ique technique to gently spin the silver needle, lifting and venting it, stimulating the acupuncture tract.

Ye Fei ’s technique is extremely precise, he pierced Doctor Huang ’s Jianwei Shu point, at the shoulder and neck.

Doctor Huang only felt a warm current surging in the shoulders and necks. With Ye Fei ’s acupuncture, his shoulder and neck muscles became relaxed and comfortable.

Ye Fei ’s skill in applying acupuncture needles, piercing into the acupoints is extremely accurate, which is amazing.

More importantly, Ye Fei ’s method of applying acupuncture needles is also very special. He rotates his fingers to lift and release the needles. The depth of the needles varies, and he is very particular about it.

This acupuncture and moxibustion technique is unprecedented for Doctor Huang, and it is definitely not an ordinary acupuncture technique!

‘This acupuncture technique might have been passed down by an expert,  Doctor Huang secretly thought to himself.

Moreover, the speed of Ye Fei ’s needle application, even Doctor Huang sighed to himself.

”This acupuncture technique… ” Doctor Huang was a little startled, but also a little excited, only feeling joyous.

Doctor Huang ’s medical skills are already well-known in Yanjing, but this young man from the Ye family…

Doctor Huang gave a wry smile, and replied, “There are many unknown people who have yet to reveal their talents. You are one of them Ye Fei, I don ’t know which master you inherited your acupuncture technique as its incredible and made me feel ashamed. ”

Doctor Huang was shocked.

This acupuncture technique is absolutely top-notch!

If he hadn ’t seen it with his own eyes, Doctor Huang couldn ’t believe that such a mysterious acupuncture method could be mastered by such a young man.

Ye Fei smiled without saying a word.

Dr. Huang sighed again and again, half-joking half-seriously: ”If Master Ye is a doctor, then I am afraid I will lose my job. ” 

As Dr. Huang laughed, Ye Fei is the only heir of the Ye family, and how can it be possible to become a doctor after inheriting hundreds of billions of dollars?

Ye Fei humbly stated, ”Doctor Huang, don ’t praise me so much.”

He also knew that Doctor Huang was very respectful to him due to his identity, and when he saw Ye Fei ’s acupuncture, he took the initiative to please him.

Doctor Huang ’s full name is Huang Zhonglang. In the original book, he was also an enemy of the protagonist Chen Luo because of his medical skills.

“I am relieved. ” Doctor Huang said again.

Seeing that Doctor Huang admired Ye Fei so much, Su Xiaokun and Su Qingzhu were even more amazed at Ye Fei ’s medical skills.

Of course, Su Xiaokun thanked Ye Fei again and again.

Ye Fei waved his hand, ”It ’s just a matter of helping, Elder Su, I ’ll say my goodbye if there is nothing to do, and Ill come visit you in two days. ”

”Alright, thank you very much. ” Su Xiaokun replied.

Ye Fe said a few more words, then got ready to stand up.

As he was about to leave, Su Qingzhu who was quiet at the moment suddenly said, ”Wait, Young Master Ye, I will send you out. ”

Su Qingzhu actually offered to send Ye Fei away!

Ye Fei ’s heart moved a bit. It seemed that Su Qingzhu had something to say to him.

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