”Mr. Ye, what you say is true? ” Luo Weiyu couldn ’t restrain her inner excitement.

Although she can face her leg injury calmly, if she can return to normal, how can she not think about it?

Ye Fei nodded earnestly, staring at Luo Weiyu ’s eyes and said: ”I can heal you, I can help you find the best orthopedic doctor in Yanjing, and then cooperate with him using my acupuncture and moxibustion to completely heal your leg injury.”

Luo Weiyu ’s leg injury was indeed serious.

But, Ye Fei had tried the silver needle just now, and her legs still felt a bit of sensation. Although the nerves and acupoints were damaged, they were all functioning normally.

In other words, although Luo Weiyu ’s leg injury is serious, it can be treated.

If he cooperates with a surgeon and uses hisYimu Shenzhen acupuncture method, she can fully recover within a few months and walk normally.

In the original book, the protagonist Chen Luo completely healed Luo Weiyu ’s injury, however, it took nearly a year!

But Ye Fei is different, he has a better way.

Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine have their own strengths, and what Chinese medicine is best at is conditioning and strengthening the body.

Western medicine is good at surgery and examining the body for outliers.

If Luo Weiyu ’s leg injury is treated with traditional Chinese medicine alone, the effect is too slow. The best way is to perform surgery first, and then use acupuncture and other methods, which will have the fastest effect.

Ye Fei can invite all the best orthopedics experts from Yanjing and Xuanhuan to perform surgery on Luo Weiyu.

Hearing Ye Fei ’s words, Luo Weiyu was so excited but she seemed to think of something, showing hesitation.

Although Ye Fei said it was great news for her, she had a problem.

Luo Weiyu ’s head drooped and said in a low voice, ”Mr. Ye, I don ’t have money to pay for medical expenses now. ”

Ye Fei replied softly, ”You don ’t need to pay for medical expenses, I will provide the money.”

”No, I can ’t owe you so much money. ” Luo Weiyu subconsciously shook her head and refused.

Luo Weiyu ’s character is like this, not only is she strong and optimistic, but also has her own little persistence and is unwilling to owe favors.

Although she could see that Ye Fei had a lot of money, not only did he have a personal bodyguard, but also his clothes were all high-end customizations. The watch he wore on his hand was equivalent to the lifetime wealth of many ordinary people.

Maybe this medical bill was a small needle in a sewing kit for Ye Fei, it was an astronomical figure for her, and she didn ’t want to owe this kind of favor.

There was a hint of appreciation in Ye Fei ’s eyes, he knew that Luo Weiyu was such a woman.

He had to say that the heroine of the book ”Genius Doctor ” is very well portrayed. Each heroine has their own personality and is definitely not there to simply fill the heroine role.

Ye Fei soon said: ”Why don ’t we do it like this? If you borrow this money from me, you can return it to me in the future. ”

Luo Weiyu bit her lip and whispered: ”Mr. Ye, with all due respect, we just met, why are you so good to me? ”

”Because, I find you beautiful, I want to be a hero to save the beauty, so as to impress your heart. Is this answer satisfactory? ” Ye Fei replied warmly.

Luo Weiyu grinned.

She knew that what Ye Fei was talking about was a joke.

Ye Fei said again: ”Miss Luo, don ’t be too pressured. This is just a matter of effort for me. It ’s rare that you and I like orchids, which is a sign of fate. Most importantly though,  I want to go to my yard with you one day to view the growing orchids.”

Ye Fei used Lou Weiyus love of orchids to come up with a valid excuse.

As a result, Luo Weiyu was obviously moved.

[Ding, congratulations to the host, 20 experience points increase]

Ye Fei received the system prompt.

He struck the iron while it was hot and with a serious expression on his face: ”Besides, your legs are so beautiful and it ’s a pity to sit in a wheelchair. Give me your permission, and I promise to restore your legs, and for those scars to not stay.

This made Luo Weiyu ’s face hot.

Ye Fei actually said that her legs are very beautiful.

In fact, when Ye Fei did acupuncture for her, Ye Fei ’s hands inevitably came into contact with her legs. Thinking about the scene just now, Luo Weiyu ’s face was even hotter.

[Ding, congratulations to the host, 20 experience points increase]

There were continuous reminders of experience points increasing.

Luo Weiyu ’s favor with him is also rising.

The timing of Ye Feis appearance today is too good. First, the hero saves the beauty, but also because of the orchid connection, plus the increase in Ye Feis charm value, and the acupuncture just now…

It ’s like fate.

This caused Luo Weiyu to fall quickly.

”Miss Luo, then it ’s settled, you leave it to me. ” Ye Fei made the decision for Luo Weiyu.

Ye Fei ’s tone was a bit domineering, but Luo Weiyu was not disgusted at all.

Luo Weiyu pressed her lips tightly and did not speak, which was regarded as acquiescence.

Ye Fei spoke naturally: ”I will immediately arrange an orthopedic specialist for these two days. In addition, during the period before the operation, I will do acupuncture for you every day to activate your meridians and blood. ”

Luo Weiyu ’s eyes were shining, and she felt moved: ”Mr. Ye, thank you. ”

Ye Fei smiled, he stared at Luo Weiyu ’s eyes like autumn water, and said: ”You ’re welcome, in fact, Miss Luo, you don ’t have to mind the money at all, you have already paid the bill. ”

”When did I pay…? ” Luo Weiyu blinked her beautiful eyes.

At this moment, Ye Fei pointed at the orchid and said, ”In my opinion, that little amount of money is not as precious as this orchid. You have already paid for the bill when you gave me this orchid. ”

Luo Weiyu was startled slightly, her expression softened.

[Ding, congratulations to the host, 20 experiences points increase]

Ye Fei ’s voice was gentle and sincere: ”I also want to thank you for showing me a sunny and the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.”

Luo Weiyu blushed completely, and her cheeks were bright and red, and she couldn ’t say anything.

[Ding, congratulations to the host, 20 experience points increase]

[Ding, congratulations to the host, 20 experience points increase]

In Ye Fei ’s ear, the system prompt sounded one after another.

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