it, and it also showed that Luo Weiyu was enamoured of him?

How is this happening?

Ye Fei has always been calm but this time he was confused.

Su Qingzhu was supposed to be the first person to fall in love with him but, instead it was Luo Weiyu, so what was the situation that led to this?

Moreover, Lou Weiyu had fallen in love despite it being the first time interacting.

Even if Ye Fei wanted to break his head, he couldn ’t think how it happened unless the reason for this was Su Qingzhu ’s divine assistance to him.

”System, what is the situation? ” Ye Fei asked.

The system said: [The host made me lower my own IQ and it resulted in me becoming a little confused.]

”… ”

In any case, this is still a great thing for Ye Fei.

In just one day, Luo Weiyu actually fell in love with him!

Ye Fei thought it would take at least a week to do this step.

But, now look…

Under various coincidences, Luo Weiyu has completely fallen.

Ye Fei said, ”Unexpectedly, the harvest is so great for a day.”

[The host did a great job. Chen Luo will come to Yanjing soon. The more experience points you have, the better!]

”Yep. ”

Ye Fei had a plan brewing in his heart, and already had an idea.

The next day, Ye Fei visited Su ’s house as usual, and then went to Luo Weiyu to acupuncture her.

Luo Weiyus attitude today was very different.

Those beautiful eyes were clear and moving, she sometimes secretly glanced at Ye Fei quickly, and then dropped her head again.

The corner of Ye Fei ’s mouth curved, and he continued to acupuncture Luo Weiyu carefully.

After a long time, the acupuncture was finished.

As soon as Ye Fei raised his head, he smelled a faint scent. Luo Weiyu took the initiative to wipe Ye Fei ’s sweat with her hands.

She helped Ye Fei wipe the sweat and blushed and said to Ye Fei: ”Mr. Ye, you can rest for a while. ”

Luo Weiyu ’s little snow-white hands were weak and boneless, and the smell was fragrant.

Ye Fei smiled gently and said, ”I just sweated a little, and I ’m not tired. I ’ll help you go outside for a while. Having more sun is good for your body. ”

With Ye Fei ’s current physical fitness, acupuncture and moxibustion did not consume physical energy for him.

”Okay. ” Luo Weiyu was warm in her heart.

Luo Weiyu has crutches and wheelchairs at her disposal, but she prefers to walk on crutches. However, because Ye Fei was present, she used a wheelchair so that he could assist her in navigating Yangtze Street.

Then, Ye Fei chatted with her a few more words before leaving.

Ye Fei drove the car halfway, and suddenly heard the sound of the system.

[Host, pull over and stop! Chen Lou is in front!] The system was suddenly alarmed.

Ye Fei pulled over and stopped immediately, looking forward.

This isn ’t a busy street, and there aren ’t many people, but the protagonist ’s aura was visible at first glimpse, and Ye Fei recognized Chen Luo.

On the street, a handsome, well-built man was sitting lazily. He was sitting in the doorway of a coffee shop, holding his chin, drinking coffee, and looking at the beautiful women passing by on the street.

This man is Chen Luo!

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