I Transmigrated As A Prison Guard And Suppressed The Princess

Chapter 10 - Receiving Credit without Doing Anything

Chapter 9: King Hu

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The Deluge Dragon fell silent for a while before asking, “Are you bringing food for me again?”

“Do you dare to eat it?” Xiao Ran asked.

“Is there anything that I wouldnt dare to do? If you dare to give it, I have the balls to eat it.” The Deluge Dragon replied in a mocking tone.

Xiao Ran took out a pile of resources for skills enhancement and tossed them in front of him, forming a big heap.


The Deluge Dragon swallowed hard without touching the offering and eyed him suspiciously. “A person who is exceptionally kind for no good reason is either an evil doer or a thief.”

“Are you eating or not?” Xiao Ran asked.

“Since Im at your mercy, why shouldnt I eat it?” The Deluge Dragon opened its mouth and swallowed the whole heap of resources.

The Dragon Vein became slightly purer but had yet to make that final step.

With a goading demeanor, he said proudly, “I have already eaten it.”

Xiao Ran took out a container and dagger.

The Deluge Dragon was shocked and struggled violently. The iron chains binding his body rattled noisily and it glared at him furiously. “What are you doing?”

“Bloodletting,” Xiao Ran said.

The Deluge Dragon opened its mouth to bite him when he got near.


The moment he stretched his head out, Xiao Ran punched him so hard that he saw stars.

With a swipe of the dagger, he cut a hole in the dragons limb. The dragon blood flowed out and dripped into the container.

“Youd better not move. If you spill just a little, Ill cut open another hole until I can fill the whole bottle to the brim.”

“I am not your pet loach!” The Deluge Dragon gnashed its teeth furiously.

“Theres no such thing as a free lunch in this world. Who on earth will keep giving without getting anything back?”

It did not take long for the two-pound bottle to be filled with dragon blood.

With a flick of his finger, a streak of golden light struck the dragons wound, instantly healing it and stopping the bleeding.

Looking at him, Xiao Ran observed that his face was pale and his aura was debilitated by a lot. He looked like he just had diarrhea.

“Dont play dead. With your level of evolution, you can easily recover in two to three days.” Xiao Ran said and gave him a kick.

He put the bottle away and left the cell. After locking the cell door, he left the Purgatory.

“Evil Demon! I swear that I will never eat your food again!” The Deluge Dragon said resentfully.

Back in the rest chamber,

Xiao Ran took out the bottle of dragon blood and examined it for a while before downing the whole bottle.

It tasted really bad.

However, it still produced a bit of effect. The Nine Heavens Evil Spirit Purification Skill could refine it and use it to strengthen the body. When the effects of the dragon blood disappeared, his bodys capability would have improved by a huge margin.

“It works, but the quantity is too little. I would still need to nurture it,” Xiao Ran said.

The next day,

after breakfast, the Celestial Dungeon became a hive of activity.

Nobody knew what was going on up there, but demons and demonic arts experts were being arrested and thrown into the Celestial Dungeon one after another.

Xiao Ran took the missions from the lieutenant and locked all these characters in the cells.

They worked from morning till night and did not even have time to eat lunch. It was not until nightfall that the situation eased.

They had a busy day.

Although the fiendish demons imprisoned this time were not very powerful, there were many of them.

The haul for that day: a total of 550,000 Mastery Points, 20 years worth of Martial Arts evolution, and a special Martial Arts, Death Feigning Mystical Technique.

He added 150,000 Mastery Points to the Death Feigning Mystical Technique.

After the Attributes were refreshed,

Death Feigning Mystical Technique: Beginnings Level

Effect: Passive Martial Arts skill, user could breathe naturally while concealing ones aura, just like a divine turtle. It cannot be broken unless the opponents ability was two realms higher than the executor.

It was a rather practical and useful auxiliary martial arts skill.

He used the remaining 400,000 Mastery Points on the Sword Intent.

The might of his Sword Intent rose once more, but his realm was still at the Dominating Refinement level.

After adding the 20 years of Martial Arts evolution, his purifying spiritual force increased by a huge amount. He was still 70 years away from breaking through to the next realm though.

“Brother Xiao, why are you here?” Little Zhou walked over quickly.

