Today was a bad day for Ye Fei. 

When he woke up, memories came flooding in, soon after, he learnt that he had crossed and managed to receive a golden finger; The System!.

Ye Fei ’s identity is that of a super-rich second generation heir to the Ye Group. 

His family history, attractiveness, and abilities are all top-notch.

Not only did the transporter get a system, but it also came with the status of a top rich and young man, which should have been a great thing.

But, Ye Fei couldn ’t even feel a speck of joy.

Because he learnt through the system, and the preceding host memory that he traveled through a parallel time and space constructed by multiple urban novels!.

Meaning, that although he has the identity of a rich second-generation, he is no match for the powerful protagonist ’s halo. He is the common villain in these urban novels, and he is one if not many targets to receive a face slap!. (T/L: face slap: ruin reputation)

This is very embarrassing.

​​A female voice soon rang, interrupting Ye Fei ’s contemplation on his distressing predicament.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host, formally activating theQi Luck Plunder system]

[Host, Congratulations on being selected by this system and crossing. This is a world constructed and generated by multiple urban novels. You have become a villain.]

Ye Fei had already known the existence of the system, and he was not surprised.

Ye Fei rolled his eyes and sighed tiredly, ”Congratulations? What ’s the use of congratulating me now that I ’ve become cannon fodder? ”

Prior to his transmigration, Ye Fei ’s interest was reading books, particularly urban fiction. 

Of course, he is aware of how unhappy the wealthy second generation villain in such urban stories is. 

In general, the affluent second generation villain is a depressing individual who heightens the protagonist ’s aura. 

Money, beauty, family background, status…all were robbed by the protagonist.

The final result was even more miserable, and the ending was basically the destruction of the family.

[Don ’t worry Host! This system is called the ’Qi Luck Plunder ’ system. The purpose is to help the host deal with the protagonist in the book and rob the protagonist ’s luck]. The female voice of the system sounded very humane.

Ye Fei ’s eyes lit up.

This sounds interesting.

”In that case, first tell me about the world I am currently in, ” Ye Fei inquired.

The world he traversed through is a bit complicated, after all, it is a parallel time and space composed of multiple urban web novels.

Therefore, he didnt know what exact urban novels were included in this world.

Ye Fei was very curious as a result.

[The world that the host currently is in consists of four urban novels. They are: ”Genius Doctor ”, ”Huadu Soldier ”, ”Entertainment Superstar ”, ”The Rebirth of the Immortal Emperor in the City ”.]

Ye Fei couldn ’t help being surprised.

Because, these four books, he had read them all!

These four novels can be said to be the four most popular urban novels before he traveled, dominating the urban fiction category.

Due to his intense passion for reading novels, Ye Fei remembered the contents and details of these four books clearly.

There is a very big coincidence in these four books.

That is, among the villains in these four books, there is a villain namedYoung Master Ye that gets absolutely face slapped by the protagonist at the end.

Obviously, this Young Master Ye is Ye Fei after transmigrating.

[Friendly reminder, the host is currently experiencing the first novel ”Genius Doctor ”.]

Ye Fei expressed his understanding.

The content and plot of the novel ”Genius Doctor ” is not complicated.

The background of this novel takes place in Yanjing, the capital of the Emperor Yan and Huang Kingdom.

The content of the story is roughly as follows: the protagonist Chen Luo followed an old genius doctor to study medicine in Longhushan since childhood.

After mastering his medical skills, Chen Luo left his master and came to Yanjing.

Of course, he is not only good at medical skills, but also his power is not to be underestimated. Sooner or later, it attracted a bunch of beautiful girls and a big harem had formed.

In contrast, the villain character, ”Young Master Ye ” in the book is very sad.

In the book, the son of the Ye family became cannon fodder for the protagonist Chen Luo. Not only was he frequently hit by the protagonist, his beloved sister was also robbed, the family business went bankrupt, and the final outcome was even more miserable.

”It turned out to be the novel ”Genius Doctor ”, so it ’s easy to handle… ”.

Ye Fei calmed down, thinking carefully about the details of the whole novel.

Ye Fei has an excellent memory, and because he read the four urban novels specified by the system multiple times, he remembers some of the characters and specifics of the content.

In other words, he has a clear picture of the protagonist ’s abilities, weaknesses, and even the protagonist ’s adventures, opportunities, and even the supporting characters in the book!

This is the biggest advantage for Ye Fei at present.

[Friendly reminder that as long as the host can cut off the protagonist ’s luck by plundering the protagonist ’s chances, wifes and abilities in the book, he can get rewards]. The system ’s female voice spoke up, and the system ’s voice was quite sophisticated.

”Understood. ” Ye Fei nodded.

He recalled the content and details of the entire novel, and then asked: ”System, when is the current story timeline?.”

[The story has not yet begun. Ten days later, the protagonist Chen Luo is about to arrive in Yanjing}, the system replied.

There are still ten days!

Thats enough!

Ye Fei breathed a sigh of relief.

Although the opponent has a protagonist ’s halo, he is not without advantages, at least, Ye Fei is a top rich second-generation character.

The Ye family is also one of the foremost rich people in Yanjing. One of the three famous capitals in Beijing. The Ye Group has a fortune of at least hundreds of billions and is involved in many industries such as real estate, entertainment, film and television, and finance.

And, Ye Fei is the only heir of the Ye Group.

Ye Fei ’s current wealth value is definitely at the top of the pyramid among the rich second generation in China.

In the novel, this Young Master Ye is a villain who spends a lot of time writing plans and improving the state of the Ye Group.

While Ye Fei was contemplating, he was interrupted by a sweet feminine voice outside the door.

”Ye Shao, your car is ready. In the morning, you asked Miss Su to go to the racecourse. ” The girl outside the door is Ye Fei ’s personal butler Ji Yun ’er, a beautiful girl.

Miss Su?

Through the memory in his mind, Ye Fei immediately knew who this Miss Su was.

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