I Transmigrated As A Prison Guard And Suppressed The Princess

Chapter 15 - The Eldest Princess From the Painting

Chapter 14: No One Else Has Such Luck

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Just as he made it out of the city,

the Blood Blade Sect Patriarch looked back in the direction of the capital city behind him, feeling very pleased with himself. The Great Xia Imperial City, known as a forbidden ground for demons and sects, was reputedly so heavily guarded that even Profound Realm experts would perish if they attempted to breach it. Its reputation was completely unfounded.

He couldnt hold back any longer and laughed out loudly without reservation. “What kind of bullsh*t forbidden ground is this? This Patriarch here can still come and go as he pleases, cant he?”

“You laugh like a squealing pig. Even demons would be frightened to death by you.” Xiao Ran jumped down from the tree, chewing a stalk of foxtail grass in his mouth.

When he saw who spoke, Blood Blade Sect Patriarch responded in a mocking fashion, “I was wondering who it was, so its just a small golden sword slave from the Divine Sword Guards.”

“These are not my clothes,” Xiao Ran shrugged.

He removed his golden robe and threw it on the ground.

“Youre not from the Divine Sword Guards?” The Blood Blade Sect Patriarch had a bad premonition as he queried the stranger.


“Who cares who you are. If you dare to block my path, then you shall die!” The Blood Blade Sect Patriarchs killing intent soared.

He rushed forward,

without even deploying the Blood Demon Saber. He struck out brutally, “Blood God Skeletal Palm!”

A gigantic blood-red palm imprint plunged down from the sky, slamming towards Xiao Rans head.

“Is that all?” Xiao Ran pursed his lips.

His right fist blasted out, golden light pervading the air, forcefully breaking through the palm technique the Patriarch hurled over.

As the Blood Blade Sect Patriarch looked on in abject terror, Xiao Ran grabbed the front of his clothes and violently smashed him to the ground.


The ground exploded and a huge crater appeared. The Blood Blade Sect Patriarch was practically buried alive inside.

Xiao Ran walked over to where he was and stood at the side, looking down at him. “So is the capital city like what you said, that you can come and go as you please?”

“Who… who exactly are you?” The Blood Blade Sect Patriarch uttered as blood spurted out of his mouth.

“Xiao Ran.”

He struck his palm out in the air and butchered him.

The Golden Tome of Creation appeared once more. It flipped open to a page and revealed his individual information as well as the crimes he had committed over the years.

Brilliant light flashed and three items appeared. 250,000 Mastery Points, Blood Demon Saber Technique, 10 years of Martial Arts evolution.

Together with the Mastery Points accumulated over the past three days, it was exactly 500,000.

He added these 500,000 Mastery Points to the Sword Intent, and its power increased once more.

With these ten years worth of Martial Arts evolution, he was only ten years away from breaking through to the Profound Realm.

Blood Demon Saber Technique (Earth-rank Top-grade): None

He put the Blood Demon Saber into his Seven Treasures Rainbow Jade Belt and left.

He did not return to the dormitory in the Celestial Dungeon and instead went straight home.

Not long after he left, the seriously injured Lord Amethyst Sword arrived with his companions.

Looking at the Blood Blade Sect Patriarchs remains at the bottom of the crater, he instinctively averted his eyes from the ghastly sight.

“I told you not to run. If you had gone back to jail with me, you could have extended your life for a few more breaths. But you didnt listen to me. Now that you have been punched to death, serve you right.” The Lord Amethyst Sword gloated.

At dawn,

Xiao Ran had breakfast at the street stall before making his way to the Celestial Dungeon. Little Zhou and the rest had already arrived.

The lieutenants face was stony and the atmosphere was tense. On the ground lay the corpse of a dungeon guard. His face was ashen and his vitality had been completely corroded. There was still a strong sinister aura lingering on his body.

“Look at all of your frozen expressions. Your fear is written all over your faces. If this gets out, I will lose face completely,” scolded the lieutenant.

Everyone held their breath as they kept their heads lowered.

This dungeon guards tragic death jolted them all wide awake again.

The Celestial Dungeon was not a peaceful place. Although working here meant getting generous benefits and very high salaries, it was life-threatening.

