Chapter 10: Receiving Credit without Doing Anything

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“You think those two pieces of trash from the Divine Sword Guards and the Spiritual Divinity Bureau can stop me? Are they even worthy?” King Hu scoffed.

“Thats true! With your ability, dealing with them is indeed quite simple.” Xiao Ran nodded.

He put down the teacup and stood up from the chair.

It was his lucky day. Here he was stuck in the Celestial Dungeon, but he could still pick up a fox demon of Grand Master Realm Level 7.

“Why do I get the feeling that not only are you not afraid, you are actually rather happy?”

“I have to be more confident, to get rid of the negativity.”

King Hu was taken aback, and his bulging blue eyes nearly popped out.

Was he playing with me? Who gave him the courage?

A savage demonic aura shot out and went berserk, enveloping the entire hall in a turbulent cataclysmic heavenly power pushing towards Xiao Ran. “I will crush your bones and scatter your ashes!”

His hand suddenly shot out in a powerful grasp, and a terrifying power swirled in his palm, aimed towards Xiao Rans neck.

“Youve already reached demon quintessence but your temper is still so fiery.” Xiao Ran shook his head.

He grabbed his onrushing grasp and subdued it.

With a pull of his arm, a supreme power gushed out. It was not something the demon could withstand at all. His entire body was sent flying and smashed into the wall.

Striding forward one step,

he re-appeared in front of the fallen creature. With a wave of his hand, he bashed him in the head in a single punch.

“Crimson Devil Sky Fire!” King Hus expression changed drastically as he frantically executed his counter-move.

In a chaotic fashion, he activated his innate divine ability. Endless flames burst forth from his body and raced towards Xiao Ran.

In an instant,

the flames engulfed Xiao Ran.

“No matter how powerful you are, you still died in my flames.”

“I cant even be bothered to chastise you anymore. How can you bring out these flames that are used for cooking and make a fool of yourself?” Xiao Ran shook his head.

A burst of golden light rushed out of his body.

The fiery flames that filled the sky were extinguished in the blink of an eye by this flood of golden light.

“Impossible!” King Hu cried out in shock.

Xiao Ran immediately grabbed his neck and lifted him off the ground.

“Isnt it better to stay outside and remain a carefree demon ? Why do you have to drag yourself in here?”

“That bunch of b*stards from the Sky Devil Sect! How dare they deceive me!”

“Its about time for you to go to the underworld,” Xiao Ran said.

He crushed his neck in a single squeeze.

A remnant soul rushed out from his corpse. He looked at Xiao Ran in fear and dashed outside.

“Huh! It can even pretend to be a corpse?” Xiao Ran exclaimed softly.

With a grasp in the empty air, a terrifying suction force pulled the fleeing demon back.

No matter how hard King Hu struggled, he could not break free. “You cant kill me. Im from Mount Flaming Inferno…”

“Youre so noisy.” Xiao Ran chided.

A rush of golden light burst forth and annihilated the remnant soul.

The Golden Tome of Creation appeared and revealed his individual information and the crimes he had committed.

He was a direct descendant of the Cardinal Vulpes Tribe from Mount Flaming Inferno. He specialized in absorbing the Yang energy of others to strengthen his skills.

The golden pages spun again and displayed an item—the Empyrean Conflagration Holy Fire.

“Just this?” Xiao Ran was speechless with disbelief.

As he flicked his palm, a golden flame the size of a basketball materialized and floated above his palm.

In terms of power alone, it far surpassed the Crimson Devil Sky Fire by ten times.

“This is good stuff.” Xiao Ran put away the Empyrean Conflagration Holy Fire.

He dragged King Hus corpse into the Purgatory.

He stopped outside the Deluge Dragons cell once more.

The Deluge Dragon widened its eyes in horror. So terrified was he that he almost vomited his innards. “Dont come near me…”

“Its no use.” Xiao Ran opened the cell door and entered.

He threw King Hus corpse in front of him.


“I wont eat it even if you beat me to death.” The Deluge Dragon refused to take the bait.

“All right! Ill fulfill your wish then.” Xiao Ran nodded.

After Xiao Ran rained blows on him for a few minutes, the Deluge Dragon finally understood that he had no other options. “Stop hitting me, Ill eat!”

