There were a bunch of skills listed below, most of which are elementary or intermediate level. And, also various numerical data that allowed Ye Fei to know his current state at a glance.

His various stats are pretty good, but some of his skill levels are relatively low.

At this time, the system reminded him: [The host can add points through the use of experience points to improve his own skills and attributes. Each point of experience value will increase the point attribute, and the consumption of experience points can raise the skill level from zero to advanced]

Ye Fei understood and nodded slightly.

Ye Fei suddenly thought of something and asked the system: ”System, what is Chen Luo ’s medical skill level? ”

[The male protagonist Chen Luo ’s medical skill rating is high, and martial arts ability rating is also high. The ability rated as ’ advanced ’ by this system is enough to beat ordinary people], The system replied.

Ye Fei understood.

The systems skill rating is very strict. Being able to be rated as high-level by the system means that it has the ability to beat ordinary people.

Ye Fei maintains a serene temperament. Although Chen Luo now outperforms him in the two skills of medicine and martial arts, Ye Fei has advantages that Chen Luo does not.

”System, as long as I seize the protagonist ’s chance, I can get experience points to upgrade skills and attributes, right? ” Ye Fei soon inquired.


Ye Fei nodded in understanding, replying ”Very well, then I ’m going to Xuan Yuan Qiu. ”

[Xuan Yuan Qiu?] The system was asking in a curious tone, sounding very humane.

Xuan Yuan Qiu:

According to legend, it was the residence of the Yellow Emperor, one of the Three Emperors and Five Emperors, in Zheng City, Henan Province, which is now the Yanjing Kingdom.

Ye Fei spoke indifferently: ”In the original book, the hero Chen Luo ’s medical skills finally stepped into the grand master level because he got the ”The Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine” in Xuan Yuan Qiu after an adventure. ”

Fortunately, Ye Fei had a flexible recall of the novel ’s storyline. 

In the original novel, Chen Luo, the male protagonist, travelled to Yanjing after completing his studies in medicine with his master. 

When he first arrived in Yanjing, although Chen Luo ’s medical skills were strong, he was still inferior to his master.

It wasn ’t until Chen Luo happened to be visiting Xuan Yuan Qiu because of an adventure, he discovered “The Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine” in a cave!

That ’s right, it is the legendary medical book, “The Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine.”

Relying on the ancient book “The Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine”, the hero Chen Luo ’s medical skills had become the grandmaster level allowing him to become extremely famous in all of Yanjing.

Soon after, the female voice of the system came out clearly: [Good idea, host, do you want the hero Chen Luo to go to Xuan Yuan Qiu and find ”The Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine?”]

”Yes, this is the perfect chance to steal the protagonists luck. ” Ye Fei grinned.

Take the path of the protagonist, so that the protagonist has nowhere to go!

Ye Fei is familiar with all the plots, how could such a great opportunity be let go?

[Good idea, host, I support you] The system females voice replied.

Ye Fei has always been vigorous and resolute, and immediately asked his personal butler Ji Yun ’er to prepare, he was going to Xuan Yuan Qiu in the Henan Province.

On the way out, Ye Fei greeted his parents, saying that he would be back after two days of going out to play.

Although Henan Province is far away, two days is enough for this trip.

Ye Fei arrived in Henan Province and went straight to the Xuan Yuan Hill in Zheng City.

Legend has it that this is the place where Emperor Xuan Yuan Huangdi was born and lived, as the name Xuan Yuan Qiu.

Ye Fei spent a whole day searching the Xuan Yuan Hill, and finally found a hidden mountain stream as described in the book.

After searching in the mountain stream, Ye Fei finally found The Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine!”.

The book was divided into two volumes, namely ”Lingshu ” (Acupuncture) and ”Su Wen ” (Theoretical foundation of Chinese Medicine and its diagnostic methods).

This ”The Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine” has a simple appearance, and the material is made of something that has yet to be uncovered by the natives of the world.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host, for successfully obtaining the ”The Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine”, managing to snatch the chance of the male lead Chen Luo, and getting rewarded with experience points. This system can automatically let the host learn the content of ”The Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine ”, do you want to learn?] The female voice of the system can be heard.

”Learn it!. ” Ye Fei did not hesitate.

Surprisingly, the system also had this function, which was really convenient.

[Ding, congratulations to the host for successfully learning the ”The Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine”]

[Congratulations to the host, your medical skills have been upgraded to the basic level]

[Congratulations to the host, your medical skills have been upgraded to intermediate level.]

[Congratulations to the host, your medical skills have been upgraded to advance.]

A series of system prompts sounded in Ye Fei ’s ears.

While Ye Fei was studying ”The Yellow Emperor ’s Classic of Internal Medicine ”, a lot of knowledge poured into his mind.

The knowledge flooded into his mind and quickly understood it.

In a blink of an eye, Ye Fei ’s medical skills have actually been upgraded to advance!

[Successful learning, some of its content is too esoteric, therefore, it takes a month to learn once more], The System voice came.

Ye Fei was already very satisfied.

He has the same level of medical skills as the male protagonist Chen Luo because of it and now, he has been rated as advanced by the system!

The system ’s assessment of skills is divided into five levels: elementary, intermediate, advanced, master, and grandmaster level.

Among them, advanced skills are enough to beat ordinary people, which is already the best.

In other words, Ye Fei ’s current medical skills are at the same level as the hero Chen Luo!

Cool! Ye Fei was in a good mood.

Not only did he grab the chance of the protagonist, but also received rewards from the system. 

After getting “The Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine”, Ye Fei did not stay too long, and returned to Yanjing that same day.

It took two days to go back and forth, and Ye Fei had a sense of urgency in his heart, because the timeline in the novel was getting closer and closer.

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