Chapter 13: No One was Spared

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Good Lord.

The five major powerful law-enforcement departments of the Great Xia Kingdom were all present. There were quite a number of people here. Including Xiao Ran and the rest, there were already more than 500 people.

After the five departments entered, it was the Celestial Dungeons turn.

“Xiao Ran, you will go first,” said the lieutenant.

Xiao Ran walked to the front of everyone gloomily.

“This Sword Aura will only last for three days. Work hard on improving your skills after you enter.” The lieutenant reminded him again.

After Xiao Ran and the rest entered, the lieutenant left.

“Brother Xiao, you dont seem happy?” Little Zhou asked.

“Sigh! Im not interested in improving my skills. If I have the time, Id rather be on duty in the Celestial Dungeon,” Xiao Ran said.

Little Zhous eyes lit up, and he moved closer. “Brother Xiao, this is a treasure land for practicing skills. You can increase your abilities by two or three minor realms in three days!”

Seeing that Xiao Ran was unmoved,

he took out a banknote worth a hundred taels and stuffed it into his hands. “Brother Xiao, I admire your professionalism very much. Why dont we swap places?”

“Were all colleagues, theres no need for this, right?”

“Of course not! Brother Xiao, use this to get yourself a drink.”

Xiao Ran accepted the banknote and swapped places with him. Little Zhou stood at the front excitedly.

This scene did not escape Old Zhengs eyes. When he saw that Little Zhou had succeeded, he took out all of his valuables. “Brother Xiao, Im not as rich as Little Zhou. Heres 50 taels. Can we swap places?”

“It doesnt matter if theres money or not. As long as our friendship is strong enough,” Xiao Ran said.

After accepting the money, he swapped places with Old Zheng as well.

The people in front had already had a good head start. The people behind all wanted to spend more time refining their skills with the Sword Aura to increase their powers.

Xiao Ran kept accepting money and swapping places with other people until he was the last person, all the while presenting a very conflicted expression.

“Thats all,” Xiao Ran said.

Looking at the lieutenant of the Imperial Guards outside, he smiled and waved at him.

“Something wrong?” the lieutenant asked.

“You and I seem to hit it off quite well. With your talent, if you can train here, you will definitely be able to reach a higher level.”

“Will there be any problems?” The lieutenant asked with a worried expression.

“Were all family. Although our duties are different, were all working for the country. Its all right.” Xiao Ran patted his shoulder reassuringly.

The lieutenant took out 35 taels of silver and shoved them into his hands.

“Thats all I have.”

Xiao Ran fingered the money and eyed him with an ambivalent look.

The lieutenant gritted his teeth and borrowed almost 300 taels of silver from the Imperial Guards stationed outside.

“Its really all I can get.”

“This is not about money. It is a test of your determination to improve your skills.” Xiao Ran clarified as he put away the money.

“I understand.”

“Go!” Xiao Ran waved his hand.

The lieutenant followed the rest inside excitedly.

Xiao Ran then left the Ink Jade Pavilion.

He couldnt return to the Celestial Dungeon for now. When he thought about how the Divine Sword Guards were laying in ambush at the Drunken Immortals Court, he figured why not go over and help them?

After he arrived at the Drunken Immortals Court,

Xiao Ran asked for a private room on the third floor and ordered enough food and drinks to fill one whole table. However, he turned down the offer for female companionship.

Activating his spiritual soul energy, the immense spiritual force swept out, inundating the entire Drunken Immortals Court.

The number of Divine Sword Guards had increased to a hundred. The three Amethyst Sword Lords were still keeping watch on the Patriarch of the Blood Blade Sect and the Demon Lord.

Apart from them, there were also some disciples of the Blood Blade Sect and the Rakshasa Sect.

“They arrived so fast?” Xiao Ran was surprised.

He glanced at the sky. There was still some time before nightfall.

After having his fill of food and drinks,

at nightfall, Xiao Ran made his move.

He had already taken note, his target was a Lord Golden Sword.

According to the official rank designation of the Divine Sword Guards, below the rank of the Sword Master were the Amethyst Sword, Golden Sword, Silver Sword, Sapphire Sword, and lastly, the ordinary members.

In the event that the three Lords Amethyst Sword did not get involved, the Golden Sword was the next most respected authority.