“Whats wrong?” Xiao Ran asked.

“Didnt you just finish your work? Everyone is hungry, so they packed some food from the canteen and asked me to call you over to join us for a meal,” Little Zhou said.

“Lets go then,” Xiao Ran responded.

They left the ninth floor and arrived at the antechamber on the first floor.

The other two had been waiting for a long time.

At the sight of Xiao Ran and the rest, they handed them the cutlery.

“Do you know why so many demons and demon bosses were imprisoned today?”

“I know youre well-informed. Dont keep me in suspense, Old Zheng.”

“Hehe!” Old Zheng laughed at the backhanded compliment.

He craned his neck to look around. Seeing that no one was paying attention to their group, he lowered his voice and said, “I heard that at daybreak tomorrow, the Patriarch of the Blood Blade Sect and the Demon Lord of the Rakshasa Sect will be dueling in the Imperial City. The higher-ups are furious and want to use these people to set an example as a show of their authority.”

“Nonsense! The Imperial City is a Forbidden Ground where demons are prohibited from entering. Even if its a sects patriarch, if he dares to behave abominably there, hell probably be taken down in an instant.”

“Believe it or not, its up to you!” Old Zheng rolled his eyes.

At the crack of dawn,

an uninvited guest arrived outside the Celestial Dungeon. His demonic aura was so strong it soared sky high and his entire body was shrouded in demonic light.

Looking at the Divine Sword Guards standing guard outside, he took a step forward and unleashed a vicious blast of demonic aura directly at their bodies.

Wham wham wham…

Over a hundred Divine Sword Guards were instantly sent flying.

“These guys from the Divine Sword Guards are only so-so,” King Hu said disdainfully.

Just as he was about to enter the Celestial Dungeon,

two streams of light shot out from the side and blocked his path. They were the two custodians in charge of guarding the Celestial Dungeon. One was a Lord Amethyst Sword of the Grand Master Realm and the other was a True Realm Spirit Master.

“These two can barely qualify to be my opponents,” said King Hu.

“You vile creatures from the Cardinal Vulpes Tribe trespassed into the Celestial Dungeon without permission and even injured our people. Arent you afraid that the Imperial Court will send experts to entrap and destroy you?” the alluring woman berated.

Her name was Ling Qinger. According to the official designation recorded in the Spiritual Divinity Bureau, she was a priest.

The Divine Sword Guard was called Shen Yiming. His rank in the Divine Sword Guard was equivalent to hers.

“Would Emperor Sheng Wen dare to send someone to Mount Flaming Inferno?” King Hu said in mockery.

The two custodians became silent. There was an ancient Patriarch in Mount Flaming Inferno whose abilities had reached the heavens and his techniques were supremely powerful. Unless there was no other choice, no one dared to step inside their territory.

They exchanged glances.

Ling Qinger berated, “Leave now and we will pretend that this never happened.”

“Its too late! Ive already promised someone else. How can I go back on my word?” King Hu shook his head.

A more violent demonic aura shot out from his body.

“Crimson Devil Sky Fire!”

He clapped his hands together, and endless flames burst forth from his palms. These flames converged into two huge flaming dragons that charged towards them, gnashing their fangs and brandishing their claws.

Ling Qinger and Shen Yimings expressions changed drastically as they hurriedly executed their ultimate moves to defend themselves.

However, the difference in their abilities was too great. The two of them did not even last three breaths before they sustained serious injuries. They collapsed to the ground in a sorry state and fainted.

“Too weak.” King Hu shook his head.

Instead of taking their lives, he turned around and entered the Celestial Dungeon.

According to the information provided by the Sky Devil Sect, the Sacred Progeny they had incarcerated was in cell number 88 on the ninth floor.

Once he entered the Celestial Dungeon,

King Hu was unstoppable. None of the dungeon guards could withstand a single blow from him.

In the blink of an eye, he reached the ninth floor.

He stared at Xiao Ran, who was sitting in the main hall drinking tea. Seeing that he was not afraid and even dared to look him in the eye, his body quivered for a split second and he re-appeared in front of him. He asked him coldly, “Arent you afraid of death?”

“The Celestial Dungeon is a place of authority. How could they let you barge in just like that?” Xiao Ran asked in puzzlement.

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