Yangtze Street.

Su Qingzhu ’s heartbeat quickly raced up as she quietly drove behind Ye Fei and followed him the whole way.

She wanted to see what he was up to.

Then, seeing that Ye Fei parked on the side of the street, he walked to the door of a very ordinary flower shop.

Is he going to buy flowers?

Su Qingzhu was puzzled.

Soon after, she saw Ye Fei walk into the flower shop and greet a very beautiful girl.

It turned out that he was here to pick up girls.

Su Qingzhu ’s thoughts raced with this notion, and she subconsciously clutched her right hand, her eyes chilly. 

But in the next scene, Su Qingzhu was slightly taken aback.

She saw Ye Fei pushing a girl to the small yard of the flower shop, and the girl turned out to be in a wheelchair!

The girl is beautiful and her smile is sweet, but her legs seem to be disabled, and she can only sit in a wheelchair and let Ye Fei push her to enjoy the sun.

After a while, Su Qingzhu saw Ye Fei take out a silver needle, and meticulously acupuncture the girl.

Seeing this scene from afar, Su Qingzhu ’s cold expression softened, and her eyes became warmer.

What is Ye Fei ’s identity?

The only heir to the Ye Family Group, the Ye Family!

In the entire upper circle of Yanjing, who doesn ’t know Ye Fei ’s name?

Someone even listed Ye Fei with the other two young masters and named them the ”Three Young Masters of Yanjing ”.

At first, when Ye Fei looked for Luo Weiyu, Su Qingzhu felt that Ye Fei was going to pick up girls, so she was disgusted.

But, when she saw Luo Weiyu sitting in a wheelchair and Ye Fei squatting to acupuncture her, Su Qingzhu dismissed the idea.

What kind of woman cant Ye Fei get?

Although the girl in the wheelchair is very beautiful, as Ye Fei, it is not difficult to find such another beautiful woman.

If it ’s just picking up girls for fun, he can ’t find a girl in a wheelchair, even if the girl is very beautiful!

The girl has a disability. It seems that the conditions at home are very ordinary, but Ye Fei is still patiently and carefully acupuncturing her.

It took a bit of time.

Sitting in the car, Su Qingzhu could even see a lot of sweat on Ye Fei ’s forehead, but he didn ’t care at all and was still very focused.

From the beginning to the end, Ye Fei ’s movements were very regular and clean, without any taking advantage of his movements, and only focused on acupuncture.

Finally, after the acupuncture and moxibustion was over, Su Qingzhu saw Ye Fei smiling and waving goodbye to the girl with a bright smile.

This scene is extremely beautiful, like a pretty landscape painting.

The dignified young master of the Ye family actually treated a girl with disabled legs so seriously!

It seems that her initial impression of him was wrong.

Su Qingzhu didn ’t know why Ye Fei came to Luo Weiyu, but thought she was the one to blame.

Su Qingzhu ’s eyes turned soft, and she thought of Ye Fei ’s reputation in Yanjing. The other rich and young masters slept with different women but Ye Fei was obsessed with her. Apart from pursuing her,  she had never heard of rumours between him and other women.

It is precisely because of this that grandpa Su Xiaokun admires Ye Fei very much, and has always wanted to match the two.

Su Qingzhu fell into memory, thinking of many bits and pieces of details.

At this time, Ye Fei ’s ear suddenly rang a reminder: [Ding, congratulations to the host, Su Qingzhu ’s impression of you has changed, and 360 experience points increase.]

Just as Ye Fei separated from Luo Weiyu, he received such a reminder.

Ye Fei: ”….? ”

He was puzzled. He obviously didn ’t do anything. Why did Su Qingzhu ’s impression of him change?

”System, what ’s going on? ” Ye Fei asked.

[Host, just now Su Qingzhu has been following you] The system simply explained and replied.

”…Why didn ’t you say it earlier? ”

[Anyway, it turns out to be beneficial to you, don ’t get too mad, Host]

Ye Fei could roughly guess why Su Qingzhu ’s impression of him changed. He smiled and was in a good mood.

It ’s really unintentional.

Ye Fei left Yangtze Street, but Su Qingzhu did not leave. She got out of the car and walked to the door of the flower shop.

Seeing a visitor, Luo Weiyu smiled and greeted: ”Hello, are you here to buy flowers? ”

While talking, Luo Weiyu was taken aback, what a beautiful woman!

Su Qingzhu is tall, sporting silver high heels, a limited edition Hermès purse, a rare hue purple jade necklace, light makeup, a delicate face, and a calm demeanor. 

For a brief period, Luo Weiyu was taken aback, yet the corners of her lips remained bright.

Su Qingzhu shook her head: ”Im not here to buy flowers. ” 

She also admired Luo Weiyu in her heart.This girl was clean and beautiful, just like an unpolished crystal.

Seeing such a pure and beautiful girl is rare.

”Then, you are here? ” Luo Weiyu asked.

”I ’m… Ye Fei ’s friend. ” Su Qingzhu thought for a while, replying.

Luo Weiyu said in surprise: ”It turned out to be Mr. Ye ’s friend, ah, I ’m going to pour you water. ”

With that, Luo Weiyu was very skilled in moving her wheelchair, and enthusiastically poured water for Su Qingzhu.

Su Qingzhu was very curious. She directly asked Luo Weiyu: ”How did you and Ye Fei meet? ”

Luo Weiyu handed the water cup to Su Qingzhu, a sweet smile appeared on her face, and said, ”Mr. Ye helped me solve my problem… ”

It turned out to be a coincidence.

Su Qingzhu looked at the quiet girl in front of her and said, ”Miss Luo, do you need my help for your leg injury? I can ask a doctor to help you. ”

Luo Weiyu simply gave a brief account of what transpired that morning. Luo Weiyu and Su Qingzhu swapped names and are said to be acquainted. 

In the face of a gentle and beautiful girl like Luo Weiyu, Su Qingzhu also wanted to help her.

”No, thank you Miss Su, Mr. Ye will help me. ” Luo Weiyu mentioned Ye Fei, with a sweeter smile on her face.

Seeing the sweet smile on Luo Weiyu ’s face, Su Qingzhus heart flashed a trace of sadness.

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