Chapter 12: A Streak of Sword Aura had turned into a Treasure Land

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A three-headed Cardinal Vulpes fox demon that was over 100 feet in size was incarcerated inside. The surface of its body was ablazed with the Crimson Devil Sky Fire, and a terrifying and malevolent aura emanated from its body.

His shoulder bones were sealed, and his four limbs were pierced through by 10,000-year-old Mystic Iron chains as thick as the arms of an adult. The chains were wound around his body and securely bound him to the wall.

As he shifted innocuously, green luminescence streamed through the chains, an indication that a special confinement spell had been cast to suppress his body.

Upon seeing Xiao Ran enter, all three heads turned towards him simultaneously.

A terrifying force instantly descended upon him.

“Youre about to die and youre still playing tricks?” Xiao Ran said.

“Did the Imperial Court send you to kill me?” The fox demon frowned.

“What else were you expecting?”

“How dare they? I came from the Mount Flaming Inferno, and my name is on the list of Patriarchs. If they touch me, arent they afraid of the Patriarchs taking revenge?”

Xiao Ran took out the torture device and wiped the sword clean.

He looked at him with pity. “You were implicated by someone. The higher-ups are very angry and want to sacrifice your head as a warning to the rest.”

“Did someone from the Mount Flaming Inferno break into the Celestial Dungeon?” asked the fox demon.

“Youre not so stupid after all. Yesterday, a Cardinal Vulpes fox demon barged into the Celestial Dungeon and killed many people,” Xiao Ran said.

“How many came?”

“Just one. His abilities are still too weak. Hes only at the Grand Master Realm Level 7.”


A tower of fiery rage was shot up from the fox demons body. The Crimson Devil Sky Fire burned even more furiously. Its six eyes were spewing flames as it cursed angrily, “Is he a pig? Does he not know that I am imprisoned in the Celestial Dungeon? Did he think I am tired of living?”

Xiao Ran shrugged and nodded affirmatively. “I guess so.”

“Whats his name?” the fox demon.

“I think hes called King Hu?”

“That fool! Back then, I mentored him for three whole years. Without my coaching, with his level of intelligence, he would never be able to attain enlightenment of the Crimson Devil Sky Fire in his lifetime.” The demon fox grew increasingly incensed.

“Can I ask you a question?” Xiao Ran said.

The fox demon looked at him icily.

“Why do you have two more heads than him?”

“Im a direct descendant of the royal tribe. My bloodline is more noble than his,” said the fox demon.

“Its all the same. Ill send you to the underworld now.” Xiao Ran nodded.

“After you!” The fox demon struggled vehemently.

He opened his jaws and spat out a drop of elemental lifeblood. It was pure gold and contained immense power. As soon as it appeared, it shattered the surrounding space.

“Crimson Devil Sky Fire!”

Using his elemental lifeblood to activate the Crimson Devil Sky Fire, the power of the flames tripled. Even the color of the flames took on a reddish-gold color.

The fox demon rolled on the ground madly, covering the sky and earth with fiery flames as he pounced forward, instantly enveloping Xiao Ran in flames.

Looking at the 10,000-year-old Mystic Iron chains on its body, the fox demon was overwhelmed with malcontent. It was just a little bit more, just that bit more, and he would break through to the Profound Realm.

But now, everything had been ruined by that pig.

He spat out another drop of his elemental lifeblood. This was the last drop.

As demons evolved to higher levels, they would be able to accumulate lifeblood. This lifebloods power far surpassed that of blood essence. Each demon could only accumulate three drops at most.

He had used one drop before he was imprisoned.

Now that he had used two drops consecutively, his potential was completely exhausted.

“Break!” The fox demon shouted.

He used his elemental lifeblood to transform into ferocious flames that rapidly consumed the 10,000-year-old Mystic Iron chains.

As for Xiao Ran, in his opinion, a mere dungeon guard would be instantly burnt to ashes by the upgraded Crimson Devil Sky Fire.

“This fire is not bad, but its too little,” Xiao Ran said.

His Empyrean Conflagration Holy Fire shot out and devoured the Crimson Devil Sky Fire in one shot, and in the process, increasing its power by a little.

Looking at the flames on his body, he motioned with his right hand and the Empyrean Conflagration Holy Fire burst outwards, consuming all the flames that were burning the 10,000-year-old Mystic Iron chains completely.

