I Transmigrated As A Prison Guard And Suppressed The Princess

Chapter 2 - Nine Heavens Evil Spirits Purification Skill

Chapter 1: Subduing the Eldest Princess

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“Xiao Ran, lock this green serpent in the Purgatory,” the lieutenant said.

Xiao Ran walked up and with one hand, dragged the green serpents tail towards the Purgatory.

The 1000 foot long serpent body weighed several thousand pounds. In his hands, it felt almost weightless.

He effortlessly dragged the green serpent into the Purgatory.

He then opened one of the cell doors and hurled the whole gigantic serpent inside.


The ground shook from the impact, and the resulting thunderous echo reverberated outwards.

He then locked the cell door.

The Golden Tome of Creation in his mind flipped open to reveal information about the green serpent and the offenses it had committed.

Brilliant light flashed and three items were displayed on the shimmering pages: 100,000 Mastery Points, Transformation Technique, and a Seed of Sword Intent.

He called up his Attributes panel.

Xiao Ran:

Martial Arts Evolution: Grand Master Realm Level 10

Spiritual Master Evolution: True Realm Level 10

Martial Skills: Force of the Malevolent Dragon (Genesis), Six Domains of Holy Dungeons Fist (Genesis), Traversing the Heavens in Twelve Steps (Perfection)

Spiritual Skills: Spawning Soldiers from Beans (Genesis), Inescapable Heaven and Earth Web (Perfection)

Three years earlier in the Great Xia Kingdom.

From the very first day he inherited the position of his father, Xiao An, until now, Xiao Ran had spent every single day in the Celestial Dungeon.

Like other transmigrators, he too had gold fingers.

After three years of trial and error, Xiao Ran finally understood how to activate the Golden Tome of Creation.

As long as the perpetrators passed through his hands, whether it was imprisoning demons or executing felons, he would be able to obtain rewards from the Golden Tome of Creation.

This was what he had obtained so far.

He added the 100,000 Mastery Points to the Seed of Sword Intent.

After his Attributes updated the new information, the panel now displayed: Sword Intent (Minor Achievement)

As he left the Purgatory,

a dungeon guard rushed over and said, “The lieutenant has ordered us to stop whatever we are doing now and rush down to the first floor antechamber.”

Xiao Ran went to the first floor antechamber with him.

Almost all of the Celestial Dungeon guards had arrived.

The large hall had become extremely crowded and the lieutenant stood in front.

The Divine Sword Guards were holding down a young woman. She wore a moon-white bamboo hat that concealed her face.

“In accordance with His Majestys order, felon Xia Jing is to be locked up in the Purgatory,” said Lord Amethyst Sword, who was the head of this troop of Divine Sword Guards.


Everyone drew in a sharp breath. Xia Jing was the Eldest Princess of the Great Xia Kingdom, the biological older sister of the current Emperor Sheng Wen. She was a martial arts prodigy.

When she was just born, there was an ancient divine beast, the Golden Phoenix, that circled around the Imperial City for a hundred days.

Upon her birth, the Golden Phoenix swept into her body and awakened the Sacred Manifestation of the Phoenix.

She perfected the Postnatal Realm at the age of three, perfected the Connate Realm at the age of eight, and perfected the Master Realm at the age of fifteen. Finally at the age of thirty, she perfected the Grand Master Realm.

She once charged into the demons hinterlands all by herself and killed all the demons within a thousand mile radius with a single sword.

Up until now, remnants of the supreme sword energy still lingered there, and countless people feared to take a step into that territory.

Yet now, such a distinguished figure had been reduced to a dungeon captive.

“My Lord, we wont be able to restrain her!” The terrified lieutenant said.

“Hmph! Her shoulder blade has been pierced right through. She wont be able to unleash her exceptional talent and abilities. She cant even compare to an ordinary person now. What are you guys afraid of?” Lord Amethyst Sword bellowed.

“Yes, my Lord!” The lieutenant hurriedly replied.

“Before we receive any orders from His Majesty, take good care of Her Majesty. If anything were to happen to her, you are answerable.”

After issuing his instructions, Lord Amethyst Sword left hastily with his subordinates.

He conveniently threw the ball back into the lieutenants court.

“Your Highness, please!” The lieutenant respectfully gestured for her to move forward.

The Eldest Princess stood motionless on the spot. She didnt even bat an eyelid.

The lieutenant clenched his teeth and issued a command, “Lead the Eldest Princess into the Purgatory.”

