I Transmigrated As A Prison Guard And Suppressed The Princess

Chapter 12 - A Streak of Sword Aura had turned into a Treasure Land

Chapter 11: Entrapment

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“Brother Xiao, since you have better luck than me, you have to give me a treat,” said Little Zhou.

“All right! Lets go to the Drunken Immortals Court to get you dead drunk,” Xiao Ran agreed.

“Should we call Old Zheng and the others?”

“Yes, lets do that! The more the merrier. I am not short of small change,” Xiao Ran said.

They agreed to meet at the entrance of the dormitory at noontime.

Xiao Ran did not return to the dormitory and instead walked towards the brokerage.

He had two million taels in his pocket. With such a large sum of money, he could achieve a small goal and buy a house in the capital city.

The capital city was a good place to live in, but the property prices were too high.

They kept increasing without any end in sight.

Before this, he might not have enough to buy a house, but now he had money.

I could buy one with a nice yard, he thought

He found a larger brokerage and the middleman served tea.

“Sir, what are your requirements for the house?”

“The location has to be good. Its best if its located in the Jingwen Square. There must be mountains, water bodies, and a large expanse of greenery,” Xiao Ran said.

“Eh! Dear Sir, your luck is too good. It just so happened that there is a dwelling for sale that meets your requirements. Why dont I bring you over there to take a look now?”

“Sure,” Xiao Ran agreed.

With the middleman leading the way, they stopped at a dwelling unit in the bustling area of Jingwen Square.

On one side was a picturesque river. The environment was beautiful, and the two banks were lined with green leafy trees.

The middleman took out a key and opened the lock. He made an inviting gesture. “Sir, after you please!”

They entered the courtyard dwelling.

The environment was quite pleasant. The front yard was planted with all kinds of valuable plants and flowers.

There was also an artificial lake in the backyard teeming with fish.

The entire courtyard dwelling was clean and tidy. It was well maintained.

“This courtyard dwelling occupies a total of three and a half acres. As the owner has lost money from doing business, he is facing cash flow problems and urgently needs to sell the courtyard dwelling. If you are sincere about buying it, the asking price is three hundred and fifty thousand taels,” said the middleman.

“So expensive?” Xiao Ran was shocked.

“Jingwen Square is a vibrant downtown area, and the location here is so favorable. Theres the picturesque river by the side and the excellent layout of the courtyard dwelling. The construction materials used are all top-notch, so its naturally more pricey.”

“I hope you are not trying to rip me off on account of my young age, are you?”

The middleman looked aggrieved, but still forced a smile. “The property prices in the capital city keep changing on a daily basis. If the owner didnt need money urgently, he wouldnt sell such a nice dwelling.”

Xiao Ran did not agree immediately. He walked one round in the courtyard again. The longer he viewed the place, the more satisfied he was.

After making payment, the middleman handed him the deed to the dwelling, and at the same time promised that they would handle the rest of the paperwork, which would be handed to him in three days time.

He cleaned the master bedroom and bought some new furniture.

Using his Spiritual Clarity Eye, he examined the feng shui and re-arranged some of the areas that were not harmonious.

Xiao Ran was finally satisfied.

He kept himself busy until noon.

Back at the dormitory entrance, Little Zhou and the other two had been waiting there for a long time.

“Brother Xiao, you didnt rest?” Little Zhou and the others came up to him.

“I went out for a walk just now and used my savings to buy a small dwelling,” Xiao Ran said.

“Brother Xiao, did you strike the lottery?”

“Thats right, Brother Xiao. Other than Little Zhou who is a second-generation rich heir and owned a dwelling, Old Zheng and I still dont have a house yet.”

“As long as you save some money regularly, youll be able to buy a house very soon too.” Xiao Ran smiled.

“Brother Xiao, you will have to spend a lot of money this time. Its a happy housewarming celebration. In addition to the good luck you have, its an occasion of double joy. You have to let us have a good time,” Little Zhou said.

“How about two each?” Xiao Ran asked.

“Brother Xiao is indeed generous.” The three of them gave him a thumbs up.