The flames then spun around and returned to Xiao Rans palm.


The fox demon widened its eyes and extended all of its three heads. “You, you…”

“If thats all, then lets go!” Xiao Ran said.

Putting away the Empyrean Conflagration Holy Fire, he swung his long sword, leaving a gaping wound on the demons body.

“Oops, I made a mistake! The higher-ups have requested that you be dismembered and given at least 3,650 slashes.”

Replacing the sword with the dagger, he carried out the punishment under the fox demons horrified gaze.

After three thousand six hundred and fifty slashes, the fox demon was still breathing. “The Patriarchs will not let you off.”

“Im not the one who wanted to kill you. If you want revenge, go look for Emperor Sheng Wen,” Xiao Ran said.

With a final slash, he finished him off.

The Golden Tome of Creation appeared. It flipped open to a page and brilliant gold light shone out. This time, he obtained four items.

500,000 Mastery Points, 50 years of Martial Arts evolution, three Blood Ginseng Pills, Spirit Shifting Soul Control Technique.

He put the demons materials into the Ethereal Pouch.

The Spirit Shifting Soul Control Technique was a spiritual skill. The stronger ones spiritual soul energy was, the greater the effect.

It was used for controlling the consciousness of other people.

He added 100,000 Mastery Points to the Spirit Shifting Soul Control Technique and refreshed his attributes.

Soul Shifting Soul Control Technique: Cursory Trial Level

After adding the remaining 400,000 Mastery Points to the Sword Intent, it still remained at the Dominating Refinement level. He was not far from reaching the Perfection level, and its powers had increased greatly.

With the addition of 50 years of Martial Arts evolution, the power of the purifying spiritual force in his navel escalated by a large amount. He was still 20 years away from achieving the Profound Realm.

He took out three Blood Ginseng Pills and consumed them, adding another 30 years worth of evolution to his spiritual soul energy.

“Killing the powerful demons definitely gives more rewards.”

Looking at the other demons imprisoned in the Purgatory, Xiao Ran licked his lips. He really wanted to kill all of them with one slash.

Back at the antechamber on the first floor,

he handed the Ethereal Pouch to the lieutenant.

The lieutenant looked through it and nodded in satisfaction.

“You have done well. You certainly lived up to your reputation of being the number one executioner in the Celestial Dungeon.”

At this moment, Little Zhou and the other dungeon guards also stopped by.

“Do you know why I summoned you guys?” The lieutenant asked.

A well-informed dungeon guard probed, “Is it because of that treasure land, my Lord?”

“Thats right!” The lieutenant nodded.

“A few days ago, a Profound Realm expert accidentally discovered a demon hiding in the Ink Jade Pavilion, so he hacked it with his sword. Right now, there is still remnant supreme sword energy left behind! Anyone below the Master Realm can benefit greatly from practicing his skills in this place.”


The dungeon guards swallowed hard, their eyes burning with anticipation.

“Its a pity that the quota is limited. I had to spend a lot of effort just to get 50 places. If someone at the Postnatal Realm were to go in there, they would be able to break through at least three small realms. For Connate Realm practitioners, they could also improve by one or two small realms,” said the lieutenant.

“We pledge our lives to serve you, my Lord!” Everyone expressed their loyalty.

“I have high hopes for all of you. Otherwise, I wouldnt have called all of you here. For the next three days, all of you should stay there and improve yourselves.”

He looked at Xiao Ran.

“You have carried out your duties conscientiously. I will not disappoint you.”

Xiao Ran wondered whether he should say out loud the salacious swear word he had in mind. What bullshit Profound Realm expert? He was still twenty years of evolution short of breaking through to this realm.

At the Ink Jade Pavilion, all he did was to deploy the Sword Intent, which incidentally left behind the streak of sword aura.

Yet, it had turned into a treasure in their eyes? There was even a limit on the quota of participants. From the sound of it, it was like they had snatched it from the jaws of death.

Under the lieutenants lead,

the group left the Celestial Dungeon and headed straight for the Ink Jade Pavilion.

At this point, the surroundings had already been cordoned off by the Imperial Guards.

Apart from them, there were also the Divine Sword Guards, the Spiritual Divinity Bureau, the Sacred Martial Bureau, the Forbidden Martial Guards, and the people from the God Enforcement Division.

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