Su Qingzhu took the initiative to lead Ye Fei to the door.

Ye Fei did not refuse. He was aware that Su Qingzhu had something to say to him, but he was curious as to what it was.

[Host, take the opportunity, this is a rare opportunity for you and Su Qingzhu to be alone] The female voice of the system suddenly spoke.

Ye Fei smiled confidently.

He and Su Qingzhu walked outside the main hall side by side.

Su Qingzhu ’s temperament was still cold, she walked with her long white skin legs, leading the way.

Su Qingzhu led Ye Fei through the Sus villa, bypassing the rockery and pond. Su Qingzhu was the first to initiate the conversation, “Young Master Ye, thank you for saving my grandpa today. I am very grateful to you.”

”Miss Su is quite polite. ” Ye Fei answered calmly.

The conversation between Ye Fei and Su Qingzhu was awkward and stale.

Su Qingzhu suddenly bit her lower lip and said, ”My grandfather has not recovered yet. I don ’t know if you can come next time to treat him with acupuncture and moxibustion. I am worried about his body.”

”Yes, Grandpa Su is also my elder, this is what it should be. ” Ye Fei replied.

From beginning to end, Ye Fei did not mention Su Qingzhu.

Su Qingzhu pursed her lips and said, ”Thank you. ”

After speaking, Su Qingzhu was silent.

She was not a talkative person, and she didn ’t know what to talk with Ye Fei at this time.

And Ye Fei didn ’t say anything since he didn ’t intend to initiate a conversation with Su Qingzhu.

However, the system was anxious for a while, and said in Ye Fei ’s mind: [Host, this is a good opportunity to communicate with Su Qingzhu. You have to seize the opportunity and speak actively!]

”Shut up. ” Ye Fei directly told the system to be quiet.

Ye Fei had his own plan.

The system was very dissatisfied and hummed twice, but still closed her mouth obediently.

Ye Fei and Su Qingzhu were silent all the way, and they had already reached the gate of Su Family Villa.

The moment Ye Fei was about to leave at the door, he heard Su Qingzhu finally speak again.

Su Qingzhu looked at Ye Fei with bright eyes, and asked, ”Ye Fei, Where have you learned acupuncture and moxibustion? And, your acupuncture skills are so brilliant.”

There was doubt riddled in Su Qingzhu ’s heart.

When did Ye Fei become proficient in medicine?

I have never heard of it before.

Ye Fei asked in return: ”Miss Su, you never asked me if I can practice medicine or acupuncture? ”

Su Qingzhu suddenly stopped in place.

The skirt on her body outlines the perfect curve, slim and perfect figure.

Ye Fei glanced at her figure, with big breasts and a round butt. According to his experience, this kind of woman is most suitable for staying home as a wife.

Ye Fei averted his look and whispered softly: ”Miss Su, I have previously chased you and have a strong affection for you. I know you enjoy horseback riding and flower arrangement, but what about you? ”

Su Qingzhu was startled slightly, and there was a trace of complexity on that delicate and cold face.

Ye Fei shrugged and said nonchalantly: ”But you don ’t seem to know me at all. Only from the interactions Ive had with you, you seem to form this character of me in your mind as this obsessive person and you know, it hurts.”

Ye Fei ’s words were straightforward and harsh.

In the original book, Ye Fei was really passionate about Su Qingzhu.

Of course, Su Qingzhu can ’t be blamed entirely.

After all, Ye Fei knew that Su Qingzhu had androphobia and she reject all of the opposite sex.

In the original book, even the male protagonist Chen Luo repeatedly bumped into Su Qingzhu ’s enforced walls. Moreover, Ye Fei suspected that the protagonist ’s halo of Chen Luo had been consumed, simply to make Su Qingzhu fall in love.

”I… ” Su Qingzhu opened her mouth lightly, trying to speak, but she didn ’t know where to start.

Because what Ye Fei said was true.

She used to care very little about Ye Fei; even if Ye Fei was extremely enthusiastic about her, she didn ’t bother attempting to get to know him.

Because of her androphobia, Su Qingzhu closed her heart, and was almost unwilling to have contact with any male. 

Hearing Ye Fei ’s words, Su Qingzhu felt a little guilty.

Perhaps, it is really her fault?

”Miss Su, you are sick and mentally ill. ” Ye Fei suddenly said.

Su Qingzhu frowned slightly: ”What do you mean? ”

Ye Fei bluntly said that she was ill, causing Su Qingzhu to frown subconsciously, and he was prepared to say the honest truth.

Ye Fei looked at Su Qingzhu ’s eyes as clear as water, and said lightly: ”Don ’t you know your own problems? Miss Su, you seem to have a psychological aversion to all men. ”

”I… ” Su Qingzhu panicked, and Ye Fei told her the secret that she held dearly in her heart.

Upon seeing this, Ye Fei continued: ”Miss Su, your current state is very dangerous. If your aversion to men continues, you will not only hate contact with strange men, but you will most likely give up communicating with the outside world. Becoming autistic or depressed. ”

Su Qingzhu ’s face paled slightly, her head hanging slightly, and she was silent.

Seeing Su Qingzhu ’s silence, Ye Fei continued to arouse her with words.

Ye Fei said, ”Miss Su, if I ’m not mistaken, you should have witnessed your dad ’s domestic violence since childhood, causing psychological shadows, and having to reject all men, right? ”

”With all due respect, you have fallen into a very extreme state. Not all men in this world like your father beat up women.”

”If you close yourself for a long time, it will only harm you and your family in the end. ”

”Your grandpa will always regret that you did not find a good home, and you will die alone because of this illness.”

Ye Fei ’s words are sharp and straightforward!

Su Qingzhu suddenly raised her head as her delicate and beautiful face turned a little pale.

How did Ye Fei know?

How does he know her secret?

Su Qingzhus childhood shadow should only be known to her and her grandfather.

Ye Fei ’s sharp words directly broke Su Qingzhu ’s psychological defense!

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