He felt heat enter his private area, followed by a current warm stream to his limbs.

Ye Fei felt an indescribable comfort all over his body, as if he was reborn.


At the same moment, Ye Fei felt as though a multitude of martial arts information and methods were being implanted in his head. 

Such knowledge and techniques were imparted to him as if he were born with them, and they were profoundly ingrained in his memory, allowing him to master them flawlessly.

[Friendly reminder: Host ’s current martial arts skills are equivalent to that of the male lead Chen Luo] The system prompted.

Knowing this, Ye Feis spirits were lifted.

His current martial value is no worse than Chen Luo. He is no longer weaker than Chen Luo in terms of both medical skills and martial arts. 

Ye Fei still has 600 experience points left, which is equivalent to 60 attribute points

As a result of learning advanced martial arts, Ye Fei ’s two attributes, strength and agility have been greatly improved.

The current attribute data of Ye Fei is as follows:

Host: [Ye Fei]

Experience: [600]

Personal wealth: [7.3 billion]

Strength: [150]

Agility: [140]

Wisdom: [135]

Charm: [150]

Luck value: [100]

Note: (The standard for normal adult men is 100).

After upgrading martial arts skills to advanced, the strength attribute increased to 150 and agility increased to 140.

”I say system, is there any way to quickly add stat attributes? ” Ye Fei inquired.

He is still a bit dissatisfied with his attributes.

[Yes, the host can exchange for skill levels and attribute points with money, which consumes 100 million yuan. It can directly raise a skill of the host to the advanced level and consume 300 million yuan. In addition, if the skill proficiency meets the requirements, it can directly upgrade the host ’s skill to the master level] The sound of the system came.

”… ”

Ye Fei was speechless when he heard it.

This is no different from krypton gold! (T/L: DC reference)

Having said that, Ye Fei understands that this skill upgrade is still worthwhile.

After all, he is not short of money.

Ye Fei now has assets of more than 7 billion yuan, and the working capital available in his hand is about 500 million yuan.

After all, assets and funds are two concepts. Assets include real estate, stock market value and other assets, but cash is another matter.

Five hundred million yuan is enough for Ye Fei to upgrade his skills.

”What about attribute points? ” Ye Fei asked after.

[Consumption of one million yuan can increase attribute points]

”Black-hearted System. ”

After Ye Fei complained, he was not in a hurry to add some money, anyway, he could add some when he needed it.

”I still have 600 experience points, right? Add all of it to charm. ” Ye Fei spoke in a deep voice.

[Congratulations to the host on the success of adding points, the charm value increased by 60 points, your charm value is currently at 210 points. The charm level is [Friendly Affinity] The system said.

Ye Fei looked at the attribute page, and sure enough, a line of small characters [Friendly Affinity] appeared under the charm column, along with a systematic explanation: [The host ’s charm value exceeds 200 points, now having strong affinity, it is easy for people to generate a good impression of the host].

It sounds good, but Ye Fei wondered how it worked.

After he finished adding the attribute points, he returned back to the Ye Family Villa.

Ye Fei didnt stay in the Ye Family Villa very often. Reason being, is that he owns several villas in Yanjing, and even a courtyard house.

Ye Fei went home and greeted his parents first, and then went to Brilliant Entertainment.

He specifically checked the company ’s finance book and found that there were indeed 500 million in cash.

To deal with Chen Luo whos going to become stronger by every set-back because of his protagonist halo, the 500 million in cash may not be enough.

”It seems that the only way is to ask his father and mother for money, otherwise, wouldn ’t it be a waste of my second-generation super-rich status? ” Ye Fei said while changing his clothes in his personal room.

Ye Fei didn ’t think there was anything wrong with asking his parents for money.

Or, he could make money himself.

Time flickered, and another day passed.

There were only two days left before the male lead Chen Luo appeared.

It is not easy to seize the luck of the protagonist Chen Luo.

After all, Chen Luo has the protagonist ’s aura, and he is not to be underestimated.

However, Ye Fei is familiar with the plot in the book and can make schemes in advance.

Ye Fei went to the Su ’s house again as a doctor to inspect Su Xiaokun. After all, Su Xiaokun ’s body has gradually recovered, and his mental state is stable.

As for Su Qingzhu…

Su Qingzhu did not speak to him for a whole day, and her attitude towards him seemed to have returned to her former indifference.

But, Ye Fei knew that this woman ’s mentality was quietly changing.

Ye Fei wasn ’t in a hurry, he couldn ’t be too proactive in dealing with iceberg beauties like Su Qingzhu. He had to stay away and arouse her interest in order to occupy her heart in the end.

After all, Su Qingzhu suffers from androphobia and she is very wary of the opposite sex.

[Host, what are you going to do now? Su Qingzhu seems a bit difficult to handle and it may take a while] The system asked.

Ye Fei was very calm: ”What ’s the hurry,? Su Qingzhus heart wont be taken over by another man anytime soon, so let ’s find another beauty.”

[Another beauty?] The system inquired, a bit confused.

”Well, let ’s find Luo Weiyu,” Ye Fei replied.

Luo Weiyu!

Shes one of the three most important heroines in the novel ”Genius Doctor ”.

Compared with Su Qingzhu, who suffers from androphobia, her personality is completely different.

Shes a sunny and joyful girl.

[Host, are you going to find Luo Weiyu?] The system asked.

”That ’s right. ” Ye Fei said lazily: ”Let ’s go to Yangtze Street. ”

Yangtze Street is a very inconspicuous street.

He switched to a less flashy Porsche and drove to Yangtze Street. 

Ye Fei ’s Porsche was followed by an Audi Q, inside was Ye Fei ’s bodyguard.

Soon, both arrived at Yangtze Street.

This is a typical road, and there aren ’t many people in this neighborhood. In comparison to the busy Yanjing, it is almost imperceptible. 

Ye Fei walked to the far end of the street, where there was a small flower shop.

Here is where Luo Weiyu is!

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