Two dungeon guards hurried forward to grab the Eldest Princess.

As soon as they got near her, a huge force erupted from her body. Her aura spiraled out and sent the two dungeon guards flying.

“Is Your Highness determined to resist?”

“Get lost!” The Eldest Princess shouted in an icy tone.

The lieutenant was furious. “Please forgive me then.”

With a wave of his right hand, more than ten dungeon guards rushed towards the Eldest Princess.

Just as they arrived before her, that terrifying force emanated from her again and sent all of them flying.

“Attack all at once!” The ashen-faced lieutenant yelled.

Over a hundred dungeon guards rushed up at once to try and restrain the Eldest Princess.


A flash of golden light swept out, and numerous brilliant rays radiated out from her body. A golden phoenix materialized above her head. It looked at the onrushing dungeon guards, gave a flap of its mighty wings, and the resulting hurricane sent all of them airborne.

In less than a second, the entire cohort of the Celestial Dungeons guards was practically wiped out.

The lieutenants face turned so dark that he could almost squeeze ink out.

A violent aura burst forth as he strode towards the Eldest Princess purposefully. “Your Highness, youre making things difficult for us!”

As soon as he finished speaking,

the lieutenant took one step and abruptly re-appeared next to the Eldest Princess.

With his Master Realm Level One skill activated, his palm grew claws and he reached for the Eldest Princess in a menacing lunge.

“You think too highly of yourself,” the Eldest Princess retorted contemptuously.

The Golden Phoenix extended its sharp claws and swiped the lieutenants palm away viciously. Its massive wings smashed onto his head, sending him flying across the room.

Pow crash!

The lieutenants body went smashing through more than ten walls before coming to a stop. He laid there badly injured, completely buried under a heap of rubble.

“The Celestial Dungeon is said to be an extremely dangerous area where evolution skills are forbidden. It is but a flimsy shack,” the Eldest Princess said mockingly.

She glanced sideways.

Seeing Xiao Ran standing in a corner with a chilly smirk on his face, she took the initiative to walk towards him.

Standing in front of Xiao Ran,

the Eldest Princess asked, “You seem to be very confident. Arent you afraid of me?”

“Your Highness, why are you doing this?” Xiao Ran asked.

“You want to fight too?”

“The Celestial Dungeon is my home. His Majesty has decreed that you will be imprisoned in the Purgatory.”

The Eldest Princess aura suddenly turned ferocious without any warning. The Golden Phoenix circled around and then charged menacingly towards Xiao Ran with a savage shriek, “Screech!”

Xiao Ran was blasted by an enormous wave of vicious energy.

However, Xiao Ran stood calmly on the spot. Under the Eldest Princess startled gaze, he extended an open palm and grabbed the Golden Phoenix by the neck. With a swift sudden fling, he threw the creature down and stomped on it.

“This is impossible!” The Eldest Princess expression changed drastically.

She took three steps back in quick succession.

“Your Highness, its better for you to behave yourself on my territory,” Xiao Ran cautioned.

“Is that so?” The Eldest Princess snorted in an icy tone.

The subdued Golden Phoenix struggled with all its might, trying to break free from Xiao Rans feet.

“How stubborn!” Xiao Ran shook his head.

With a tap of his right foot, he crushed the struggling Golden Phoenix. It disintegrated into a shower of spiritual light specks that floated back into her body.

As the Eldest Princess watched in horror, he rushed towards her, grabbed her by the shoulders, and then brutally smashed her against the wall.

The Eldest Princess finally came to a stop after crashing through more than ten walls. In the next second, Xiao Ran appeared in front of her again.

He struck once more.

He grabbed her body and flung her outwards again.

She was catapulted from the southern end to the northern end, then from the northern end back to the southern end. He only stopped when she had passed out.

“This person is a downright scumbag. She wont learn unless she is taught a good lesson,” Xiao Ran said.

He carried the Eldest Princess and headed for the Purgatory.

When he reached the Purgatory, he opened the first cell and threw the Eldest Princess inside.

He then locked the cell door.

The Golden Tome of Creation appeared in his mind. It opened to the first page and revealed Xia Jings information as well as the crime she committed. She had surreptitiously read through the forbidden book left behind by Emperor Taizu—Nine Heavens Evil Spirits Purification Skill.

After injuring more than ten imperial palace patriarchs, she was finally subdued by a thousand-year-old ancient demon.

The golden pages spun and revealed three things.

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