Because of this pot of orchids, Ye Fei and Luo Weiyu were a bit closer.

Although his looks haven ’t altered much since Ye Fei increased his charm value, his demeanor has subtly shifted. People are at ease in his presence because of his attractive features.

”Boss, you also like orchids? Oh, by the way, I haven ’t asked for your name yet. ” Ye Fei asked naturally.

Luo Weiyu ’s face flushed slightly. Ye Fei had just rescued the beauty, which made Luo Weiyu feel favorable towards him. Furthermore, Ye Fei ’s orchid words made her heart agree with Ye Fei.

And, because of the addition of Ye Fei ’s charm value, Luo Weiyu has an inexplicable favor for him.

Luo Weiyu whispered: ”My name is Luo Weiyu. ”

[Ding, congratulations to the host, increase of 20 experience points.]

Hearing the prompt from the system, Ye Fei knew that Luo Weiyu ’s favor with him was increasing.

”My name is Ye Fei. ” The corner of Ye Fei ’s mouth curled up: ”I like this orchid very much. Can you give it to me? ”

This orchid is Luo Weiyu ’s most beloved thing. She has always taken care of it and loved it very much.

If someone else wanted to buy this orchid, she was always unwilling to sell.

But facing Ye Fei, somehow, she dropped her head slightly and whispered, ”Well, since Mr. Ye likes it, this orchid will be given to you. I just hope you treat it well. ”

”Of course. ” Ye Fei watched Luo Weiyu ’s crystal eyes seriously, and said: ”I will take care of it. My family also has several pots of different varieties of orchids. Please enjoy them next time. ”

This is true.

There is a small garden in Ye Fei ’s private villa. There are not only orchids in the garden, but also a variety of precious flowers, at least a few hundred.

Luo Weiyu ’s eyes lit up slightly when she heard the words, revealing a look of expectation.

Luo Weiyu especially likes orchids because she thinks orchids are very similar to her character.

Quiet and elegant, without contending with the world.

In fact, there are many varieties of orchids, some of which are even unique and very precious.

So when she heard Ye Fei said that he also raised many varieties of orchids, which made Luo Weiyu very interested and even more like meeting a confidant.

But immediately, Luo Weiyu ’s bright eyes dimmed slightly: ”My legs and feet are inconvenient, it is difficult to have a chance to appreciate it. ”

Luo Weiyu didn ’t feel inferior, but calmly faced the fact that her legs were disabled.

Ye Fei was waiting for Luo Weiyu ’s words.

Ye Fei, pretending to be surprised, looked at Luo Weiyu ’s legs and said, ”Miss Luo, your legs are… ”

Luo Weiyu replied ”I was injured in a car accident and my thigh suffered a comminuted fracture. The doctor said it was difficult to recover. ”

Luo Weiyu said it lightly, but after thinking about it, she knew how painful it was.

Luo Weiyu bit her lip, and her body trembled slightly. It was obvious that the car accident was an extremely painful memory for her.

Ye Fei looked at Luo Weiyu with gentle eyes and a sincere expression: ”Miss Luo, can I see your injuries, I have studied medicine. ”

Have studied medicine?

No matter how Luo Weiyu looked at Ye Fei, he didn ’t seem to know how to heal.

But out of the goodwill of Ye Fei before, it was also Ye Fei ’s sincerity that moved her, so she did not refuse: ”Okay. ”

Luo Weiyu was wearing a pair of loose casual trousers, Ye Fei squatted down, rolled up the trousers slightly, and then saw Luo Weiyu ’s leg injury.

Luo Weiyu ’s legs are still fixed with steel plates, and it is difficult for her to walk.

In fact, Luo Weiyu ’s legs are very beautiful. Ye Fei guessed that she was at least 1.7 meters tall. These legs were long and straight, full of beauty.

Not to mention those feet, the little feet are slender and lovely, white as snow, toes are like pearls, and nails are neatly trimmed and crystal clear.

The only thing out of the ordinary about her is that she has numerous lengthy scars on her legs, which are the wounds left by Luo Weiyu after the car accident.

Luo Weiyu ’s cheeks were hot when Ye Fei saw her, and her heart was pounding.

Ye Fei said politely: ”Sure enough, Miss Luo, can I try your injury with acupuncture? ”

He asked in a frank and gentle tone.

Luo Weiyu ’s face flushed, although she was puzzled, she nodded slightly.

Ye Fei is not like the kind of man who loves to take advantage of women, so it doesn ’t hurt to let him try.

It ’s just that Luo Weiyu didn ’t have much hope in her heart. After her leg was injured, she went to several hospitals and concluded that she was disabled for life. Even if she tried, she would not be able to live without crutches in the future and a wheelchair.

Hearing Luo Weiyu ’s consent, Ye Fei took out the silver needle.

His silver needle has been disinfected, Ye Fei quickly lifted his arm slightly, and then pierced into the acupuncture tract.

Ye Fei ’s movements did not drag, as acupuncture and moxibustion pierced the three points of Zusanli, Dadun, and Sanyinjiao.

Ye Fei ’s actions were simple and precise, and his concentration and seriousness made the girl very impressed.

Luo Weiyu was surprised, Ye Fei didn ’t lie to her, he was indeed a doctor.

”Miss Luo, how does it feel to have acupuncture on your leg? ” Ye Fei asked.

”It ’s a bit numb, ” Luo Weiyu whispered, her legs were a bit numb and itchy.

Seeing Ye Fei ’s concentrated expression, Luo Weiyu felt that her heartbeat was faster.

[Ding, congratulations to the host, increase of 20 experience points.]

Ye Fei received the news of the increase in experience value.

He tried several acupuncture points one after another, and changed the acupuncture technique. He turned the silver needle lightly, and then asked, ”How do you feel now? ”

”It ’s a bit hot. ” Luo Weiyu only felt that this time when the acupuncture pointed on her legs, a warm current hit her, causing her legs to become hot.

When Ye Fei heard the words, he had the results in his heart, put away the silver needle, Ye Fei then warmly said: ”Miss Luo, I think I can heal your leg injury. ”

Luo Weiyu trembled, showing clear excitement.

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