br>Su Qingzhu has a secret.

She suffers from a mental illness. This mental illness is commonly known asandrophobia. (T/L: Fear of men)

The reason why Su Qingzhu suffers from androphobia stems from her childhood experience.

Su Qingzhu ’s father was a scumbag. Not only was he addicted to alcohol, but he was violent when he was drunk. Su Qingzhu ’s mother was often on the receiving end of her husband ’s beating in order to protect the little Su Qingzhu.

Unfortunately, Su Qingzhu ’s parents both died in an accident, and only Su Qingzhu ’s grandfather remained in charge of the overall situation in the Su family.

But, the shadow and trauma has always stayed with Su Qingzhu, making her hate all men.

So, Su Qingzhu naturally didn ’t give any man face. (T/L: Face= Reputation)

But, Young Master Ye in the original book was so fascinated and obsessed with Su Qingzhu.

He was a dog licker, however, now that Ye Fei came, that will change. (T/L: Dog licker= trying to do anything to please a women)

”Miss Su. ” Ye Fei nodded in response and his expression was indifferent.

After a brief greeting, Ye Fei and Su Qingzhu directed that a thoroughbred horse be brought in for them to ride on their own.

Su Qingzhu was slightly surprised when she saw him.

On weekdays, Ye Fei was extremely courteous to her, and wanted to please her in various ways.

But today, Ye Fei seems to be different.

Except for the two greetings at the beginning, Ye Fei rode his horse the whole time, ignoring her.

‘Today, this Young Master Ye had a personality change?, these thoughts flashed through Su Qingzhu ’s mind.

On the other side of the racecourse, Ye Fei was communicating with the system.

To be precise, the system is actively communicating with Ye Fei.

Ye Fei ’s system is similar to an intellectual brain, possessing considerable wisdom and being able to communicate with Ye Fei.

The systems female voice rang in Ye Feis mind: [Host, Su Qingzhu is one of the three heroines in the original book. If the host can make Su Qingzhu have a good impression on you, it is equivalent to weakening the protagonist Chen Luos luck and being able to get system rewards. You should seize this opportunity.]

‘You mean to let me take the initiative to contact Su Qingzhu?, Ye Fei smiled and inwardly communicated with the system.

[Why not?]

Ye Fei shook his head, and replied,You don ’t understand. Su Qingzhu ’s has a cold personality, so the more you admire her, the more she rejects you. The more diligent you behave, the more points you lose in her heart.

‘What ’s more is that Su Qingzhu has androphobia, meaning if I rush to compliment her right now, it would be a total waste of time.

‘I really want to win her heart but, definitely not now.

Ye Fei was very confident.

Knowing the plot, content, and details of the entire novel, he knows Su Qingzhu very well.

In this state, he knows what is the best way to get along with Su Qingzhu.

What ’s more, he said just now that there is no future for being a dog licker.

Now that you have traveled into this world, do you have to repeat the same mistakes and dog lick again?

No, You stop it!

Let Su Qingzhu take the initiative to beg him and become the dog licker herself!

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