d the hero Chen Luo greatly.

Ye Fei then communicated with the system.

[Host, you snatched the chance of the hero Chen Luo and successfully got the ”Yellow Emperor ’s Internal Classic Medicine ”. You did a good job.] The system congratulated Ye Fei in a cheerful tone.

Take the protagonist ’s path such that the protagonist has nowhere to go!

After obtaining the ”Yellow Emperors Internal Classic Medicine ”, Ye Fei ’s medical skills are not inferior to Chen ’s, but his experience is slightly inadequate.

However, as long as he further studies the ”Yellow Emperor ’s Internal Classic Medicine ”, his medical skills will rise to a higher level, even surpassing Chen Luo!

[But the host can ’t be careless, Chen Luo has the protagonist ’s halo in the book, and his background is not to be underestimated.]

Ye Fei nodded, replying: “I know. ”

The novel ”Genius Doctor ” in Ye Fei ’s previous world was the most popular urban doctor novel as it surpassed normal standards and it amazed the netizens. 

The male protagonist Chen Luo became famous in Yanjing by virtue of his superb medical skills and almost all of the patients he treated were either rich or noble.

Of course, his pervert and love of luck is even more exaggerated. The frosty president, the well-behaved school girl and the unparalleled imperial sister… are all candidates for his harem.

Chen Luo also has a special backer.

That is, Chen Luo ’s master.

Chen Luo studied medicine with his master since he was a child. His master was once the number one doctor in Yanjing and he had healed countless dignitaries and nobles. Today, many people in the upper circles of Yanjing have remembered his master ’s favor.

By virtue of this relationship, Chen Luo has no disadvantages in Yanjing.

Although Ye Fei has advantages, Chen Luo should not be underestimated.

Especially the forces that the Master of Chen Luo is involved in, which included several big shots.

Ye Fei clearly remembers the ending of Ye Fei in the book.

The Ye Group was destroyed and eventually acquired by Chen Luo. Ye father and Ye mother became prisoners, and Ye Fei unfortunately died.

[Host, if you want to change your destiny, you must do everything you can to fight against Chen Luo.] The system kindly reminded.

”Don ’t worry, I don ’t need you to tell me, ” Ye Fei replied softly.

Ye Fei knew very clearly.

It is unrealistic of him to escape.

Even if he took the initiative to avoid conflict with Chen Luo, would he have to hide from Chen Luo for the rest of his life?

This is not Ye Fei ’s character.

Damn it!

Now, with solid resolve, he has decided to take Chen Luo ’s opportunity and luck, so let us see it through!

Ye Fei has made sufficient preparations and plans.

”System, just wait and see. ” Ye Fei said lightly.

[Okay, I ’m looking forward to it] The systems voice was filled with joy.

Time flickered, and three more days passed.

During this period, Ye Fei had been making sufficient preparations and carefully laying out the foundation of his grand scheme.

Now, today, Ye Fei chose to visit Grandpa Su!

Noting that, Ye Fei changed to a blue Bentley Mulsanne and drove to the Su ’s family villa.

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