of orchids in your room, they are full of fragrance. Among all the flowers, I like orchids the most. ”

Luo Weiyu ’s eyes were as bright as water, and the surprise was even bigger.

Because what Ye Fei said was exactly the same as she thought!

She had always liked orchids, and even regarded the orchid selected by Ye Fei as a treasure. Now that Ye Fei said that, she suddenly felt like meeting her confidant.

Ye Fei knows the plot in the original book very well, and of course he also knows that Luo Weiyu ’s favorite is orchids.

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