Every time Ye Fei said something, Su Qingzhu ’s complexion turned pale.

In fact, due to her androphobia, Su Qingzhu has always closed her heart. Whenever she comes into contact with a man, she subconsciously always recalls the scene of her father ’s domestic violence when she was a child.

This also caused Su Qingzhu ’s character to become more and more withdrawn.

Male, she is reluctant to touch. And she looks so beautiful, coupled with a temperament that radiatesDont get too close , even women did not want to be friends with her.

Her social circle is very narrow and she can only rely on herself.

Ye Fei was indeed right.

If this continues, her androphobia will only get worse, and she will eventually close herself completely.

Ye Fei carefully warned her: ”So I advise you, Miss Su, if you don ’t want to close yourself anymore, you can only try to get out of the shadows. ”

”Otherwise, the longer the delay, the more serious the problem in your heart. ”

Su Qingzhu bit her lip, replying: ”How did you know? ”

Ye Fei shrugged: ”You don ’t have to worry about it. Ms. Su, think about yourself. ”

Having said that, Ye Fei waved his hand at Su Qingzhu very gently and drove the blue Bentley Mulsanne away.

On the spot, Su Qingzhu stood in place and her slender figure was eye-catching.

Su Qingzhu watched Ye Fei drive away, her heart is extremely complicated.

Is he really right?

Ye Fei drove home in a good mood.

But, the system came out again to communicate with Ye Fei at this time: [Host, you were so bold just now that you directly revealed Su Qingzhu ’s secret!]

”And? ” Ye Fei asked.

[Host, if you say that to Su Qingzhu, aren ’t you afraid of making Su Qingzhu angry?] The system asked curiously.

Ye Fei smiled: ”So you don ’t understand. ”

[Why don ’t I understand!?] The system ’s voice was angry, like a cat with its tail being stepped on.

”Just now you wanted me to take the opportunity of being alone to take the initiative to set up a topic with Su Qingzhu, and take the opportunity to apologize to her right? ” Ye Fei replied lightly.

The system soon responded: [Isn ’t that the best chance to get close to Su Qingzhu? You just saved her grandfather, and she is also grateful to you.]

Ye Fei shook his head: ”Just grateful. But, for a woman like Su Qingzhu, she made a clear distinction. ”

The system froze for a moment: [Is that why you deliberately provoked her?]

”Yes, Su Qingzhu is misogynistic, and she is extremely defensive against any man. For this kind of woman, you can only get close to her if you take off her thick armor. ” Ye Fei replied confidently.

Since he wanted to plunder Chen Luo ’s luck, Su Qingzhus heart being conquered had to be first planned out meticulously.

So the system just wanted Ye Fei to take the opportunity to get close to Su Qingzhu, but Ye Fei chose another way and straightforwardly informed Su Qingzhu that she had androphobia.

In fact, it was indeed a good opportunity to approach Su Qingzhu just now.

But as long as Su Qingzhu had misogyny, it would be difficult for Su Qingzhu to hold any man ’s position in her heart.

What if Su Qingzhu is grateful that he saved Su Xiaokun? The end result is still the same, is it possible that he should be a licking dog again?

Ye Fei refused.

Ye Fei said again: ”So if you want to conquer Su Qingzhu and completely cut off the connection between Su Qingzhu and Chen Luo, this is the only way to cure her androphobia.”

[Hmph, lets see if it actually works] The system expressed her dissatisfaction.

Ye Fei smiled without saying a word.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host, because Su Qingzhu ’s impression of you has changed, 100 experience points have been rewarded]

Immediately afterwards, Ye Fei received a system prompt.

Directly increase experience points!

It turns out that Ye Fei was right.

What he said just now had an effect on Su Qingzhu.

In fact, Ye Fei still didn ’t say a word.

That ’s because Su Qingzhu suffers from androphobia and she hates all men very much. But once Su Qingzhu fell, she would be devoted to that man until he died.

”So, what do you have to say? ” Ye Fei asked the system with a sheepish smile.

The system snorted: [Hmph, you were correct]

The system is a bit arrogant, but the sound of her voice is very pleasant to hear.

”Now that the Sus problem has been solved, it will be difficult for Chen Luo to make a storm once he comes into Yanjing”, Ye Fei soon spoke.

Ye Fei seized this opportunity and successfully changed the plot ahead of time.

In the original book, Chen Luo cured Su Xiaokuns illness, and was grateful from the Su family. By this, he stayed in the Su family and had the opportunity to get along with Su Qingzhu day and night.

But now, the plot was changed by Ye Fei.

[The host should not be careless, Chen Luo ’s contacts in Yanjing are not limited to the Su family] The system kindly reminded.

Ye Fei replied, ”Of course I understand. There are still a few days left. Let me think about how to get rid of it. ”

[Come on, host, I am very optimistic about you.]

”By the way, I want to use the experience points, ” Ye Fei said.

Chen Luo, as the protagonist, possesses not only the protagonist ’s halo, but also a variety of talents. Chen Luo is not only skilled in medicine, but also in martial arts, and he can easily cope with a group of more than a dozen regular people.

In addition, he is also proficient in gambling, horsemanship and other skills, and is a standard novel almighty protagonist.

Therefore, Ye Fei wanted to use the experience points to make preparations for dealing with Chen Luo.

[In addition to the experience points the host received from ”The Yellow Emperors Internal Classic Medicine”, the host currently has a lot of experience points, enough to move a skill to the advanced level, or add to attribute points] The system advised.

”Let ’s upgrade the martial arts skill to the advanced level first. ” Ye Fei thought for a while and chose martial arts.

This skill cannot be in the low level, otherwise he cant fight himself out of a dangerous situation.

Although Ye Fei has bodyguards when he goes out, bodyguards are not omnipotent, therefore, it is a better choice to strengthen himself.

[Ding, congratulations to the host, consuming experience points, successfully upgrading the martial arts skills to advanced, and the attributes will change accordingly.] 

A female voice prompt came from the system.

At the same time, countless knowledge and skills about martial arts poured into Ye Fei ’s mind!

Ye Fei ’s body was refreshed, with a feeling of enlightenment.

Not only did knowledge flood into his mind, his body also quietly changed.

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