He supported Su Xiaokun so as not to let Su Xiaokun fall to the ground.

Su Xiaokun is still conscious at this time, but his face is pale, his lips wrinkled and breathing heavily as the condition of his body is weak.

Su Qingzhu panicked, but immediately calmed down and told the maid: ”Quickly, go to Doctor Huang! ”

Doctor Huang is the personal doctor of Mr. Su and a famous doctor of Yanjing.

Because Su Xiaokun was in poor health, he hired a private doctor.

However, it will take some time for Dr. Huang to arrive. The place where Dr. Huang lives about a ten minute drive from the Sus family villa.

In normal times, this ten-minute journey is not too far. But in the face of illness, ten minutes is enough to take a life!

Ye Fei quickly said, ”Itll be too late, first put the old man on the sofa and let him lie down, I ’ll treat him! ”

While talking, Ye Fei grabbed Su Xiaokun ’s wrist, held his breath and felt his pulse beating.

Ye Fei ’s medical skills were at an advanced level at this time, and according to the system ’s rating standards, it was already on par with the protagonist Chen Luo.

Even those famous doctors in Yanjing City may not be Ye Fei ’s opponents!

”What, you!? ” Su Qingzhu couldn ’t believe what she heard.

Ye Fei wants to treat Su Xiaokun?

Can he actually heal grandpa?

Su Qingzhu had never heard of it before, and she couldn ’t help but hesitate for a while.

Ye Fei frowned slightly, replying, ”Its a matter of life or death, do as I say. ”

Ye Fei ’s character is trusthworty as Su Xiaokun treats him well so, regardless of whether it is public or private, he will save grandpa Su with all of his effort.

He lightly pressed against Su Xiaokun ’s heart, and his brow furrowed tightly: ”The old man has a weak heartbeat, difficulty breathing, and cold limbs. This should be a symptom of heart failure. ”

Ye Fei quickly judged the condition of the disease: ”He must be rescued immediately, otherwise it will be life-threatening!.”

Su Qingzhu ’s heartbeat accelerated.

Her parents died early, and the relationship with her grandfather is the best. If any accident happens to her grandfather, it will definitely be a major blow to her.

At this moment, Su Qingzhu didn ’t care so much, so she could only listen to Ye Fei.

Ye Fei placed Su Xiaokun on the sofa next to him, and then took out a delicate wooden box from his arms.

Inside the wooden box are silver needles for acupuncture.

This was also what Ye Fei had prepared long ago.

”The Yellow Emperors Internal Classic Medicine” is also known as ”Acupuncture Jing ”, which focuses on the body ’s meridians, acupoints, and acupuncture methods.

Therefore, Ye Fei carried the silver needle with him, and it was still in handy.

”Acupuncture? ” Su Qingzhu was taken aback when she saw the silver needles in Ye Fei ’s wooden box.

The Su family ’s major line of business is medicine and cosmetics. Su Qingzhu was also familiar with acupuncture and was shocked to find Ye Fei carrying silver needles.

Does he really know how to do acupuncture?

Ye Fei didn ’t care about Su Qingzhu as he was fully absorbed towards his patient and took out the silver needle.

The silver needle had been disinfected long ago, and Ye Fei ’s slender fingers pinched one end of the silver needle. His arm shook and his fingers slightly twisted as the silver needle moved and pierced Su Xiaokun ’s Neiguan point first.

The Neiguan point is located on the palm side of the forearm, about two inches from the wrist.

Neiguan point is an important point clinically used to widen the chest, stop vomiting, replenish blood and strengthen the heart. It can be called the heart-relief pill that comes with the body.

Not only Neiguan, but Ye Fei used needles quickly, accurately, and steadily, with different depths, to accurately puncture Su Xiaokun ’s other acupoints.

Laogong Cave!

Zhiyang Point!

Of these two acupuncture points, one is to relieve elevated blood pressure and the other is to relieve his heavy breathing.

Hegu point, Guanyuan point…

Ye Fei applied a total of 16 needles. After the needle was inserted, the silver needles were gently rotated to make Su Xiaokun ’s body gradually heat up, promote blood circulation, and stimulate the acupuncture points.

Ye Fei ’s acupuncture technique was done in one go, just like magic, which was amazing.

This is the acupuncture method handed down in the ”The Yellow Emperors Internal Classic Medicine” named ”Yimu Shenzhen ”.

Ye Fei was attentive, with no foreign thoughts in his mind.

Moments after Ye Fei used the needle, he saw that Su Xiaokun ’s originally pale face finally had a trace of blood, and his weak breathing became a little stable.

”Xiao Fei, you… ” Although Su Xiaokun fell down just now, he was still conscious, knowing that Ye Fei saved him.

Ye Fei warned him, ”Grandpa Su, don ’t talk, and cooperate with me for treatment. ”

Su Xiaokun nodded, he felt his body gradually improve.

Although full of doubts, Su Xiaokun was extremely weak at the moment and couldn ’t say anything.

Su Qingzhu beside him took a deep breath, her chest rising and falling. Seeing Su Xiaokun regaining consciousness, Su Qingzhu was still afraid for a while.

Her parents died early, and her only relative is grandfather.

If Su Xiaokun had shortcomings just now… the consequences would be disastrous.

Thanks to Ye Fei, She didn ’t expect him to not only be able to heal, but also to be so brilliant.

This acupuncture technique is skillful and steady, even Doctor Huang may not be able to match him.

Su Qingzhu bit her lips and said sincerely, ”Ye Fei, please save my grandpa, please!. ”

Her normal manner as the ice princess had finally shattered, since this was the first time she talked to Ye Fei in a somewhat pleading tone.

Ye Fei did not answer her.

He was busy administering needles, with no distractions.

About ten minutes later, Ye Fei finished the injection and finally relaxed, as he breathed a sigh of relief.

This was the first time Ye Fei has used ”The Yellow Emperors Internal Classic Medicine ” to treat a person. Although it was only his first time, Ye Fei has been very calm and made no mistakes.

To treat diseases and save people requires a calm and steady demeanor.

Ye Fei did a good job of doing this.

Shu Xiaokun ’s face gradually recovered blood, and his breathing was finally smooth, as he breathed in and out.

”Grandpa Su, you are out of danger. It seems that this disease has been around for a while, and your disease is heart failure. ” Ye Fei said.

Su Xiaokun nodded slowly. He glanced at Ye Fei and replied, ”Xiao Fei, thanks to you for saving this old man ’s life today, otherwise I am afraid it would have been dangerous. ”

”It ’s just a matter of effort. ” Ye Fei was very humble.

Heart failure is not a minor illness, it was extremely dangerous just now.

Immediately afterwards, another servant brought medicine to Su Xiaokun and after Su Xiaokun took the medicine, he became more energetic.

Su Qingzhu saw it in his eyes, and finally heaved a sigh of relief, and said to Ye Fei gratefully, ”Ye Fei, thank you!. ”

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