He slipped out and caught one of the Golden Sword Lords.

With his Master Realm abilities, he was completely helpless against Xiao Ran.

He took off the unconscious guards uniform, leaving only his underpants. He then put the uniform on himself.

He tied him up with a rope and stuffed a rag in his mouth before sealing his shoulder bones and throwing him under the bed.

After that he used the Transformation Technique to change his appearance.

He checked himself from head to toe and was rather pleased.

After leaving the room and returning to his station, a Silver Sword subordinate met him. “My lord, didnt you go to take a dump?”

“I settled it swiftly. We have important matters to attend to,” Xiao Ran said.

“Just now, the Lord Amethyst Sword sent us a message. He told us to secretly shrink the confinement net without alerting the enemy.”

“Do it,” Xiao Ran ordered.

The Divine Sword Guards swung into action.

Fifteen minutes later,

the Blood Saber Sect and Rakshasa Sect disciples that snuck into the Drunken Immortals Court had all died at Xiao Ran hands.

“My Lord, why did you kill them all?”

“We dont have enough manpower,” Xiao Ran explained.

The subordinate pondered for a moment and nodded in agreement.

They didnt have many men to begin with. If they had to send these felons to the Celestial Dungeon, then all this going back and forth would cause delays, and would most definitely alarm the people outside.

He stayed for three consecutive days.

On the third day,

practically all the disciples of the Blood Saber Sect and the Rakshasa Sect had arrived.

By afternoon, no more appeared.

Tonight was the time to reel in the net.

Under the cover of the night, Xiao Ran and his group surrounded the Blood Saber Sect Patriarchs room.

The three Lords Amethyst Sword stood at the entrance with cold cruel expressions.

“Attack.” A Lord Amethyst Sword waved his right hand.

The surrounding Divine Sword Guards barged into the room in a bloodthirsty charge.

“You bunch of slavish dogs, do you really think your actions can fool me?” The Patriarch of the Blood Blade Sect snorted in disdain.

Infinite blood-red light shot out from the room. A huge force burst out in a ring, destroying the room. Even the Divine Sword Guards that rushed in were sent flying.


Two figures quickly dashed out, one on the left and one on the right. They executed their techniques to the maximum power and under the cover of a terrifying whirling force they made their escape.

“Oh no! Weve been tricked.” One Lord Amethyst Swords expression changed drastically.

Looking at the two fleeing figures going their separate ways, he hurriedly instructed, “Split up and pursue them both!”

He took the lead and went after the Patriarch of the Blood Blade Sect.

The other two went after the Demon Lord of the Rakshasa Sect.

“F*ck! The Blood Blade Sect Patriarch is three times stronger than the Demon Lord, yet you two guys went after him instead?” The Lord Amethyst Sword was incensed.

“A bunch of useless teammates. They set up an inescapable net, yet their prey could still escape.” Xiao Ran looked on scornfully.

He went in pursuit of the Blood Blade Sect Patriarch.

At the moat,

Blood Blade Sect Patriarch stopped and looked at the pursuing Lord Amethyst Sword with a fierce glint in his eyes. “If I dont get rid of him, Im afraid we wont be able to escape the capital city.”

As the Lord Amethyst Sword approached rapidly, the Patriarch unveiled the Blood Demon Saber and slashed ruthlessly. “Blood Demon Saber Technique!”

The night sky was illuminated by a blinding saber light that was completely imbued with lethal force. One multiplied into two, two multiplied into three, and three multiplied into over a hundred sabers that slashed out viciously.

This onslaught of sabers tore through heaven and earth without mercy.

The dazzling saber aura was devastating, crushing everything in its path like dead leaves.

“Six Domains Sword Technique!” The startled Lord Amethyst Sword hurriedly executed his counter-move.

He hastily extracted his Numinous Treasure long sword, activated the First Sword Domain before charging forward.

Both of them were at the Grand Master Realm Level 4, but it was obvious that the Blood Blade Sect Patriarch was much stronger. As the rain of sabers hit him, he was sent flying a few hundred feet away, before crashing down with severe injuries.

“Ill spare your dog life tonight. The next time I see you, Ill definitely take your life.”

The Blood Blade Sect Patriarch didnt dare to stay any longer after issuing his threat and quickly fled.

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