“Youre just a b*tch. You simply wont accept your fate if I dont teach you a lesson,” Xiao Ran said.

The Deluge Dragon looked aggrieved. With a resentful gaze, it swallowed King Hu whole unwillingly.

“So showy.”

“Hes a fox demon. It would be strange if he didnt show off.” Xiao Ran rolled his eyes.

After consuming King Hu, the Deluge Dragons abilities evolved to a higher level once more. It reached Grand Master Perfection Level and the Dragon Vein became even purer. It even restored instantly the weakened state he had suffered from the bloodletting yesterday.

Xiao Ran took out the container and dagger.

“Can you be more gentle?” The Deluge Dragon asked weakly.

“All right,” Xiao Ran agreed smilingly.

With a slash of the dagger, he made a cut on yesterdays wound.

As the dragon blood flowed out, he collected it with the container.

Even when the bottle had been filled to the brim, his breath was still strong.

Seeing Xiao Ran take out another bottle, the Deluge Dragon was terrified, “Again?”

“If you continue spouting nonsense, Ill cut a few more holes on your body.”

The Deluge Dragon quietened down but cursed and swore in his heart. He thought that he would receive better treatment in jail and at the very least, he wouldnt have to worry about getting beaten up.

But now, even when he was in jail, he still couldnt rest in peace. He was still being bullied.

After filling three bottles of blood in a row and seeing that his aura was getting weaker and weaker, Xiao Ran finally stopped.

He put away the three jade bottles. “Ill find something for you to nourish your body later.”

As he left the Purgatory,

and returned to the ninth floor,

a Deputy Sword Master of the Divine Sword Guards, accompanied by Ling Qinger and Shen Yiming, rushed over with a group of dungeon guards.

“Greetings, my Lords, my Lady,” Xiao Ran said.

“You just came out from the Purgatory?” asked Ling Qinger.

“Yes,” Xiao Ran answered.

“Have you seen King Hu?”

“Who is King Hu?” Xiao Ran scratched his head in puzzlement.

Looking at this Deputy Sword Master, he started feeling suspicious. He had beaten up this guy so badly last night that his intestines almost dropped out. How was he so energetic and lively after just one night?

“The two of you should stop acting. The fox demon is causing trouble and forcefully barged into the Celestial Dungeon. Other than the two of you, who else here can defeat him?” Qin Fangzhen said.

“Sir, it honestly wasnt like what you said.” Shen Yiming protested with an agonized look.

“I know the two of you are modest, but its your contribution that counts. Later on, the two of you will each receive an Earth-rank Healing Pill.” The Deputy Sword Master Qin Fangzhen waved his hand and considered the matter settled.

Since the Celestial Dungeon was not breached, he felt relieved and quickly left with his men.

Ling Qinger and Shen Yiming began to clean up the aftermath. With King Hus intrusion, the Celestial Dungeon had suffered countless casualties. Even the lieutenant had died in this incident. There was a pile of troublesome matters waiting for them to settle.

Xiao Ran entered the rest chamber.

Taking out the three bottles of dragon blood, he marveled at the amount of energy contained within them which far exceeded that of yesterday.

After consuming the three bottles of dragon blood, his bodys abilities rose rapidly once more.

At dawn,

Ling Qinger summoned everyone to the antechamber on the first floor and introduced the newly appointed lieutenant as well as the other dungeon guards that had been transferred over from elsewhere.

Then, it was time for the shift change.

After exiting the Celestial Dungeon, Little Zhou caught up with Xiao Ran.

“Brother Xiao, its great that youre fine.”

Xiao Ran patted his shoulder and teased, “Arent you all right too?”

A look of lingering fear appeared on Little Zhous face as he lamented, “Brother Xiao, you dont know this, but you almost couldnt see me anymore. That King Hu had just reached the eighth floor when I bumped into him.”

“And then?”

“Then, I knocked my head against the wall and fainted. When I woke up, I heard that he had been dealt with by Lady Ling,” Little Zhou said.

Xiao Ran gave him a thumbs up. “Youre a talent.”

“What about you, Brother Xiao?”

“I was conducting my rounds in the Purgatory. When I came out, I happened to bump into Lady Ling bringing people over.” Xiao Ran replied.

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