They arrived at the Drunken Immortals Court.

He asked for a private room.

He requested for six lady companions, and Little Zhou and the others each took two.

“Brother Xiao, youre not joining in?” Little Zhou asked.

“Im not interested. You guys can have as much fun as you want.”

The three of them exchanged pleasantries and drank with Xiao Ran for a while before hugging the two girls and going into the room next door.

Xiao Ran felt bored and was about to leave.

A wisp of demonic aura came out from the backyard. Although it was very well concealed, he just happened to sense it.

“Strange! Where in the Drunken Immortals Court did this demonic energy come from?” Xiao Ran was puzzled by this unexpected development.

Using his Spiritual Clarity Eye, he looked towards the backyard.

He found a room filled with dense demonic aura and evil energy. Although they were trying their best to suppress it and not let it leak out, there were still some that seeped out.

It was completely incompatible with the surrounding scenery.

He pondered for a moment.

Xiao Ran withdrew his Spiritual Clarity Eye, mobilized the immense power of his spiritual soul energy, and proceeded to check on the room.

The occupant inside was very cautious and had set up a restriction force field in the room.

However, how could something like that stop him?

Without alerting anyone, his spiritual soul energy seeped into the room.

A man in a blood-red robe and a black-robed man were sitting on the chairs, looking ashen-faced.

“We made a serious miscalculation this time,” the Demon Lord said.

The Patriarch of the Blood Blade Sect was ashen-faced. As he clenched his fists, he hissed, “Those b*stards from the Sky Devil Sect are so unreliable. They said that the guys from the Imperial Court will not appear for fifteen minutes. It was only five minutes before they came charging in there.”

“Fortunately, both of us were more than capable of handling them and breaking through their encirclement, or else we would have been locked up in the Purgatory right now.” The Demon Lord raged.

Everyone fell silent.

After a while, the Patriarch of the Blood Blade Sect broke the silence, “We are all seriously injured and wont be able to leave this place anytime soon.”

“Ive already sent out a message to have some guys come over to escort us out. When they arrive, we will leave this place.” The Demon Lord said.

“My men are on their way, too. When they arrive, even if the guys from the Imperial Court discover us, they cant keep us here.”

Xiao Ran frowned. Two bonus demon heads?

Manipulating his spiritual soul energy, he began scanning his surroundings.

He got the shock of his life when he saw what was presented before his eyes.

There were three Lords Amethyst Sword from the Divine Sword Guards in a room next to them.

Other than the three of them, there were dozens of Divine Sword Guards lying in ambush.

“Is this an entrapment?” Xiao Ran muttered.

He immediately lost interest in taking action, paid the bill, and left Drunken Immortals Court.

The moment he arrived at the Celestial Dungeon, a dungeon guard who had been anxiously searching for him rushed over. His eyes lit up when he saw Xiao Ran, and he quickly welcomed him, “Brother Xiao, youre finally back. Ive been looking for you for almost two hours.”

“What happened?” Xiao Ran asked.

“My Lord is looking for you. He wants you to go over immediately.”

“Okay.” Xiao Ran nodded.

He then entered the Celestial Dungeon.

The newly appointed lieutenant was frowning. When he saw Xiao Ran, his face broke into a smile. “Come here quickly.”

“My Lord, is there something you need?” Xiao Ran asked.

“The higher-ups were furious about what happened last night! The Cardinal Vulpes Tribe actually dared to barge into the Celestial Dungeon. The higher-ups want to execute that fox demon with the Grand Master Perfection Level as a warning to others!” The lieutenant said.

“Any requests?”

“Dismember him and cut him at least 3,650 times. You are the best here. Ill have to count on you for this.”

“Yes, Ill do it right away,” Xiao Ran agreed readily.

“How is the Eldest Princess now? Is there anything that needs to be addressed?” The lieutenant suddenly asked.

“No. Everythings fine.”

“Then you may go.” The lieutenant waved his hand.

Xiao Ran entered the Purgatory with the Ethereal Pouch and the document.

He stopped at cell number 188, took out the key, and opened the cell door.

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