Chapter 21: A Blind Date between Man and Ghost

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“I didnt hear anything,” Xiao Ran said.

“The three high-level officers of the God Enforcement Division who came to the Celestial Dungeon just now were from the Sky Devil Sect,” whispered Little Zhou.

Seeing his calm reaction, he looked puzzled. “Brother Xiao, arent you surprised?”

“What has that got to do with us?”

Little Zhou was speechless.

“Its time to knock off. Im going back now.” Xiao Ran strode off.

“Brother Xiao, wait!” Little Zhou ran after him.

Under Xiao Rans sharp questioning gaze, he shifted uncomfortably and pleaded in a voice full of self-doubt, “Youre my bosom brother. Can you help me this one time?”

Xiao Ran did not respond.

Little Zhou continued to act pitiful. “Im already in such a pathetic state. If I attend the date looking like this, I have totally no confidence at all. My good brother, please take half a day off and accompany me.”

“External appearance is not important. The beauty of the heart is the true beauty. From another perspective, if she doesnt mind your current appearance, she will definitely be able to stay by your side for the rest of her life and never leave you,” Xiao Ran said.


“Have some confidence in yourself.” Xiao Ran left quickly.

Little Zhou was almost fooled into believing him. After a while, he regained his senses and ran after him again.

Xiao Ran couldnt stand the constant pestering and had no choice but to agree.

After locating the lieutenant, Little Zhou helped to submit the leave application for Xiao Ran. When he found out the reason, the lieutenant laughed with amusement.

“Xiao Ran is right. Little Zhou, you lack confidence.”

“My Lord, so you will approve it?” Little Zhou asked.

“Theres no reason to stop you.”

“Thank you for your help, my Lord,” Little Zhou said.

After leaving Celestial Dungeon,

“Brother Xiao, Ill be waiting for you at the entrance of the dormitory tomorrow. You must come earlier.”

“Okay,” Xiao Ran answered.

Back at his home in the Jingwen Square,

he felt that something was missing somehow. He took out the painting of the Eldest Princess and hung it in the room. He nodded in satisfaction. He felt much better now.

The next day,

as soon as Xiao Ran arrived at the entrance of the dormitory, Little Zhou, who had been pacing back and forth on the spot, stuck his head out.

“Brother Xiao, youre finally here.”

He dashed towards him in a few big strides.

Xiao Ran burst into laughter.

“Is there something weird on my face?” Little Zhou was puzzled.

“Nothing weird except for a few big pimples. Coupled with this green brocade suit, you look quite comical,” Xiao Ran said.

“Dont tease me, Brother Xiao,” Little Zhou complained begrudgingly. “My father had to put in a lot of effort to entrust someone to arrange this date.”

“Lets go,” Xiao Ran said.

They had breakfast at the marketplace,

then walked towards the Predestiny Bridge.

They were going to meet the matchmaker and the blind date lady there.

When they got there,

they found them on the grassy meadow not far from the bridge.

“Madam,” Little Zhou called out.

He quickly rushed forward to receive the other parties.

There were two ladies standing beside the matchmaking madam. One was a refined, well-dressed lady. The other was her maidservant.

Little Zhous eyes were fixed on her. His soul was totally captivated by her.

Xiao Ran did not go over to join in the fun. He only came to give Little Zhou some support.

He found a tea house and sat down for a cup of tea.

“Miss Li, this is Little Zhou. He is a man of good looks and many talents. He has a good job and his family is well-to-do,” the matchmaking madam introduced.

“Hello!” Little Zhou extended his hand enthusiastically.

The matchmaking madam rolled her eyes at him. “Well-bred ladies are more shy.”

“Ah,” Little Zhou hurriedly recovered himself.

“You two talk alone for a while. Cuier, lets go wait at the side.” The matchmaking madam gestured to them.

She brought the maidservant and came over to sit opposite Xiao Ran.

Looking at Xiao Ran, the matchmaking madams eyes flashed momentarily and she subconsciously licked her lips. Her heart was burning with desire and she thought to herself, “Such strong Yang energy!”

“How should I address this young man before me?” the matchmaking madam asked.

“Xiao Ran, Little Zhous colleague.”

