I Transmigrated As A Prison Guard And Suppressed The Princess

Chapter 21 - A Blind Date between Man and Ghost

Chapter 20: Spirit Spring

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“Go to hell!” The Sacred Progeny roared.

His shoulder bones had been unsealed by the Divine Constable, and he had recovered all his powers at the Master Realm Level 1. He gave a punch outwards in fury. The demonic energy surged, converging into a terrifying demonic fist that smashed towards Xiao Rans chest.

“Can you stop for a minute?” Xiao Ran shook his head wearily.

His right foot swung out and stomped on the attackers fist, crushing it instantly.

Meeting his shocked gaze directly, he stepped on his head and rolled his foot on it a few times.

“Does the earth taste good?”

The Sacred Progeny struggled with all his might. Although it was only a foot, it felt as heavy as ten thousand pounds. He couldnt even move a single inch.

The constables recovered from their shock.

“Youre courting death!”

“Release the Sacred Progeny!”

The two Saint Constables roared out as demonic energy burst forth from them. They charged forward with all their might, unleashing their maximum power and blocking off Xiao Rans escape route.

One of them formed a claw with his palm and with a loud roar, made a grab for his head.

The other person brandished his saber in a menacing manner. The hall was inundated with the light from his saber.

Countless saber shadows slashed towards Xiao Rans head as he swung the saber.

“You want him, right? Ill return him to you.” Xiao Ran propelled the Sacred Progeny outwards with one powerful kick.

“Shameless!” The two subordinates stopped immediately at the sound of their superior.

The powerful force from airborne Sacred Progeny smashed into them, injuring them so badly that they spewed out blood. They were sent crashing to the ground, and all three of them rolled on the ground into one heap.

The Divine Constable walked up with a frozen look on his face.

His eagle-like eyes seemed to be able to see through Xiao Ran. “May I ask who are you?”

“Im not telling you,” Xiao Ran said.

“On account of our Sky Devil Sect, can you extend us some courtesy and let us go?” The Divine Constable asked.

He could not see through Xiao Ran, therefore he decided to play it safe and tone down his hostility.

“How much is the Sky Devil Sect worth?”

“You wont budge?”

“I cant.” Xiao Ran shrugged.

The Divine Constable became enraged. “You are courting death!”

Without any warning, he attacked. The angry power of a Grand Master far surpassed that of a Master. An overbearing force issued forth and a thunderous roar reverberated in the air. The entire hall seemed to be cut off from the rest of the world as the crushing force from all directions pressed down on Xiao Ran.

“Sky Devil Realm Shattering Fist!”

A burst of light from the fist blanketed the sky, piercing through heaven and earth. As his arm blasted out, it broke through all techniques and smashed towards Xiao Ran.

“Blood Demon Saber Technique!” Xiao Ran counter-attacked.

He tapped the tip of the sword lying on the ground with one foot and the sword flew into his grasp.

It was different from the way the Blood Blade Sect Patriarch executed this technique. Here golden light flooded the air and thousands of rays illuminated the hall.

The sacred, tyrannical, and haughty blade light was imbued with immutable cosmic truths.

It converged on this blade, severing all things.

The beam from the fist disintegrated and the saber beam plunged down.


The ground was left with a saber scar that was more than a thousand feet long and dozens of feet deep. The keen saber aura lingered there for a long time and drowned him out.

Even the two Saint Constable were not spared by the saber.


The ordinary saber could not withstand the tremendous power and disintegrated.

“The quality is too poor.” Xiao Ran shook his head.

He walked to where the Sacred Progeny laid.

The Sacred Progenys hands scrambled on the ground in frenzy as he pushed himself away from him in fear. “You… what are you doing?”

“Why cant you just sit in jail obediently? Why do you have to escape?”

Spiritual soul energy gushed out and rampaged into his mind, destroying his consciousness.

“Ah…” The Sacred Progeny screamed and fainted.

He heard hurried footsteps coming from outside.

“Justice always comes after the fun is over,” Xiao Ran lamented.

He flopped on the table and pretended to have fainted.

Ling Qinger and Shen Yiming were leading the team.

The guys from the God Enforcement Division had gone inside for such a long time and had yet to come out. The two of them found it strange and instructed someone to check on them. In the end, they got a big shock.

