Hearing what Ye Fei said, the system was silent for a while, and then replied: [I hope you arent bragging.]

”Just wait and see. ” Ye Fei spoke to his system softly.

While Ye Fei was chatting with the system, time flew by, and it was noon soon.

Ye Fei got off his horse and walked it back to the barn where the workers were sitting down.

Afterwards, he walked to the rest area of ​​the racecourse and saw that Su Qingzhu was also in the rest area.

Today ’s ”date ” between Ye Fei and Su Qingzhu was actually the result of a dating match between Su Qingzhu ’s grandfather and Ye Fei (Original).

Elder Su vaguely knew of Su Qingzhu ’s mental illness, as it became apparent when he first tried to find her a marriage partner and she rejected it with a tone of frigid coldness.

Therefore, Grandpa Su very much hopes that Ye Fei can help his granddaughter get rid of her shadows, and has been deliberately bringing the two together.

To save her grandpas reputation, Su Qingzhu could only come out on a date with Ye Fei.

This was obviously not the first time Grandpa Su did such a thing.

Su Qingzhu despises getting along with people of the other sex, but she knows her grandfather is doing it for her own good, so she can ’t say no.

Ye Fei drank a sports drink and sat in a position not far or near Su Qingzhu.

Both of them were silent.

After staying silent for a while, Su Qingzhu ’s cell phone suddenly rang.

Su Qingzhu glanced at the phone, and quickly answered the call: ”Grandpa… ”

It was a call from Grandpa Su.

Su Qingzhu responded, chatting for a few minutes before hanging up.

”Grandpa Su called? ” Ye Fei finally spoke.

Su Qingzhu replied firmly: ”Yes. ”

Ye Fei didn ’t have to make a guess. Grandpa Su had said a lot of nice things about him over the phone, and he wanted to match them up.

Ye Fei knew Grandpa Su was nice and wanted his granddaughter to have a wonderful home. After all, Su Qingzhu ’s parents had died, and her grandfather was becoming older. So, Grandpa Su was concerned that no one would look after Su Qingzhu.

However, this combination has the opposite effect.

Especially when Su Qingzhu had androphobia as repeatedly mentioning Ye Fei will cause Su Qingzhu to have a rebellious mentality.

Su Qingzhu still had that cold expression.

Ye Fei soon asked, ”What did Elder Su say? ”

”Grandpa asked me to try to get along with Young Master Ye. ” Su Qingzhu replied while closing her legs.

”What do you think of me, Miss Su? ” Ye Fei inquired, turning to face Su Qingzhu and looking her in the eyes. 

Su Qingzhu gave Ye Fei a hard stare and said, ”Master Ye, I ’m sorry, but I don ’t like you. ”

Ye Fei expected this response, and expressionless, he replied: ”Well, I already know. ”

Su Qingzhu was taken aback when she saw Ye Fei ’s serene demeanor.

But, with a tone of indifference, Ye Fei added: ”I don ’t want to waste any more time since Miss Su doesn ’t like me. Don ’t worry, I ’m not going to annoy you anymore. ”

Hearing his tone, Su Qingzhu was startled.

The preceding Ye Fei worked exceedingly hard to please her in every way possible. 

When was the last time he spoke to her in this tone? 

”What do you mean? ” Su Qingzhu said, still startled. 

”Isn ’t what I said clear enough? ” Ye Fei said lightly. ”As of today, you are free, and I will never bother you again.

Transmigrating and becoming the top, rich and handsome man, what kind of woman can he not want? Since Su Qingzhu didn ’t like him, why continue to persist?

After all, Su Qingzhu is not the only woman in the world.

Taking a step back, Su Qingzhu suffers from androphobia and despises all men. 

Therefore, Ye Fei ’s persistence would not only be ineffective, but it would also damage Su Qingzhu ’s opinion of him.

In short, I would never do the dog licking, instead the other does it to me!

Su Qingzhu was surprised.

Ye Fei ’s attitude towards her was extremely eager before, but why did he suddenly have such a big change?

”Are you serious? ” Su Qingzhu inquired.

Ye Fei said lightly: ”Of course. As for your grandfather, I will explain it to him specifically in about two days.”

When Su Qingzhu heard the words, she finally let out a sigh of relief. 

Ye Fei appears to be correct. 

She didn ’t want to detest only Ye Fei, but all males. 

Ye Fei ’s action amounted to making her life a lot simpler.

”Thank you. ” Su Qingzhu took the initiative to thank Ye Fei, with a sincere tone.

Su Qingzhu was relieved, and she was feeling really awkward to date Ye Fei under the constant pressure of her grandfather.

However, Su Qingzhu ’s doubts still lingered.

Why does Ye Fei seem to be a completely different person?

[Congratulations to the host. Due to Su Qingzhu ’s improved impression of you, the experience value has increased by 100 points], At this time, the voice of the system also followed.

Ye Fei was slightly surprised when he heard the system prompt.

Experience point increase?

In front of Su Qingzhu, Ye Fei did not want to communicate much with the system.

So, Ye Fei took the initiative to get up and say, ”Then, Ill go first, and sometime later, Ill visit Grandpa Su.”

”Mhm. ” Su Qingzhu said slightly.

Ye Fei was very straightforward, turning around and leaving without saying a word.

On the contrary, Su Qingzhu, looking at Ye Fei ’s back, remained puzzled.

Why did  Young Master Ye suddenly change?

How will this fare in the future?


Ye Fei managed to return home.

The first thing Ye Fei did was communicate with the system.

”System, what ’s the matter with this experience value? ” Ye Fei inquired.

[As long as the host plunders the protagonist ’s chances and reverses the heroine ’s impression, it will generate experience points, which can improve all aspects of the host ’s attributes], The system quickly explained.

[Furthermore, The host can view his own stat page.]

Hearing this, Ye Fei immediately said: ”Check attribute layout. ”

Then, something similar to a game layout appeared in front of Ye Fei in a holographic form.

The attribute layout is as follows:

Host: [Ye Fei]

Experience points: [100]

Personal wealth: [7 billion]

Strength: [120]

Agility: [108]

Wisdom: [135]

Charm: [150]

Luck Value: [100]

Note: (Standard for normal adult men is 100)


Martial Arts: [Elementary]

Medical Skills: [Level 0]

Horsemanship: [Intermediate]

Singing: [Elementary]

Instrument: [Elementary]

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