“Are you married?”

Xiao Ran had a bad feeling about where this conversation was leading. Was the matchmaker addicted to her job?

“Not thinking about settling down for now.”

The matchmaking madam got really excited. “This is Cuier, Miss Lis maid. Although she is a maid, she has a good personality and her looks are presentable. What do you think?”

The maidservant glanced at him shyly and lowered her head, fiddling with the corner of her clothes.

“Have some tea.” Xiao Ran played dumb.

A while later,

the matchmaking madam stood up and left the table. When Little Zhou returned, the madam and Miss Li seemed to be deep in conversation.

When they returned, Miss Li exuded warm friendliness and said, “Little Zhou, youre quite a nice chap. Can you send us back?”

“Yes! But isnt that too abrupt?” Little Zhou was worried.

The matchmaking madam took charge of the situation and poked his forehead with one finger. “Why are you so dense? The lady has already taken a fancy to you. Cant you tell?”

“Hehe!” Little Zhou rubbed the back of his head and laughed foolishly.

Xiao Ran stood up from his chair and said, “I have something on. Ill go back first.”

“Brother Xiao, you promised to accompany me this morning.”

The matchmaking madam was also unhappy. How could she let a golden opportunity like this slip through her fingers?

Before she could speak, Little Zhou pleaded again, “Please help me this time!”

“Fine.” Xiao Ran sighed and relented.

When they reached her home,

they saw that it was a large courtyard dwelling with four entrances and exits. However, it was located in the suburbs and was not far from the fortress walls. There were no other families nearby.

“Right here,” said Miss Lee.

She opened the gate and gestured for them to enter.

Once they entered the courtyard dwelling,

the matchmaking madam quickly locked the door.

She knocked out Little Zhou with one punch on the head. Miss Li and the maidservant stood beside her and followed her lead.

The three of them ogled at Xiao Ran with burning desire in their eyes, wishing they could swallow him in one gulp.

The surrounding scenery transformed.

The simple rustic courtyard disappeared, turning into a dilapidated haunted house.

A sinister cold wind howled as spectral aura pervaded the air. Frightening wails rose up in a chaotic chorus.

The matchmaking madam and the two women also transformed.

She was dressed in all white, and her eyes were oozing blood. Her feet were not touching the ground, and she was levitating in the air.

“Sister Hong, this guy is so handsome. Can you let us have some fun before we devour his Yang energy?”

“Thats right, Sister Hong. Its such a pity to simply absorb his Yang energy without having some fun.”

The two female ghosts cajoled cloyingly.

Sister Hong smiled sinisterly. “Ill go first.”

She walked towards Xiao Ran, thinking of him as her helpless prey.

“Be good and dont resist. No one can hear you here even if you scream your lungs out.”

She stretched out her right hand and touched Xiao Rans face.

“What is your relationship with the Thousand-year-old Ageless Hag?” Xiao Ran asked casually.

Sister Hong froze. “You know the Matriarch?”

“I havent met her yet.”

“We are all the Matriarchs subordinates. We are under orders to collect Yang energy in the capital city. Tonight, when the Matriarch comes, we will transfer the Yang energy to her,” said Sister Hong.

Her palm continued to caress his face.

“Im not Ning Caicheng. Im not interested in female ghosts.” Xiao Ran instantly executed his move.

Numerous rays of golden light radiated from his body.

The strong invigorating yang energy quashed all matters like a sacrosanct invincible overlord, its brilliance cascading down on the three of them.


Three shrieks were heard in succession. The two female ghosts were instantly decimated by the golden light emitted by the purifying spiritual force.

Sister Hongs outstretched right hand instantly evaporated. The excruciating pain caused her to instinctively fly away, falling clumsily onto the ground.

Even the spectral aura that filled the room was not spared. One second it was a spooky spectral domain. In the next second, it was clear blue sky with white clouds, and abundant sunlight beamed down.

“Youre not Little Zhous colleague. You came from one of the five powerful departments.” Sister Hong said in shock.

The five powerful departments she was referring to were the Divine Sword Guards, the Spiritual Divinity Bureau, the God Enforcement Division, the Sacred Martial Bureau, and the Forbidden Martial Guards.

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