“In this world, there is a degree of danger in everything we do. When a person is at home, trouble can fall from the sky. It is indeed a little dangerous to work here, but the benefits are good and there are perks aplenty. After three years, you can still be transferred to a good position.” The lieutenant said.

“Youre right, my Lord,” one of the dungeon guards echoed his sentiment.

“All of you, keep your chin up and focus on your work. Wipe away those sad faces.”

He waved his hand and got someone to dispose of the dungeon guards corpse.

Just as he was about to assign tasks, two Lords Amethyst Swords, leading a group of subordinates, escorted a criminal over.

“Greetings, my Lord!” The lieutenant saluted hurriedly.

“Lock him up in the Purgatory and make sure he receives good treatment. Give him a taste of different types of punishment every day. Dont let him die,” said a Lord Amethyst Sword stonily.

Xiao Ran recognized them. They were the two who had pursued the Demon Lord last night.

And the criminal with disheveled hair and severed legs was the Demon Lord.

“My Lord, who is he?” The lieutenant inquired.

“Demon Lord of the Rakshasa Sect. He could run faster than a rabbit. However, his luck was too terrible. He actually ran into Deputy Sword Master Qin and had to leave his legs behind.” The Lord Amethyst Sword recounted gleefully.

The two Lords Amethyst Sword kicked him a dozen more times before leaving with full satisfaction.

“Xiao Ran, lock him up in the Purgatory and serve him a set of 36 torture methods for starters,” the lieutenant said.

“Right,” Xiao Ran replied.

He lifted the Demon Lord by the neck and entered the Purgatory.

He locked him in a cell and bound him to the metal rack.

The Golden Tome of Creation appeared in his mind. The golden pages spun, displaying two items. Ten years of Martial Arts evolution, 250,000 Mastery Points.

“Here I come,” Xiao Ran said eagerly.

Holding the whip, he lashed out in the air, producing a loud explosion.

The Demon Lords eyelids twitched reflexively, but he was still stubborn and goaded Xiao Ran, “Give me everything you have!”

“If you are not a spineless wimp, then bite your tongue and commit suicide,” Xiao Ran said.

The Demon Lord was speechless. If he had the courage, would he still be a dungeon prisoner?

The whip lashed down, tearing his skin and flesh apart. Blood splattered everywhere.

After finishing the job,

Xiao Ran locked the cell door and left the Purgatory eagerly.

He ran into the rest chamber and locked the door.

He added the 250,000 Mastery Points to the Sword Intent and refreshed the attributes.

Sword Intent: Perfection

Its power had increased twofold. Now everything in the world could be utilized like a sword. The moment the Sword Intent was unleashed, the enemies would fall.

After absorbing the ten years of Martial Arts evolution, the purifying spiritual force in his body reached the Spiritual Realm. It further broke through the bottleneck and shot straight into the Profound Realm.

At the same time,

the Nine Heavens Evil Spirit Purification Skill permeated his whole body, strengthening his body once again.

“Now that Ive reached the Profound Realm, besides increasing my lifespan, I can also fly through the air. I have to find a chance to give it a try,” Xiao Ran said.

He left the rest chamber,

and coincidentally bumped into Little Zhou bringing in another criminal.

“Thank you, Brother Xiao. Ive already broken through to Connate Realm Level 1 on this trip to the treasure land.” Little Zhou gushed gratefully.

Xiao Ran patted his shoulder. “This is all due to your own hard work.”

“Ive arranged with Old Zheng and the rest. Ill treat all of you tonight. We wont leave Chunfang Court until were dead drunk.”

“Why arent we going to the Drunken Immortals Court?”

“Brother Xiao, you didnt know? Drunken Immortals Court is just too unlucky. Last night, the Divine Sword Guards people were there to arrest criminals. They practically tore apart most of the compound, and the proprietors are still rebuilding it.” Little Zhou said.

“All right.” Xiao Ran nodded his assent.

“Brother Xiao, Ill go back first. Lord Shen and Lady Ling had issued orders that they wanted to interrogate this criminal personally. They are still waiting in the antechamber on the first floor.”

“What crime did he commit?”

Little Zhou looked around furtively and whispered, “It seems that he is the Sacred Progeny of the Sky Devil Sect.”

“You better go!” Xiao Ran said.

After Little Zhou left, Xiao Ran entered the Purgatory. It was time to let the Deluge Dragon bleed.

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