Su ’s Villa.

The Su Family Villa is a tranquil and picturesque Jiangnan garden design, with pavilions, little bridges, and flowing water.

When they arrived at the Su family villa, the servants greeted Ye Fei quickly and escorted him to the main hall.

Sitting in the main hall for a while, Ye Fei suddenly saw Su Qingzhu helping an old man walk inside the room.

This old man was about 70 years old, with silver hair and an old yet wise complexion.

The old man is the current head of the Su family, Mr. Su Xiaokun.

When Su Xiaokun entered the room, he saw Ye Fei and said, ”Xiao Fei is here. ”

”Grandpa Su is doing good, it seems ” Ye Fei took the initiative to greet him.

Su and Ye are family friends, and Ye Fei and Su Xiaokun have always gotten along well. 

Su Xiaokun liked Ye Fei as he was a confident young man, and treated him well, so he did his hardest to match Ye Fei and Su Qingzhu.

When Ye Fei was growing up, at times he hung out in the Su family Villa, and regardless of talent or character, Ye Fei was top-notch and outstanding in the upper circle of Yanjing, and he was absolutely worthy of Su Qingzhu.

The two were supposed to be a pair of golden boys and girls, but it ’s a pity that Su Qingzhu rejected him.

Su Xiaokun felt sorry, and greeted Ye Fei: ”Sit down, come and serve us tea. ”

”Yes. ”

The maid next to him brought the soaked Wuyishan DaHongPao, and the fragrance of tea immediately overflowed.

While savoring the tea, Ye Fei took the initiative to chat with Su Xiaokun.

Su Xiaokun is very nice to Ye Fei, and he defends him several times throughout the novel. 

As a result, Ye Fei has a deep respect for this elder.

As for Su Qingzhu…

Ye Fei never said a word to her, except for nodding to greet her when they met and did not chat with her during the whole process.

This made Su Qingzhu, who was used to Ye Fei ’s enthusiasm, slightly uncomfortable.

Su Qingzhu donned an off-white coat today, which accentuated her elegant demeanor. Her lower body was complemented by a short skirt with a tight waist belt that emphasized her slender form. 

Such a dress, along with her unrivaled beauty, might arouse and stun anybody who saw it, but Ye Fei turned a blind eye.

”Grandpa Su, I came here to explain something to you today. I know you intend to match me and Miss Su, but it is a pity that Miss Su and I are not suitable. ” After several side conversations, Ye Fei went straight to the matter at hand.

Su Xiaokun guessed Ye Fei ’s intention and purpose of coming here today.

Hearing this, Su Xiaokun looked at his granddaughter, then at Ye Fei, and sighed, ”I am old and not in good health. I only hope that a reliable person can take care of Qingzhu. What a pity…”

Obviously, Su Xiaokun still hopes Ye Fei and Su Qingzhu get together.

Ye Fei spoke sincerely: ”I can ’t force my feelings onto her. And, I also hope that the old man will stop embarrassing Miss Su. As of now, she and I are just ordinary friends. ”

”Huh. ” Su Xiaokun sighed, ”I am just an old man who made unnecessary moves, and I will not worry about it in the future. You young peoples affairs will be settled by the young folks.”

Ordinary friends?

When Su Qingzhu heard his words, she bit her bottom lip with a complex expression.

Ye Fei really came to Su ’s house.

He took the initiative to clarify the relationship between them to her grandfather, and told her grandfather not to embarrass her anymore, and finally said that they are just ordinary friends.

After Ye Fei said these words, Su Qingzhu remained silent.

It is foreseeable that after Ye Fei ’s remarks, Grandpa will never embarrass her and Ye Fei again.

Su Qingzhu is free.

Su Qingzhu felt relieved, and her heart was filled with conflicting emotions. Ye Fei ’s performance in the last few days has been like that of a different person, and he is no longer as enthusiastic about her.

Ye Fei got up at this moment and said, ”Grandpa Su, then I will leave first. ”

From beginning to end, Ye Fei didn ’t take the initiative to say a word with Su Qingzhu.

Su Xiaokun got up to see him off, and replied ”Xiao Fei, this is the end of the matter, and my old bones won ’t persuade you anymore. I hope that our two families will remain close in the future. ”

Ye Fei responded confidently, ”Don ’t worry, this incident will never affect the friendship between our two families. ”

”Haha, that ’s great. ” Su Xiaokun stood up with his crutches and wanted to speak again, but his breathing grew heavy and he felt uneasy.

Soon, It was dark in front of him, and he fell straight back!

”Grandpa! ” Su Qingzhu exclaimed, her expression full of panic.

Su Xiaokun has always been in poor health and it is for a reason why he walked with crutches and unfortunately suffers from other diseases.

At this moment, Su Xiaokun fell directly in front of Ye Fei and Su Qingzhu!

Fortunately, Ye Fei reacted fast enough and supported Su Xiaokun.

”Grandpa Su? ” Ye Fei held Su Xiaokus body, and at the same time he thought inwardly:Its Coming!.

Before Ye Fei came to the Su ’s family villa, he anticipated the current situation.

In fact, Ye Fei had two purposes today.

The first purpose, of course, is to clarify the matter between him and Su Qingzhu to Su Xiaokun.

The second purpose is now!

Ye Fei clearly remembered that in the novel, Chen Luo first appeared in the Su family!

Chen Luo ’s master and Su Xiaokun were old friends, so the first thing Chen Luo did when he came to Yanjing was to find Su Xiaokun.

It so happened that Su Xiaokun was sick in bed at this time, which gave Chen Luo room to play. Chen Luo cured Su Xiaokun making the Su family grateful to him.

Chen Luo also received Su Qingzhu ’s gratitude, and was able to get close to Su Qingzhu, get the moon first by leaning on the tower near the water, and with some means, Su Qingzhu finally fell. (T/L: Basically, with her gratitude and actions to help the Su family, she fell in love)

In the novel, when Chen Luo arrived at Su ’s house, Su Xiaokun had been seriously ill for four days.

As a result, Ye Fei deduced from the timing that Su Xiaokun was sick today. 

That ’s why he chose to come to family Su ’s villa today.

In the end, the old man Su actually fell!

Taking advantage of this opportunity, he wanted to cure Su Xiaokun with the medical skills ofThe Yellow Emperor ’s Internal Classic Medicine.

In this way, he can not only get the gratitude of the Su family, but also cut off the relationship between Chen Luo and Su Qingzhu!

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