All the dungeon guards in the Celestial Dungeon had been knocked out.

Now, they had brought men down to check.

They discovered that the Sacred Progeny was still in the dungeon but the three guys from the God Enforcement Division had vanished. There was a thousand-foot-long saber scar on the ground. Even with their evolution levels, they could barely withstand the residual saber aura.


The two of them exchanged glances, and Ling Qinger said with shocked realization, “Theyre dead!”

“Luo Xuan is fine, but his consciousness has been destroyed. When he wakes up he will be an idiot,” Shen Yiming said.

Ling Qinger issued an order for Luo Xuan to be locked up in a cell and then revived the dungeon guards. Everyone was severely interrogated and the conclusions they obtained were all the same.

They only fainted after eating lunch.

When Ling Qinger and Shen Yiming arrived at the canteen, the person in charge of the canteen had already committed suicide by consuming poison. The dead cannot testify.

The incident was reported to the higher-ups of the Divine Sword Guards and the Spiritual Divinity Bureau.

The big shots of the two major departments rushed over to the God Enforcement Division angrily. After a heated argument, they almost came to blows.

In the end, Emperor Sheng Wen caught wind of the fracas and sent an independent party to stop the bickering and launch a thorough investigation.

Eventually, the investigation uncovered that the three guys did indeed come from the God Enforcement Division.

The Chief Divine Constable of the God Enforcement Division went absolutely ballistic. He wanted nothing more than to drag these three subordinates out of the ground and savagely butcher them one more time before entering the palace to receive his punishment.

When he came out of the Imperial Palace, his face was so black that it could almost drip ink.

After making recompense to the Divine Sword Guards and the Spiritual Divinity Bureau for the loss of their members, he issued an inviolable order to hunt down all remaining Sky Devil Sect members at all costs.

Meanwhile, at the Celestial Dungeon,

Little Zhou massaged his face gingerly. He was almost in tears from the pain. “Why did he only beat me up? Thats not fair.”


Xiao Ran smacked him on the head. “You mean you want him to beat me up too?”

“Brother Xiao, thats not what I meant. Luo Xuan is too despicable.”

“You can punch him back,” Xiao Ran helpfully suggested.

“Will I get into trouble?” Little Zhou was worried.

“He has become retarded. What can possibly happen even if you give him a beating?”

Little Zhou thought that he had a valid point. He pulled Xiao Ran into the cell.

“Father, I want candy.” The Sacred Progeny pounced over and clamored for candy from Little Zhou.

“Im not your father!” Little Zhou yelled angrily.

With one kick he sent him flying. Then he straddled him, held his face down to vent all his anger. Every punch landed squarely on his flesh.

After a while,

Little Zhou let out a sigh of satisfaction. “Awesome, this feels awesome!”

Back in the hall,

his face turned bitter again. “Brother Xiao, Im going on a blind date tomorrow. If I go looking like this, Im afraid this blind date will be a complete loss.”

Xiao Ran patted his shoulder and said, “Be more confident. It will work out.”

“Why am I so unlucky?”

“Dont look at me. I cant help you with this,” Xiao Ran said.

Little Zhou left sadly.

Xiao Ran checked his gains.

He had been busy up till now, and was questioned by the lieutenant again.

The Golden Tome of Creation opened to a random page. Golden light swirled about, revealing three items: 200,000 Mastery Points, Sacred Heart Pill, Spirit Spring.

He added the 200,000 Mastery Points to the Phoenix Essence Sword Technique.

Its realm level remained unchanged but its power had increased by another three notches.

Sacred Heart Pill: Activate potential.

He swallowed the Sacred Heart Pill. He couldnt taste anything, but felt a stream of heat passing through his body.

Spirit Spring: Special Numinous Treasure

Effect: Ten drops of spirit water could be produced every day. It could slow down ones aging process and stabilize ones appearance.

He retrieved a drop of spirit water and consumed it.

It was very sweet and had a mysterious power. It was quite delicious.

“Not bad,” Xiao Ran said.

He endured until it was time to knock off.

Little Zhou came over with a furtive look and pulled Brother Xiao to the side. “Brother Xiao, have you heard?”

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